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The Kris Whitfield Blog | Winter sucks, let’s go racing

The Kris Whitfield Blog is back for another lap in 2020! This month Kris talks about the winter blues and getting ready to hit the track!

DragChamp Racer Blogs are back in 2020 and the head man in charge at DragChamp has kindly invited me back to share more of my journey with the audience for the upcoming season!

Kris Whitfield DragChamp Racer Blog

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times in the last two months… That is, “I’m over this whole ‘winter’ thing”. It doesn’t help living in Colorado, where even a “mild” winter is a lot more than I care for. About the only thing it does for me is give time to tear some things apart, get them checked out, and then get them put back together in time to dig the tow rig out of the snow and head to someplace warmer.

I’m not about to say the end is in sight for the winter months, but one positive is that minute-by-minute the days are getting longer and the off-season is getting shorter!

As it stands, we don’t have any major projects for our own cars. A cam swap here, new gears there, a rebuild on a transmission or two. I’ve actually spent more time working on other people’s racecars than my own so far this offseason.

After spending 4 years working in a warehouse wiring electrical control panels for industrial canning machines I developed some patience and a “touch” for wiring that I’ve been able to apply to racecars. Believe it or not, canning machines and racecars aren’t so different when it comes to wiring!

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In between wiring a few cars and knocking out a few home improvement projects that I put off last summer, I’ve actually found some joy in reading this off-season. More specifically, sports psychology books have become a fascination of mine.

Most consider racing to be a mental game, so why not use the downtime to learn a little bit more about the way our minds work and the power that we can harness if we learn the tools to do so? This is my second time through, but my current read is called “Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable” by Tim Grover. It’s nothing short of a swift kick in the pants for anyone interested.

We will have plenty of updates to share with Drag Champ readers as our 2020 race season takes shape. We’ve been developing our schedule (holy smokes, we might just kill the tow rig this year), shoring up marketing partner relationships, and making sure the cars get the attention they need!

When we revisit in February we might not be too far removed from actually hitting the racetrack!

Kris Whitfield DragChamp Racer Blog

About the Author: Born and raised in Colorado, Kris Whitfield began racing juniors at age 8 and currently pilots a 2004 Undercover dragster and a ’27 T Super Gas roadster. He has 16 track championships as well as 2 NHRA national event wins.  With seven years experience working race-operations at Bandimere Speedway and with a life spent in the sportsman pits, Kris offers DragChamp readers a unique and relatable perspective. 

For the 2019 season, Kris will represent sponsors Go Fast Energy, Phantom Racing Graphics, DJ Safety, DMP Awnings, Nationwide Productions, Armed Forces Racing, NGK, Precision Specialties, Premier Diversified Insurance, and This is Bracket Racing Elite.

You can connect with Kris on Facebook @Whitfieldfamilyracing or email at Kris@dragchamp.com

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