DragChamp Jr. Top 10 List – 11/11/20 Edition

Kyler Morel goes back-to-back, Paige Smith and Colby Wattenbarger double up. Find all the details in the DragChamp Jr. Top 10 List.

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DragChamp Jr. Top 10 List – 11/11/20

1 – Kyler Morel

Kyler Morel 7-9 junior dragster sunday winner
Kyler Morel wins the 7-9 Junior Dragster class

Kyler Morel leads the Top 10 list this week after winning on back-to-back weekends against some tough competition. Morel earned the 6-9 year old victory last week at the Halloween Spooktacular and followed with a victory in the 7-9 year old class at the BTE King of the Coast race. Both events featured some of the toughest racers in the south.

2 – Paige Smith

Paige Smith also pulled off the double taking wins on Saturday and Sunday at London Dragway. A week ago her brother Drew made the Big Car Top 10 List after winning a $30,000 trailer at the SFG World Series.

3 – Colby Wattenbarger

Colby Wattenbarger has been on a hot streak lately. His latest accomplishment included a double up at Salisaw, Okla. Wattenbarger won both the King of Outlaws race and the 10-12 year old class. With the double, Colby walked away with $1,000 on the night.

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4 – Logan Jones

Logan Jones lands in the four spot this week after a win and a runner-up finish at Elk Creek. Jones’ dad joined the fun picking up a runner-up finish in the Footbrake class.

5 – Rylie Trumble

2020 Western Conference Finals race results

Talented Texas-runner Rylie Trumble rounds out the top five after picking up a $1,000 victory at Pine Valley Raceway on Saturday.

6 – Gage Rachford

Gage Rachford lands in the six spot this week after bringing home the Wally at Edgewater!

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7 – Victoria Beaner

Victoria Beaner took home yet another win last weekend. Her latest victory came at the Night of Fire race at Orlando Speed World.

8 – Zach Pearce

Zach Pearce 10-12 junior dragster winner sunday
Zack Pearce earns the win in the 10-12 Junior Dragster class

Zackary Pearce locked down a Top 10 spot this week after winning at the BTE King of the Coast event in Gulfport, Miss.

9 – Brody Tigue

Brody Tigue recently locked up the ADRL Jr. World Championship in St. Louis. The Ft. Worth, Tex. based runner made the trip to Missouri for the Battle of the Belts where he reigned supreme.

10 – Luke Jordan

Luke Jordan 13-17 junior dragster winner sunday
Luke Jordan takes the win in the 13-17 Junior Dragster class

Louisiana based Jr. racer Luke Jordan rounds out the Top 10 this week after a big win at the BTE King of the Coast. The win came in a new car that he’s only raced a few times.

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