The DragChamp Show with Caleb Ellison and Big Jed

The BTE Labor Day 100K footbrake champ Caleb Ellison joins the show with Big Jed in tow. We cover the 100K weekend, find out what Caleb splurged on, burnout contests, and more!

The BTE Labor Day 100K champion Caleb Ellison joins the show this week to talk Footbrake racing at Bristol with Big Jed, Jared Pennington and our crew.  We talked about the big news from the 100K, what Caleb splurged on with his winnings, how the split went down, dirt track racing compact cars, burnout contests, Ryan’s runner-up in the Gamblers race, and more!

This was a fun episode since there were so many stories from the 100K race weekend.  Caleb is rising star in our sport and Big Jed is one of the top names in the sport.  To have both on the podcast was really cool.  We had lots of fun, hope you enjoy.

“I’ve watched the Motormania final round clip several times and I still get nervous even though I know I won.” – Caleb Ellison talking about the final round

Let us know what you think of the show, our guests, and the format. We want to hear from you.


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