The Big Go with Mike Boehner – The Final Chapter

2019 NHRA Division 7 Super Gas Champ Mike Boehner wraps up his behind the scenes cross-country road trip to compete in the JEGS Allstars and the U.S. Nationals at INDY.

The team at DragChamp has partnered with 2019 NHRA Division 7 Super Gas champ Mike Boehner to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at his cross-country road trip to INDY! Mike will be competing in both the JEGS Allstars and U.S. Nationals for the first time and will share his experiences with us throughout the process.

INDY, the final destination

We have made it to our final destination, the US Nationals!  I’ve got to be totally honest and transparent with you all.  I had big dreams and aspirations of lots of win lights and winner circle pictures.  By now, most all of you already know, that was not the case! 

Racing most of my life in Denver, I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty good handle on large weather swings.  Indy threw a wicked curveball at me all weekend long in both cars.  I couldn’t get either car slowed down!  Between Gillian and I, we staged up for first round a total of three times, and only managed to turn on one win light.  Ugh!!!!

Our lack of success didn’t stop us from having a great time though.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to win, and I really hate to lose!  But as I’ve gotten older, I have learned that memories made with the people you care about is what makes life so special. 

The highlights of Indy for me were our evening cookouts with friends, and watching so many of my closest friends have a successful Allstar and US Nationals event!  Congrats to Cody Webber and Jeremy Mason on your Jegs Allstars wins, congrats to Jerry and Terry Emmons, and Erica Enders on your US Nats wins!  I’m so happy for you all!!!!!!


If you read part 3 of our journey, I foolishly said “hopefully we’ll have less equipment troubles.”  Who says stupid things like that?  I do, I say stupid things like that!  While cruising down the highway late Monday afternoon, in the middle of Oklahoma, a warning dash light said “stop!”  As I slowed to a stop on the shoulder of the highway, the engine in our motorhome died. 

I got out and did a few simple checks, like fluid levels, belts, holes in the oil pan, etc.  Everything looked fine, so I decided to start it back up.  That is when I realized things weren’t fine, and this issue was WAY beyond my diesel knowledge!  It knocked louder than the police breaking down the door of a crackheads house! 

At this point, it was time for a deep breath, and a cold beer while we waited for a tow truck….. about 4 hours later, we got a tow to the nearest truck stop for the night, as we would have to search for a shop in the morning.  The next morning, we got hooked up again and made the 2 hour tow to Amarillo where we would spend the night in the parking lot of the Cummins shop. 

The five of us (imagine the sight of myself, my wife, my father in law, whose birthday it was, and two large dogs, crammed into this small waiting room) spent a full day twiddling our thumbs waiting in the lounge for a diagnosis.  We finally decided it was best to rent a car and get home, then come back once the repairs were finished.

Trip of a lifetime

Most of you following along on this journey are probably thinking “what a nightmare trip!  These guys haven’t turned on any winlights, and have broken everything they own!”  You’re all probably smarter than me, but this trip was far from a nightmare for me!  I got to travel to the other side of the country, with my race cars in tow. 

I got to be a part of the Jegs Allstars.  And I got to stage up under the iconic Lucas Oil arch of the US Nationals.  And I got to do all this with my family and closest friends.  Sign me up for this deal again!!!!

Thank you Gary Don Free and Drag Champ for allowing me to share this crazy (and very expensive) journey with all of our racing friends!  Hopefully I’ll be given another opportunity to do this again, and hopefully I’ll have something better to write about!  

– Mike Boehner

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