DragChamp Top 10 List – 9/16/20 Edition

G-dub wins $100K, Ernie Humes and Lane Dicken both win $40K, Joe Gary runs wild at Piedmont, and Jeff Hefler wins his 9th NHRA Division 4 bracket finals title. The DragChamp Top 10 List has it all!

09/16/20 – And the hits keep coming. As we move ever closer to the heart of the big money bracket racing season, racers continue to cash for big paydays on a weekly basis. Last weekend saw racers compete for 20/100/40 at the Derby City 100K, 10/40/10 at the Loose Rocker Super Doorcar Challenge, and multiple $5K and $10K races across the country. We’ve reviewed all the action and tallied the results. Now cinch those Pro 1 belts down and let’s get to the Top 10!

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DragChamp Top 10 List – 09/16/20

1 – Gary Williams

Once again the Williams name was written on a $100,000 big check! After winning a $20K at the SFG 1.1 and another $20K at the ACE Fall Slam, Gary Williams defeated Skinny Kenny Underwood in the Derby City 100K final.

2 – Ernie Humes

Ernie Humes continues to put his name at the top of the bracket racing world. A week removed from a late round finish at the BTE Labor Day 100K, Humes drove to a $40K victory at the Super Doorcar Challenge in Piedmont. Humes has now won $40K off of the top and the bottom!

3 – Joe Gary

Joe Gary enjoyed a big weekend at Piedmont after winning the $3,000 Gamblers on Friday, Gary took two entries down to eight cars on Saturday before falling in the $40K final to Humes.

4 – Jeff Hefler

Jeff Hefler, President of Pro 1 Racing and Safety, won his 9th…yes, that’s right, 9th NHRA Division 4 ET Finals over the weekend in Ennis. Driving his unique Ford Bronco, Hefler defeated his brother Jeromy in the final round.

5 – Lane Dicken

Photo courtesty of NHRA.tv

Lane Dicken raced down to four cars in the 100K on Saturday and cashed for $40,000 at the Derby City 100K . This comes a little over a month after his $100K victory at the SFG 1.1.

6 – Aaron Disinger

Aaron Disinger kicked off the Derby City 100K with a big $20K win on Friday. Unfortunately he went from checkers to wreckers after someone drove over his car in the pits. Ended up being someone who had a medical issue and momentarily lost control of their vehicle. Luckily, it looked like the Malibu only received minor body damage.

7 – Justin Cook

top 10 list

Justin Cook locked in the seven spot this week after running himself in the No-Box final round at Brainerd Motorsports Park!

8 – Jeff Kundratic

top 10 list

Jeff Kundratic doubled up at the final Mid Atlantic .90 Association race last weekend at Maple Grove. He won the High Roller Super Comp race on Saturday and finished up with a Super Comp win on Sunday.

9 (tie) – Larry Chapman, Joe Hartzell, Jack Ostrowski, Mike Barber

Each racer listed above earned $10,000 paydays over the weekend. See below for details.

top 10 list
Larry Chapman $10K winner at Loose Rocker Super Doorcar Challenge
top 10 list
Joe Hartsell wins $10K at Loose Rocker Super Doorcar Challenge
top 10 list
Jack Ostrowski wins $10,000 at the Twin Tens at ETSA
top 10 list
Mike Barber wins $10,000 at the Twin Tens at ETSA

10 (tie) – Zach Meziere

top 10 list

Zach Meziere hasn’t raced much this season, but he’s made the most of it when he shows up. Last weekend at Barona, he lost the Super Pro final to his dad and then picked up the win in the Gamblers Shootout.

10 (tie) – Brian Mileham

top 10 list

After competing in Super Comp at the U.S. Nationals, Brian Mileham did a little bracket racing and found his way to a $10K and a $5K final on back-to-back weekends.

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