4th Annual K&N Southwest Showdown Results

West Coast Bracket Races brought the K&N Southwest Showdown to Tuscon Dragway over the weekend.

TUSCON, AZ- Chris Forsyth realized there was a lack of big money bracket racing for the western side of the country. In 2014, he formed West Coast Bracket Races with a focus on fixing the deficit. With multiple successful events and profitable payouts, the West Coast Bracket Races team is fulfilling that promise.

The 4th Annual K&N Southwest Showdown brought over $140,000 in payouts to Tuscon Dragway over four days. West coast racers must have been tired of being on the sidelines, because nearly 300 entries raced to finish line at the record-setting event. Each race winner would also receive a custom trophy built by Theobald Motorsports.

theobald motorsports trophies southwest showdown

Silver State Commercial Refrigeration Stimulus Race

Thursday’s racing action began with test-and-tune along with a special West Coast Bracket Races first- a free entry race. Drivers who purchased a weekend entry into the event and a test and tune pass would compete in the Stimulus Race paying $8,000 to win. The winner would also earn an entry into Saturday’s Kidd Performance $50,000 Shootout.

240 racers staged up for first round of the Stimulus Race. The last five drivers had a mix of bottom bulb drivers, door cars, and one dragster. Greg Hicks was the sole dragster driver and took the bye run into the semifinals. Brandon Umberger sealed the deal over Kyle Fritz on the Pro side, while Val Torres Jr earned the win over Robert Naber in an all door-car matchup.

The final three drivers each earned a previous bye run and it was Hicks who had the best reaction time to earn a free spot into the final. Torres defeated Umberger to advance.

In a classic door car versus dragster head up pairing, Torres used his .005 reaction and .021 above pass to take the win over Hicks’ .016 and five above run. Val Torres Jr gets his share of the cash as well as an entry into Saturday’s $50,000 Shootout.

Val Torres Jr 4k stimulus winner
Val Torres Jr
Val Torres Jr and Greg Hicks final
Val Torres Jr and Greg Hicks face off in the final round of the Stimulus Race

Lucas Oil Friday at the K&N Southwest Showdown

Super Pro Friday Results

Super Pro drivers were competing for $10,000 during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s main events.

Friday’s Super Pro semifinal saw Courtland Carter of Texas take on Mark Darsow of Arizona, while Morgan Rose of Nevada staged up beside Ken Sweo of Oregon. Darsow used an .020 total package to end Carter’s day as Rose left .003 too soon to advance Sweo.

During the final round re-run (due to a faulty stage beam the first time), Darsow was .007 and one above to earn the $10K win beside Sweo’s dead on with a three pass.

Mark Darsow 10k winner
Mark Darsow

Pro Friday Results

Bottom bulb drivers were racing for a $3,000 top prize during Friday’s event at the K&N Southwest Showdown. The semifinal saw California’s Kyle Rizzoli with two entries versus Mark Kidd from Idaho. Rizzoli’s .002 red light stopped his chance at the double up, but he would return to face Kidd again in the final round.

In the final, Rizzoli has a six thou advantage at the starting line and runs dead on with a six to take the win. Kidd takes the stripe, but breaks out .002 in the process to earn the runner up.

Kyle Rizzoli 3k winner
Kyle Rizzoli
Kyle Rizzoli Mark Kidd final
Kyle Rizzoli and Mark Kidd leave the starting line in Friday’s Pro final round

Hughes Performance Saturday

Super Pro Saturday Results

Round eight of Saturday’s Super Pro class had only three drivers remaining. Marko Perivolaris of California staged up beside Shane Thompson of Nevada. Perivolaris had the reaction time advantage but broke out beside Thompson’s dead on with a five pass. Logan Warr of Utah earned the bye run into the final round.

This time Thompson had an .018 starting line advantage, but was too far under the dial on the double breakout pass. Warr runs 4.660 on his 4.68 dial to pick up the $10,000 win.

