Footbrake Giants Spotted During Loose Rocker Bigfoot $75K

Ellison, Dunn, and Zane earn main event wins during Loose Rocker’s ATI Bigfoot $75K at Piedmont Dragway. Hastings and a second Ellison claim gamblers race victories.

JULIAN, NC – Loose Rocker Promotions returned to Piedmont Dragway over the weekend for the ATI Bigfoot $75K. This event was for true Footbrake racing only, no delay boxes or transbrake buttons allowed.

Although, if you think this makes the competition any easier, you’re vastly mistaken!

Five talented drivers found their way into the winner’s circle during three days of intense bottom bulb racing. Naturally, the spotlight falls on those finalists and they are graciously compensated for their efforts.

However, Loose Rocker has literally flipped their flyer to focus on the profitable round money paid out during the Bigfoot $75K. Drivers who won 4th round during Saturday’s main event earned more cash than they paid in entry fees at the gate!

No more worries about making it to the split in order to cover your weekend costs.

staging lanes piedmont dragway loose rocker bigfoot $75K

Summit Racing Equipment $12,500 Friday

Nine cars remained in fifth round of competition during Friday’s main event: Terry Lee, Edmond Ellison, Trish Witt, Jason McCandless, Tom Scriffignano, Josh Carroll, Rodney Lunsford, Austin Welch, and Gary Simpers Jr on the bye run.

McCandless had the reaction time advantage but breaks out more than Lee who moves into the quarterfinal. Witt runs dead on with an eight to package up Carroll while Scriffignano goes red to advance Welch. Lunsford takes .009 at the finish line but breaks out .002 while Ellison is one above for the win.


Witt earns the bye run courtesy of her previous .019 reaction time. Ellison uses a reaction time advantage to eliminate Lee and seal his spot in the semifinal. Both Welch and Simpers turn on the red light but Welch left first to end his day.


Witt runs dead on her dial, but can’t overcome Simper’s reaction time advantage and one above pass. Ellison is .003 on his bye run and coasts into the final round.


Ellison is .010 and runs three above taking .006 at the stripe for the $12,500 victory. Simpers is .024 on the tree and two above his dial to earn Friday’s runner up. This makes Simpers first appearance in a Loose Rocker final and Ellison’s first Loose Rocker win after three runner up finishes.

edmond ellison friday 12.5k winner loose rocker bigfoot 75k
Edmond Ellison wins Friday’s $12,500 main event during the Bigfoot $75K
edmond ellison vs gary simpers jr
Gary Simpers Jr (Mustang) takes on Edmond Ellison (Chevy II) in Friday’s final round

Friday $3,000 Gamblers Race

The quarterfinal round had three red lights determine who would stage up in the final four. Martin Flegal is .006 red in his first entry to Lancaster’s .007 green, while Ernie Humes goes .009 red to advance Flegal’s second entry. John Myers is .007 red beside Lucas Walker’s .011 green, while Nick Hastings uses a bye run to move into the semifinal.


Lancaster is .005 on the tree but .002 behind at the finish line next to Flegal who is .026 total for the win. Hastings cuts a .002 light and runs two above to leave Walker mathematically ineligible.


In the final, both drivers run one above their dial-ins but Hastings uses the reaction time advantage to take the $3,000 win over Flegal.

Hastings has now won the $3K gamblers race during the Loose Rocker Bigfoot event three years in a row! During the inaugural 2018 event he picked up a $40K main event win as well.

nick hastings t1000
Nasty Nick wheels the T1000 to another victory
martin flegal vs nick hastings friday gamblers race final
Martin Flegal vs Nick Hastings

ATI Performance Products $75,000 Saturday

Nine drivers remained in sixth round: “Nasty” Nick Hastings, Tim Douglas, Lucas Walker, Adam Davis, Stephen “Soggy” Dunn, Jonathon McCandless, Seth Phillips, Brandon Michaels, and Chris Stephenson. Stephenson earned the bye run courtesy of his previous .009 reaction time.

McCandless is .018 red sending Douglas into the next round, while Walker takes the double breakout win over Michaels. Davis has a 6 thou starting line advantage but finds himself 4 thou behind at the finish line beside Hastings’.020 winning package. In a tight double breakout pass, Phillips takes .003 to be under just one thou more than Dunn, who moves into the quarterfinals.


Hastings is on the bye thanks to his .017 winning reaction time and takes the free pass into the semifinals. Douglas is .015 total to package up Walker who runs .006 under the dial in. Stephenson leaves a little too soon to advance Dunn who was .006 green.


In the semifinals, Dunn is .005 and dead seven on the bye run, laying down 12 total just because he can! Hastings has a 3 thou reaction time advantage and takes .009 at the finish line to move on beside Douglas.

