2019 DragChamp Bottom Bulb Top 10 List

We continue our 2019 Year End Top 10 Lists. The focus this week is on the Bottom Bulb Top 10 List as we rank the best Bottom Bulb bracket racers in the country.

01/15/20 – The only weekly sportsman racing Top 10 List is back for a special Bottom Bulb edition. We continue our 2019 Top 10 Specialty Lists this week by focusing on the Bottom Bulb bracket racers.

Like the Top Bulb List last week, this is a challenging list to produce as there are so many talented drivers. We’ve combed through the Top 10 Lists from 2019 and ranked the best Bottom Bulb racers for the season.

Special thanks to DragChamp Nation and your help each week putting this list together. We couldn’t do it without the nominations submitted to our Facebook page.

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2019 Bottom Bulb Top 10 List

1 – Nasty Nick Hastings

Nasty Nick Hastings SFG Friday 50k Winner

No one travels the country and has more success off the bottom than Nasty Nick Hastings. Nick secured his spot at the top of the list with his $50,000 win at the SFG 500. There he defeated around 700 Top Bulb competitors to earn the big payday.

Nick also picked up wins throughout the season including $8K at the Footbrake 150, a Gambler’s win at the Bigfoot 40K, $10K at Norwalk, and a dominating weekend at the Big Bucks Nationals.

Hastings also raced to 10 cars at the $50K Spring Fling Galot and dominated the recently completed Christmas Tree Extravaganza Practice Tree Race.

And that my friends is why Nasty Nick Hastings is your Bottom Bulb Driver of the Year!

2 (tie) – Ernie Humes

Ernie Humes wins Loose Rocker Bigfoot 40K main event

Ernie Humes locked in the two spot with a huge season. The biggest win of the year came at the Loose Rocker Bigfoot $40K where Humes walked away with the $40,000 victory. For the year, he picked up seven wins in eleven finals including a $10K RU at Virginia Motorsports Park.

Ernie also became the first three-time Carolina Coalition series champion.

2 (tie) – Andy Schmall


Idaho bottom bulb ace Andy Schmall joined Humes in the two spot after posting a monster season himself. Schmall kicked off the season with a big weekend at the Spring Fling Million in Vegas. Andy won the Pro 38 Class which moved him into the Million. There he drove to a semifinal finish off the bottom!

The next day, Andy once again won the Pro 38 Class to top off a great weekend at the Fling. A month later, Schmall picked up two wins at the West Coast Classic collecting $13,000 in the process.

Later in the season, Andy collected $5K after winning the No-Box Shootout at the SFG Big Fun race in Tucson.

3 – Charlie Lockhart

Charlie Lockhart wins at memphis

Like Nasty Nick, Charlie Lockhart traveled well in 2019. The talented Kentucky-based footbrake racer kicked 2019 off with a bang grabbing a win and a runner-up at the Southern Big Buck Nationals in Belle Rose. Charlie added a $5K Gamblers win at Darlington and a Gamblers win at the IHRA Divsion finals.

Later in the year Lockhart won $10K at the Southern Footbrake Challenge, a runner up at the Hot August Nights, and a $20K win at the New Year Nationals.

Charlie also won the 2019 Mod Championship and King of the Track at Beacon Dragway.

4 – Jake Howard

Jake-Howard DragChamp Top 10 List

If you attended a footbrake in or around Texas in 2019, you probably lost to Jake Howard on multiple occasions. The footbrake-phenom dominated the Triple Texas Tens series at the Texas Motorplex during the first half of the season. He even ran himself in the $5K final one night.

Jake made numerous finals throughout the year and added a win at the Hot August Nights and the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular at Extreme Raceway.

5 (tie) – Henry Roberson

DragChamp Racer Spotlight Henry Roberson Top 10 list

Henry Roberson might very well have the most unconventional setup on the list, but the West Coast hitter can flat out win races! Driving “Stickers”, Roberson races as much as anyone in the country, usually driving in two or three different classes.

Roberson started 2019 with a bang winning five Wally’s in his first nine races. He followed with a track championship and a NHRA series championship. Henry closed out the season with a Jackpot win on New Years Eve and has already posted a win in 2020!

This guy is crazy good, look for him to be a fixture on DragChamp for years to come.

5 (tie) – Michael Beard

Michael Beard wins IHRA Summit Spectacular at Keystone Raceway

Rounding out the top five is none other than Loose Rocker’s Michael Beard. After battling mechanical issues for the last couple of season, the 3X IHRA world champ put on a show in 2019.

Michael won so much that I’ll just say click here to read his season recap. It’s worth the read.

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6 – Kevin Pollard


Kevin Pollard continues to breed fear in his opponents when they see the little LUV truck pull up. The low five-second pickup is a great tool that Kevin uses well. At the Million Dollar Race in Montgomery, Kevin showed up on Sunday and raced to the split at 11 cars.

Earlier in the season he won an entry to the 2020 SFG Million at the Buckeye Bracket Bash. More recently, Pollard took home a $20,000 payday at the Loose Rocker Fall Footbrake Frenzy!

7 – Lucas Walker

Lucas Walker

Lucky #7 is Lucas Walker. Walker traveled to events all over the south collecting win lights along the way. Lucas showcased his driving skills after winning the IHRA Division 2 Summit ET finals.

He also had a huge weekend at the Turkey Beach Bash. There he was runner-up in the $10 Friday final to Johnny Ezell. On Sunday, Walker ran himself in the No-Box final before falling at five cars in the main event.

8 (tie) – Rick Baehr


Slick Rick Baehr continues to be one of the best footbrake racers in the country. 2019 was no exception after he finally won his crown jewel, the Halloween Classic at Norwalk. Rick added a $20K runner up at the Turkey Beach Bash in Gulfport.

8 (tie) – Sean Graham

Sean Graham winners circle

Sean Graham made the Top 10 List a couple of times in 2019. While a number of his victories on the season came in Top Bulb competition, Sean posted an impressive 44 round win streak in his S-10.

During his amazing unbeaten streak, Sean won 14 straight rounds at the Halloween Hoot Out at National Trail. In doing so, Sean won No-Box on Friday and Saturday.

At one point in the season, Graham had 10 wins in 12 finals!

9 – Brian Cireddu

Lucas Oil Super 64 shootout

Brian Cireddu locked down the nine spot after winning the No-Box championship at Norwalk and Dragway 42! He also won the NHRA and IHRA Race of Champions in 2019.

10 – Jeremy Bousman

Jeremy Bousman 100k winner byron dragway 2019

Wrapping up the Top 10 is Jeremy Bousman. Jeremy made headlines over the summer when he defeated Gary Williams in $100K Firecracker Nationals final. Racing off the bottom, Bousman also defeated sportsman great Scotty Richardson in the semifinals!

Shout Outs

Our shout outs this week are dedicated to the NHRA ET National Champions and the IHRA ET World Champions.

Chris Johnston NHRA Summit ET Pro National Champion

Pomona Summit Pro chris johnston

Ryan Montford NHRA Summit ET Sportsman National Champion


Dustin Avondet IHRA No-Box World Champion

2019 IHRA Mod World Champion Dustin Avondet

Dustin Carroll IHRA Sportsman World Champion

2019 IHRA Sportsman World Champ Dustin Carroll
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