Best of the DragChamp Show with Steve Foley

This week we bring you an encore edition of our very first episode with Steve Foley. Click below to listen to the DragChamp Show!

While the team at DragChamp is on Christmas vacation, we though we’d give you something funny to keep you occupied over the Christmas and New Year break. Bracket racing funny man Steve Foley was our first guest on the podcast and he delivered! Foley kept us in tears with stories of racing with Jake Hodge, courting his now wife Brooke, and especially racing with Rodney Finchum. There’s nothing like the first one and this episode put us on the map. Enjoy!


About The DragChamp Show

The DragChamp Show is a weekly bench racing style podcast with some of the biggest names in sportsman drag racing. You’ll find entertaining racing stories, interesting people, and an all-around good time with sportsman drag racers.

The DragChamp Show is hosted by talented drag racing announcers Jake Hodge and Ryan Gleghorn. They’re joined by DragChamp founder Gary Don Free.

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