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Ortego sisters double up during BTE King of the Coast Event 6

The BTE King of the Coast series returned to Gulfport Dragway for their sixth event of the season!

GULFPORT, MS – One of the most popular southern racing series, the BTE King of the Coast, completed Event 6 at Gulfport Dragway over the weekend. The two day event was presented by David McMurtry Racing Engines and featured tight competition in the Junior Dragster, Sportsman, Footbrake, and Electronics classes.

The weather was perfect, pits were packed, cash was flowing, and twelve winners were crowned out of over 230 entries! There is a lot to cover, so let’s dive in to the results.

junior dragster staging lanes king of the coast

Saturday Results

Rick’s Powder Coating Electronics

Once Saturday was narrowed down to the semifinal, Jesse Marceaux earned the bye run while Jake Levatino and Phillip Creel battled to see who would meet him in the final.

It’s all over on the starting line when Creel turns it .009 red, but Levatino would have been tough to beat with a .0007 reaction time and dead on run creating a .005 total package.

In the final, both drivers are .013 red, but Marceaux left first while Levatino earns the $4,000 win.

jake levatino king of the coast
Jake Levatino
jesse marceaux king of the coast
Jesse Marceaux

Alliance Race Wear Footbrake

The Footbrake class also came down to a three-car semifinal, where Jonathan Booth earned the solo pass into the next round. Mike Barnett is .002 and breaks out less than Robby Mullins to earn his spot in the final.

Booth has the starting line advantage and runs dead on his 5.47 dial to take the $2,000 win over Barnett.

jonathan booth koc
Jonathan Booth
mike barnett koc
Mike Barnett

Berry Performance 7-9 Junior Dragster

The youngest drivers on the property dueled in the 7-9 years old Junior Dragster division. Kylie Ortego eliminates B. Romero while Bentley Wright defeats M. Farmer in the semifinal in order to face each other for the cash and five foot tall trophy.

Wright turns on the red light in the final while Ortego leaves green and runs one above her dial in to take the $200 win.

Kylie Ortego
bentley wright koc
Bentley Wright

CS Transport 10-12 Junior Dragster

Three drivers remained in Saturday’s 10-12 years old semifinal; Hayden Miller, Kane Kern, and Jace Esneault. Kern took the bye run while Esneault fouls to send Miller into the final round.

Another five foot trophy and $450 was on the line as Kern and Miller staged up. Miller turns on the red light by 2 thou while Kern is .043 green and coasts into the winner’s circle.

kane kern koc
Kane Kern

Pearce Automotive 13-17 Junior Dragster

The oldest Junior Dragster drivers, although undoubtedly still young talent, took the stage in the 13-17 years old class. Jace Sandrock had the reaction time advantage but breaks out beside Dylan Hite who runs four above his dial for the win. Lauren Resmondo earned the semifinal bye run.

In the final, Hite has the starting line advantage and runs above his dial while Resmondo breaks out trying to take the stripe. Dylan Hite picks up $450 and a five foot trophy on Saturday!

dylan hite koc
Dylan Hite
Lauren Resmondo

Velocity Racing Carbs Sportsman

Saturday’s Sportsman semifinals came down to Whitney Jackson, C. Simoneaux, Gage Esneault, and C. Jenkins. Jackson packages up Jenkins, while Esneault takes the win beside Simoneaux’s breakout run to set the final round.

In a double breakout race, Jackson runs .0007 under the dial to turn on the win light over Esneault.

Whitney Jackson

Sunday Results

Rick’s Powder Coating Electronics

Sunday’s Electronics semifinal came down to Gant Gatwood, Alan Wickell, Daniel Rolison, and and Jody Simoneaux. Both drivers run two abover their respective dial ins, but Gatwood leaves Rolison mathematically ineligble to take the win. Wickell turns it .005 red beside Simoneaux who was .005 green to advance.

There was only one thou difference at the tree, but Simoneaux runs dead on his dial to be .0115 total. That left Gatwood packaged up with an .0117 bulb while Simoneaux cashed in for $4K.

jody simoneaux king of the coast
Jody Simoneaux
gant gatwood koc
Gant Gatwood

Alliance Race Wear Footbrake

Only three drivers remained in Sunday’s $2,000 Footbrake race: Tim Pace, Larry Seguin, and Wes Neely. Seguin earned the bye run while Neely takes the win over a red-lighting Pace to advance.

In the final, Seguin is .013 and one above to earn the .005 margin of victory over Neely who was .025 and dead on his dial.

larry seguin king of the coast
Larry Seguin
wes neely koc
Wes Neely

Berry Performance 7-9 Junior Dragster

Three drivers returned to another semifinal on Sunday: Bentley Wright, B. Romero, and M. Farmer, while Charlie Rentrop was the so-called newcomer. Farmer is .003 red beside Wright who advances with an .025 light. Rentrop uses a starting line advantage to take the win over Romero to earn his spot in the final.

The final was a double breakout race where Rentrop had the better light but breaks out more than Wright who earns the $200 win and a five foot trophy.

bentley wright king of the coast
Bentley Wright earns a runner up Saturday and a win on Sunday
charlie rentrop koc
Charlie Rentrop

CS Transport 10-12 Junior Dragster

Linley Hatcher, Hayden Miller, B. Fairley, and Zack Pearce squared off in Sunday’s semifinal where $450 was up for grabs. Fairley had a large reaction time advantage but runs too quick while Hatcher runs two above to take the win. A similar scenario repeats itself when Miller is .004 but breaks out beside Pearce who puts together an .06 package to take the win.

In the final, Pearce is .005 on the tree and leaves Hatcher mathematically ineligible to take the win.

zack pearce king of the coast
Zack Pearce

Pearce Automotive 13-17 Junior Dragster

The 13-17 year old semifinal has Alissa Ortego take the double breakout win over Harlie Nye while Ryker Cromwell earned the bye into the final round.

Cromwell leaves 4 thou too early while Ortego stays green to turn on the final win light to earn $450 and a five foot trophy of her own.

Alissa’s win comes just one day after her sister, Kylie, to make a memorable weekend for the Ortego family!

Alissa and Kylie Ortego earn big wins at the BTE King of the Coast

Velocity Racing Carbs Sportsman

To wrap up the weekend, the Sportsman semifinal came down to Whitney Jackson, M. Simoneaux, Curtis Allen, and Gage Esneault. Jackson packages up Esneault who was on a breakout run while Simoneaux takes a little too much stripe to send Allen into the final round.

In the final, Jackson has the better light but is .005 behind at the finish line while Allen runs dead on his 7.55 dial to take the win.

Curtis Allen king of the coast
Curtis Allen

2021 Season Isn’t Over Yet

The BTE King of the Coast points series will wrap up with Event 7 scheduled for December 3-5. Although, next weekend you can cash in for a bigger payday during the BTE King of the Coast Turkey Beach Bash! Racers will have an opportunity to race for $10K-25K-10K at Gulfport Dragway November 19-21.

Keep an eye on the BTE King of the Coast Facebook page or the Rolison Motorsports website for more information.

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Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

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