Logan Warr 10k winner2
Logan Warr

Pro Saturday Results

Pro drivers had their eyes set on the $5,000 prize during Saturday’s event. Two Arizona semifinalists, Sacha Hoefer and Tony Marconi, and one Utah driver, Chris Hall, remained in the running on Saturday. Hoefer earned the bye run into the finals while Marconi staged up beside Hall. Hall used the reaction time advantage to advance over Marconi.

In the final, Hall is .022 and breaks out one thou to take the $5K win as Hoefer goes .007 red.

Chris Hall 5k winner
Chris Hall
Chris Hall and Sacha Hoefer final
Sacha Hoefer and Chris Hall battle in Saturday’s bottom bulb final round

Kidd Performance $50,000 Shootout

123 total entries would compete for a $50,000 payout on Saturday night at the K&N Southwest Showdown. This $50K marks the highest paying single event in West Coast Bracket Races history. The winning Pro driver would merge into the Super Pro cars during the semifinal round.

The semifinal came down to four drivers, bottom bulb racer Sacha Hoefer, Chris Northup in his Super Pro door car, and the two dragsters of Logan Warr and Val Torres Jr. Hoefer took the win over Northup and waited to see who she would face in the $50K final. In a battle of recent winners, Warr illuminates the red light to advance Torres into the final.

Torres turns his Stimulus Race win into a serious payday by claiming the $50,000 check over Hoefer.

Val Torres Jr 50k winner
Val Torres Jr earns his second check of the weekend
Val Torres Jr and Sacha Hoefer final
Sacha Hoefer and Val Torres Jr in the $50,000 final round

Moser Engineering Sunday

Super Pro Sunday Results

Sunday’s Super Pro semifinal came down to three dragsters and one door car. Angelo Sanchez of New Mexico staged his Chevy II beside Trey Vetter of Nevada. Both drivers run two above their dial ins, but it’s Sanchez’s .008 reaction time that takes the win. The other pairing saw Nick Cobb of California lay down 11 total to package up Greg Hicks’ .013 reaction time.

In the final, Sanchez is .008 on the tree and dead on with a one to earn the $10,000 victory. Cobb breaks out 2 thou trying to take the stripe and settles for runner up.

angelo sanchez sunday 10k winner
Angelo Sanchez
angelo sanchez and nick cobb sunday final
Angelo Sanchez and Nick Cobb in Sunday’s Super Pro final

Pro Sunday Results

In a weekend full of firsts, talented driving, and legendary victories, it’s hard to believe the K&N Southwest Showdown could get any better. But that’s when Brandon Umberger wheels his Jelly Bean to double up in Sunday’s $3,000 Pro class. The road to winning wasn’t easy, as he broke the rear-end 5th round of Friday’s race and had to scramble to find parts.

On Sunday, Umberger earned the bye run with one entry at five cars, and then the other entry earned the bye into the final round. Victor Sandoval gave a valiant effort in the semifinal, but nothing was stopping Umberger as he took the win and runner up.

Brandon Umberger 3k winner and runner up2
Brandon Umberger
Brandon Umberger and Victor Sandoval pro final
Brandon Umberger and Victor Sandoval in Sunday’s Pro semifinal

More to Come from West Coast Bracket Races

Chris Forsyth said, “This was a different format from anything we’ve ever done with our bonus races, but it was very well received. I was excited to finally give our racers a $50,000 opportunity that was eligible to our entire customer base. Having this format provides any racer the shot to get into a very healthy split. This will definitely be continuing for our future events.”

He also gives a large thank you to Kidd Performance and Dyno, the whole Kidd family, Moser Engineering, Jeff Anderson, Hughes Performance, Kevin Kleinweber, and Lucas Oil.

Keep an eye on the West Coast Bracket Races Facebook page for upcoming events and announcements.

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Be sure to stay tuned for coverage of the upcoming Spring Fling Million in Las Vegas!


Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

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