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Rookie Racers Claim Championships During Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing 2020 Season

Kennedy Branscom, Savannah Stiegemeier, Ava Crisp, and Adelle Robinson each earn championships during the 2020 Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing season.

The Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing series is one where young racers get an electrified introduction into the sport. Kids drive their Power Wheels to the 60 foot mark in either bracket racing or heads up classes.

Mel Robinson manages the series which began as a way to involve children during the Cash Days event at Pacemakers Dragway. 2020 was originally scheduled to have 18 races across National Trail Raceway, Kil-Kare Raceway, Summit Motorsports Park, and Pacemakers Dragway.

Due to changes with the pandemic, the season was cut short to five events; two at Pacemakers, two at National Trail, and one in a shopping center parking lot. No matter the location, these events are 100% guaranteed to deliver a great time!

central ohio power wheels drag racing2

National Trail Raceway Champion

The Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing series came to National Trail for one bracket race and one heads up race. 20 eager young bracket racers staged up for tight competition.

When the wheels stopped turning, first time racer Kennedy Branscom was left holding the winning trophy. The six year old from South Salem, Ohio was cutting killer lights and running dead on to earn the championship.

Kennedy Branscom
Kennedy Branscom

In the heads up race at National Trail Raceway, Lanie Sesko won the 24 Volt Modified class and Hayden Brown won the 12 Volt Modified class.

Lanie Seszko and Hayden Brown

Pacemakers Dragway Champions

There were two heads up Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing events at Pacemakers Dragway. The first race had 82 drivers who came from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and South Carolina. The last event brought 60 racers from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and South Carolina to compete.

12 Volt Stock

These rides include the 12 volt battery and only the paint and decals can be changed. No power adders allowed for these young guns!

Seven year old Livonia, Michigan native, Savannah Stiegemeier, finished her rookie season as the 12 Volt Stock Champion. She earned the most round wins over the two Pacemakers Dragway events in her black Corvette.

Savannah Stiegemeier
Savannah Stiegemeier
Photo credit: Hazelton Media

12 Volt Modified

Racers in the 12 Volt Modified class can have their crew chief adjust the motors, gears, and gear boxes. Modifications such as rubber tires or strips for added traction are also allowed. These peppy rides require wheelie bars, a seat belt, and a helmet in order to compete.

Four year old Ava Crisp from Newark, Ohio borrowed a ride at the National Trail event and instantly fell in love with the sport. Now she’s the proud owner of three Power Wheels and drives her 1995 Lamborghini in the 12 Volt Modified class.

Ava jointed the Team Ohio Grudge Racing and Hot Shot’s Secret Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing team. She won the first race at Pacemakers Dragway and went into the deep rounds of race two in order to claim the 12 Volt Modified Championship.

ava crisp
Ava Crisp
Photo credit: Hook’s Performance Photography

24 Volt Modified

Our final champion comes from the 24 Volt Modified class and is also a member of the Team Ohio Grudge Racing/Hot Shot’s Secret Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing team. Adelle Robinson wheels a 1993 Lamborghini as well as a wheel standing Corvette and 1980s Barbie Jeep.

During the first race, Adelle lost in the semifinals to her teammate, Ava. In the second race, Adelle drove straight into the winner’s circle for her first win. Adelle claimed the 24 Volt Modified Championship at Pacemakers Dragway.

adelle robinson
Adelle Robinson
Adelle and Ava
Teammates and Champions, Adelle Robinson and Ava Crisp
Photo credit: Michelle Davis, Small Town Photography

Ava Crisp and Adelle Robinson are also part of Horsepower Honeys along with fellow Power Wheel racer, Torri Green. They are proud to represent the all female drag racing group.

horsepower honeys
The Horsepower Honeys
Photo credit: Hook’s Performance Photography

A Lot of Appreciation

Mel Robinson told us, “We would really like to thank everyone who brought the kids out to race with big turn outs and lots of fun.” He also made a point to thank each and every sponsor that supports the Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing.

  • Hot Shot’s Secret
  • Team Ohio Grudge Racing
  • Vic’s Body Shop
  • MLToys.com
  • K’sKustoms.com
  • East Coast Power Ups
  • Eat Sleep Race
  • Street Race Ohio
  • Rocket Track Glue
  • Rayna Morgan
  • E Merge Real Estate
  • Capitol City Raceway Slot Car Track
  • Lone Star Performance
torri green
Torri Green
Photo credit: Hook’s Performance Photography

2021 Season Plans

So far the Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing schedule includes August 7th and September 17th at National Trail Raceway and October 16th at Dragway 42. They will be adding events and information as they can, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for updates.

If you would like to have the Power Wheels racers participate at your track or event contact Mel Robinson. The Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing series and racers are also seeking sponsorship. If you or your company would like to get involved contact Mel or send a message to the Facebook page.

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You can contact her at Jessica@dragchamp.com or on her Facebook page.

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