The Big Go with Mike Boehner – Part 3 Beech Bend

2019 NHRA Division 7 Super Gas Champ Mike Boehner introduces part 3 of his behind the scenes cross-country road trip to compete in the JEGS Allstars and the U.S. Nationals at INDY.

The team at DragChamp has partnered with 2019 NHRA Division 7 Super Gas champ Mike Boehner to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at his cross-country road trip to INDY! Mike will be competing in both the JEGS Allstars and U.S. Nationals for the first time and will share his experiences with us throughout the process.

In part 2 of our road trip series, I mentioned I was struggling with what to write about.  I really didn’t want to bore you all!  Here’s a little heads up on part 3.  It’s going to be equally as hard!

We have arrived!

We have finally reached our first race track of the trip, Beech Bend Raceway Park.  Driving in on the winding road covered in trees and thick green grass was a nice reminder that we were nowhere near the desert anymore!  I was in awe of the entire facility from the pit spots that most campgrounds would be jealous of, to the iconic covered bleachers.  It felt like I took a big step back in time, and it was awesome!!!!  

I hate to say it, but that was the highlight of the entire race.  Wait, no, let me take that back.  The highlight of Bowling Green for me was getting to meet so many great people.  We had a constant flow of social media friends coming by to introduce themselves in person for the first time.  We met so many new people from divisions 1, 2 and 3, and I got to tell you, I’m very impressed with you all.  You all were so friendly and helpful!

One example of generosity was the willingness of so many that jumped in to help me when my first generator broke down.  Yes, that’s right, the first generator!   I had two generators break down!!!!  JB Strassweg came over to do a diagnosis on my Onan and even arranged a pickup location for parts in Indy.  Then as Mike Taylor was walking over to say hello, my backup Yamaha quit.  Mike dove in elbows deep and got me fixed up without even asking!  Thank you both so much for your help!  You both made our struggling weekend much easier.

Another example of generosity was getting invited to the Hoppers pit next door for dinner and movie night projected on the back of their trailer.  This is where I would meet two of the cutest little girls (the twins of Mike and Amiee Trauth).  We became quick friends, and I wanted so badly to pack them up with me for the trip to Indy!  

It rained, and rained, and rained!

If you haven’t heard, it rained in Bowling Green. A LOT!  Some of you have already seen the photo and video of Gillian heading to the showers in her swimsuit and helmet on my Facebook page.  You probably thought she was trying to be goofy and funny.  Well let me tell you something about Gilly.  She actually justified that as a good idea!  She doesn’t have enough laundry packed to come back from a shower with wet clothes, and the helmet was to keep the rain out of her eyes on the golf cart ride.  I thought it was crazy and I never waste an opportunity to embarrass my wife by sharing it with the world!

I wish I had some good things to report to you about our racing.  But I don’t!  I struggled to find the right tune on Gillian’s Super Comp car, and had her set up way too fast for first round where she broke out.  I’m still really proud of how she jumped back in the car for the first time this year.  I lost second round (on Monday afternoon) by giving the stripe back .0006.  I was pretty irritated with myself as I pulled back into my pit.  Then it started to rain again.  That eased the pain, as I was happy to be leaving in hopes of finding some dry land!

Now we are off to the Big Go!  Hopefully I’ll have less equipment problems, and many more win lights to write about!  Catch you all in a few days!

– Mike Boehner

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