Chase Rampy – Son of a Legend

Brody Quick’s latest blog post centers around the son of a living legend, Chase Rampy. Follow along as Brody details Chase’s unique childhood and how he grew out of David’s shadow.

Most people grow up staying fairly close to home with parents that work a “normal” job, but that wasn’t the case for 28 year old Chase Rampy. The last name Rampy is a very familiar one to anybody involved in drag racing. Chase’s father, David, is one of the most accomplished NHRA sportsman racers of all time. David wrapped up his career with 100 national event wins and five world championships.

“The drive to win keeps me going back.” Chase Rampy

Chase Rampy childhood photo

On the Road

David was a full time drag racer when Chase was young, something Chase says he would brag about in school to the other kids. Little Rambo grew up traveling the country following his dad’s racing adventures along with crew-chief Barry Davis. But Chase wasn’t the least bit interested in the racing aspect of it.

Some of his favorite memories include watching Barry Bonds try to break the home run record in San Francisco and snagging an alligator while fishing in Florida while David was at the track making laps. He says the coolest experience he’s encountered on the road was David winning the U.S. Nationals for the last time in 2018. The win was extra special because it was the first time that Chase, both his parents, and his wife, Kayla, were all in attendance for a national event win.

Chase Rampy and dad

A Different Path

After getting a little older, Chase started missing more races because of school and spent several years away from the track. That changed when David happened upon a third-gen Camaro that he was going to flip. The car drew Chase back into the racing scene and became his first race car. Since making his first passes at Alabama International Dragway, Chase has been absolutely hooked ever since. Chase mentioned, “The drive to win keeps me going back.”

david rampy watching chase

While David is no stranger to the bracket scene, his “bread and butter” has been NHRA sportsman racing. Chase, however, has stuck to bracket racing ignoring the NHRA tour that made David a household name.

His reason behind that? While in high school his dad had lost his sponsorship and didn’t get a new one until after the season had started. That made Chase think that if a racer of that caliber was having trouble finding sponsors, it would be even harder for him to find his own.

In his eyes bracket racing is much more affordable, there is less travel, and just as much, if not more money can be made in bracket racing. Especially with today’s massive payouts that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

A Style of his Own

“You’d think that with my dad being one of the winningest drivers in NHRA history that I would try to do a lot of things similar to him, but there isn’t much I do the same.” Chase says that while he does take pointers from his father, he is doesn’t follow a routine like David and is much more sporadic. He also claims that for the most part they drive the finish line differently.

chase rampy s10 truck

Although, it was a tip from his dad about finish line racing that helped him wheel his way to his first win at Baileyton Dragstrip. Chase has seen the winners circle numerous times at Baileyton and Sand Mountain Dragway, wining in both the Super Pro and Footbrake categories.

Chase considers his biggest accomplishment so far as being part of the winning team at the Inaugural Dream Team Challenge in Memphis. The win came just one day after he made a semifinal appearance in the Friday $10,000 to win event. His outstanding performance made for a memorable weekend.

chase rampy dream team

Looking to the Future

As Little Rambo follows in the footsteps of father, who has raced his entire life, he is poised to write his own script. Chase continues to gain momentum with every race and is looking forward to the 2020 season. Who knows, we may even see David take a shot at some bracket racing in the near future.

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About the author: Brody Quick has been involved in drag racing his entire life. His first ride came at the age of 7 in a Jr. dragster. After a successful Jr. career, Brody took the wheel of “Butterbean”, his family’s ’67 Camaro. Aside from bracket racing in the Southeast, Brody operates the Next Gen Facebook page where details he and his friends racing adventures.

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