Promotion Dreams Fulfilled at Fat Boy Mafia Super $70K

Fat Boy Mafia Racing dove headfirst into the world of big money bracket racing promotion by bringing the Fat Boy Mafia Super $70K to Xtreme Raceway Park.

FERRIS, TX – Even a weather delay couldn’t dim the exciting experience of the Environmental Oil Recovery Fat Boy Mafia Super $70K.

Paige Hamlin, Troy Morgan, and James Farrell took the leap into event promotion to bring big money bracket racing back to Texas; at an affordable price.

A perfect package was presented with Xtreme Raceway Park, aka the Taj Mahal of Texas racetracks, paired with a team of racers calling the shots behind the scenes. Everything from the parking layout to payout structure was designed to benefit the racers and ensure everyone had a great time.

staging lanes xtreme raceway park fat boy mafia super $70k
Staging lanes stayed packed at Xtreme Raceway Park

Hamlin told us, “This was my first race as a promoter after getting to work with some great promoters like Tommy Phillips, Gaylon Rolison Jr, and Britt Cummings. We wanted to put on a race for the racers, by racers, at Xtreme Raceway Park.”

Seven winners were crowned over four days, so let’s dive into the results!

Thursday Gamblers Race

115 entries broke through the stage beams in round one of Thursday’s Gamblers Race. This incredible turn out prompted an extra $1,000 to be added to the purse courtesy of Fat Boy Mafia Racing.

The finalists, Jacob McNeal and John Stepan, would each earn an entry into Saturday’s Super $70K Shootout as well.

Both drivers were .014 at the hit, but McNeal runs dead on his 4.83 dial in to earn the win over Stepan who was three above his dial.

Jacob Mcneal thursday gamblers winner fat boy mafia super $70k
Jacob McNeal earned the first big check during the Fat Boy Mafia Super $70K
John Stepan thursday gamblers runner up
John Stepan

Friday No Electronics Main Event

Rain would roll into the area mid-day Friday which forced completion of the event on Sunday. When racing resumed, Drew Porcher put on a stellar performance and finished with the win, runner up, and $3,000 cash. Jake Howard was the lone semifinalist.

Porcher had also purchased the No Electronics Double Down tech card, advancing him into the next round of the Electronics class.

Drew Porcher pulled the double-up by running himself in the finals of No Box

Friday Electronics Main Event

Nearly 150 cars crossed the finish line first round on Friday in the Electronics class. The final pair was an all door-car top versus bottom bulb match up between Chuck Wier and Drew Porcher.

Both drivers are .00x at the tree and run one above the dial in, creating a 4 thou margin of victory at the stripe. Wier puts together a .015 package to come out with the win over Porcher’s .019 package.

Chuck Wier friday electronics winner fat boy mafia super $70k
Chuck Wier picked up at $5K payday by winning Friday’s Electronics main event
Drew Porcher earned the runner up in the Electronics after dominating the bottom bulb class

Dial In For Paws

Saturday’s racing action would kick off with the Dial In For Dollars where Chuck Wier won with a .005 package. Texas Star Rescue, a local animal shelter, received the other half of the proceeds as a donation.

Saturday’s Dial In For Dollars earned money for Texas Star Rescue

Junior Dragster Results

Junior Dragsters also had an opportunity to claim some cash on Saturday.

In the final round, Ava Gonzalez used a reaction time advantage to take the win over J. Miles who ran dead on his 7.63 dial in. Gonzalez picked up a $500 check for her win.

Ava Gonzales junior dragster winner fat boy mafia super $70K
Ava Gonzalez

Saturday No Electronics Main Event

No Box had 84 entries make their way down the eighth-mile on Saturday and at the end of the night, one driver would walk away with $5K. Two tough competitors, Chad Sandlin and Jake Howard, staged up for the bottom bulb final.

Howard is .003 red and coasts to the runner up position, while Sandlin is .013 green to take the $5,000 win.

Chad Sandlin saturday no box 5k winner fat boy mafia super $70k
Chad Sandlin won $5K in Saturday’s No Box main event over Jake Howard
jake howard runner up check
Jake Howard earned the runner up

Saturday Electronics Main Event

Car counts continued to climb on Saturday with 213 top bulb entries eager for their shot at the $10,000 prize. At the end of the night, Carson Wheeler and T.G. Paschal were the last remaining drivers.

Paschal had the reaction time advantage with his .013 light, but finds himself .011 behind at the stripe for the loss. Wheeler runs dead on his 4.51 dial in to cash in for $10K in Texas!

Carson Wheeler saturday electronics 10k winner fat boy mafia super $70k
Carson Wheeler picked up $10,000 by winning Saturday’s Electronics class
And yes, that is a monkey in the photo!
T.g. Paschal 10k runner up Saturday 2
T.g. Paschal earns the runner up

Electronics Super $70K Shootout

As advertised on the flyer, the main event payouts were guaranteed, but Saturday’s Super $70K Shootout was based on 128 cars. Given the 62-car field, $35,000 was paid to the Electronics winner.

The Shootout final was a classic door car versus dragster pairing of Dillon Bontrager and Koy Collier.

Bontrager is .010 and takes .016 at the finish line to lay down .011 total for the $35K win in his Malibu. Collier was .008 at the hit, but runs .019 above his dial to earn the runner up.

Dillon Bontrager won Saturday’s Super $70K Shootout
Koy Collier 70k shootout runner up
Koy Collier was runner up during Saturday’s Shootout

No Electronics $5K Shootout

In the $5,000 final round of the No Electronics Shootout, Bryan Chapman and Jeromy Hefler stage up.

Hefler is .025 to Chapman’s .035 light, but breaks out .005 for the loss. Chapman runs dead on his 6.14 dial to seal the deal for $5K.

Bryan Chapman no electronics shootout winner 5k
Bryan Chapman won $5,000 during Saturday’s No Electronics Shootout

No photo available for Jeromy Hefler.

They’ve Only Just Begun

Paige Hamlin and her team have an undeniable work ethic. Even though they just finished their first event, they are already looking forward to doing it all over again next season!

She said, “The team put on a great show in Texas. Troy Morgan has always given back to the racers and he makes a great promoter along with James Farrell. Jake Hodge kept the cars moving smoothly and did a great job. From the racer appreciation dinner, buyback snow cones, and cookies…I think everyone left happy and full!”

fat boy mafia crawfish
The Fat Boy Mafia knows how to eat!

Keep an eye on the Fat Boy Mafia Racing Facebook page for updates as they become available.

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Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

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