VA Tim Douglas saturday loose rocker bigfoot $75k semifinalist
Tim Douglas from Wytheville, VA was the lone semifinalist

It sounds like a messy final round battle with Nasty in the left lane versus Soggy in the right.

Both drivers have already found the winner’s circle this weekend with Nasty’s gamblers race win and Soggy winning the track-hosted Outlaw Doorslammer class Thursday night.

Hastings is .009 on the tree but takes too much stripe to break out .004 for the runner up. Dunn runs dead on his 6.15 dial in, putting together an .021 package for the $75K win.

This makes two Loose Rocker event wins for Soggy Dunn while Nasty Nick Hastings continues to top the leaderboard with ten wins and two runners-up.

soggy dunn saturday loose rocker bigfoot $75K winner
Soggy Dunn wins the largest Loose Rocker payout to date in the Bigfoot $75K
nick hastings gamblers race winner and 75k runner up
Nasty Nick Hastings adds to his collection of Loose Rocker checks

Saturday $3,000 Gamblers Race

125 cars entered Saturday’s gamblers race and the quarterfinals came down to Caleb Ellison, Randy Biddle Jr, Chris Plott, Rodney Lunsford, Lucas Walker, Andrew Ellis, Justin Hardman, and Edmond Ellison.

Caleb Ellison is .028 total to take the win over Plott with a .004 margin of victory. His brother, Edmond, has a 5 thou reaction time advantage but is 2 thou behind at the stripe beside Ellis’ dead on pass.

Walker leaves perfect but breaks out .005 while Biddle runs dead on with a 7 for the win. Hardman turns it .004 red to advance Lunsford into the semifinals.


In the semis, Ellis runs dead on but missed the tree while Ellison is .019 and one above for the win. Biddle is .003 and gets behind for the win as Lunsford pairs his .014 light with a .002 breakout.


Both Caleb Ellison and Randy Biddle Jr have seen their fair share of final round appearances and are eager to add another big check to their collections.

Biddle has a 4 thou advantage at the starting line but finds himself .001 behind at the stripe while Ellison runs dead on his 6.15 dial for the $3K win.

caleb ellison gamblers race winner loose rocker bigfoot 75k
Caleb Ellison wins Saturday’s gamblers race
randy biddle jr gamblers race runner up
Randy Biddle Jr earns a runner up during Saturday’s gamblers race

Abruzzi Racing Transmissions and Converters $12,500 Sunday

Round six had eight well-known drivers still in the running for Sunday’s payday: Richard Alford Jr, Joe Foley, Chris Plott, Nick Hastings, Lee Zane, Ernie Humes, David Harvey Jr, and Bob Mullaney.

Alford is .021 on the tree but mathematically ineligible beside Plott’s .018 package. Likewise, Hastings’ .021 is no match for Harvey’s .008 and dead-on-six pass.

Mullaney is .005 but breaks out one thousandth more than Humes, who takes the win. Foley runs dead on his dial-in but was .002 red to advance Zane who was .014 and holding just a few.


Plott is .009 and takes .013 at the finish line to eliminate Harvey and move into the final round. Humes is also .009 at the tree but it’s not enough beside Zane who is .005 and runs dead-one for a .006 package.


The final is settled on the starting line as Plott goes .006 red. Although, Zane was going to be hard to handle as he’s .010 on the tree and runs dead on for an .016 package.

Lee Zane earns his first Loose Rocker event win in his Stock Buick Apollo, claiming one of those “big checks” he mentioned during his DragChamp Racer Spotlight.

lee zane sunday 12.5k winner loose rocker bigfoot 75k
Lee Zane earns the $12,500 payday on Sunday during the Bigfoot $75K
sunday runner up chris plott loose rocker bigfoot $75k
Chris Plott wheels Lucas Walker’s Mustang to a runner up finish on Sunday

Next Up: Another $75K

In just over three weeks, the Loose Rocker team will grace the gates of Piedmont Dragway again for another action packed weekend. This time the top bulb racers will get their shot at profitable payouts!

The Summit Super Pro $75K Challenge is an identical format to the Bigfoot $75K, remarkably with the same rewarding round money mentioned earlier.

The winning purses are $12,500 on Friday and Sunday, with Saturday’s main event dishing out $75,000. Time permitting, there will also be a $3,000 to win gamblers race during the weekend.

You can find more Loose Rocker event information on their website or Facebook page.

Check out results from the other big money bracket races over the weekend. DragChamp has recaps from the JEGS SFG 500, Flatbill Promotions Mississippi Madness, and GALOT Motorsports Park.


Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

You can contact her at Jessica@dragchamp.com or on her Facebook page.

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