Racers Cash in at the 2021 Galot $5K Warm-up Race

Jarrett Creech, Randy Biddle, and Jayden Lawler cash in at the 2021 Galot $5K Warm-up Race.

DUNN, NC- With over 360 entries, racers at Galot Motorsports Park were eager to get back to the racing season after a long winter off-season. Racers battled it out over two days in order to be able to crown winners in the Top ET, Footbrake, and Junior Dragster class.

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Top ET Results

The $5,000-to-win Top ET class proved to be the largest class of the weekend with 240 entries.

In the first semi-final, Kevin Brannon came to the line next to Michelle Pelo. Brannon dialed up 4.49 and Pelo dialed 6.64. Kevin had a reaction time of .004 against Michelle’s .006. Brannon runs 4.502 for a total package of .016, and Pelo runs 6.650, also giving her a .016 package. After going to the ten-thousandth of a second, Kevin Brannon edges out Michelle Pelo in probably the closest race of the weekend.

In the second semi-final, Brandon Lane faced off with Jarrett Creech. Lane dials 4.63 and Creech dials 5.68. Lane takes a baby lead off of the line, but breaks out, handing the round win and a ticket to the final round to Jarrett Creech.

In the final round, Kevin Brannon dialed 4.49 and Jarrett Creech dialed 5.68. Kevin was perfect on the tree with a .000 reaction time, and Jarrett was close behind with a .004 light. Kevin Brannon ran 4.510 on his dial giving him a total package of .020, but Jarrett Creech ran 5.692, giving him a total package of .016, getting inside of Brannon’s total and giving him the win for the weekend.

Galot $5K Warm-Up
Jarrett Creech, Top ET Winner

Footbrake Results

In Footbrake action, Ricky Edwards faced off with Randy Biddle in the semifinals. Ricky dials up 6.47 against Randy’s 6.07. Edwards takes the tree with a .017 reaction time, and Biddle has a .004 light. Ricky Edwards runs dead on with a 3 for an overall package of .020. Biddle runs dead on with a 3 also for an overall package of .007, giving him the round win and a trip to the final round against Dan Fletcher, who goes to the final round via a bye run in the semis.

In the final round, Dan Fletcher dials 7.13 against Randy Biddle and his 6.06. Biddle takes a .014 advantage on the hit, and both drivers break out by running under their posted dial-ins. Randy Biddle was closer to his dial-in, and takes the Footbrake win for the weekend.

Galot $5K Warm-Up
Randy Biddle, Footbrake Winner

Junior Dragster Results

In Junior Dragster semi-final competition, Makenna Antinori lined up next to Jayden Lawler. Makenna dialed up a 8.24 and Jayden dialed 8.10. Jayden catches Makenna napping at the tree and gets a good sized advantage at the hit. Jayden runs 8.115 on his dial, and Makenna breaks out by running 8.183 trying to make up for lost time.

Jayden Lawler heads to the final round against Jaidyn Phillips, who got the bye into the finals thanks to her reaction time in the quarter-final round.

So the final round is the Jayden/Jaidyn show. Phillips dials 7.96 and Lawler kept his dial at 8.10. Again, Lawler gets a good jump at the starting line, and uses it to his advantage. Lawler gets the overall smaller package and takes home the win in this weekend’s race. 

Galot $5K Warm-Up
Jayden Lawler, Junior Dragster Winner

Galot Motorsports Park wrote in a Facebook post, “we would like to thank everyone that came out to race with us this weekend after a long winter off season. With over 360 entries, we are proud to have the support to be able to do what we love”!

Next week, Galot Motorsports Park will host their regular test and tune on Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday will be a points paying Summit ET Series weekend.

Congratulations to this all winners and finalists from the 2021 Galot $5K Warm-up Race.

Results provided by Galot Motorsports Park.

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