Seven Drivers Seize Victory During Summit Super Pro $75K Challenge

Nick Hastings continues his domination along with six other drivers who claim wins during the Summit Super Pro $75K Challenge.

JULIAN, NC – Loose Rocker Promotions continues to change the game when it comes to big money bracket racing. This season they created two events that boasted $75K payouts along with incredible round money: the earlier Bigfoot $75K and last weekend’s Summit Super Pro $75K Challenge.

Just three days before the event, Michael Beard and Anthony Walton announced another shake up.

The original 12.5k-75k-12.5k format would expand to add another $12,500 payout on Sunday! Racers would have the opportunity to compete all four days or choose a three-day format that worked best with their personal schedules.

If you still haven’t participated in a Loose Rocker event…honestly, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into money you missed out on and see who made their way to the winner’s circle!

dragsters loose rocker summit super pro $75K challenge

ATI Performance Products Thursday $12.5K

Racing action kicked off on Thursday with $12,500 leaving with the winner and $3,000 for the runner up. Round seven had six drivers remaining: Skip Briggs, Derek Simpson, Corey Manuel, Jamal Woolridge, Ryan Barnes, and William Roberts.

Briggs lays down .011 total to edge out Woolridge while Simpson lets go .000 to take the win over Roberts. Barnes is .009 and runs one above his dial to advance over Manuel who breaks out 5 thou.

Simpson’s trip zip earned him the solo pass into the final round while Barnes and Briggs battle for the remaining spot. Briggs misses the tree while Barnes is .007 and two above the dial to take the win.

In the final. Barnes uses another starting line advantage to seal the deal and takes $12,500 back to Georgia. Simpson drops to be two above his dial, earning the runner up honors.

ryan barnes thursday 12,5k winner
Ryan Barnes

No photo available for Derek Simpson

Thursday $5K Shootout

As if there wasn’t enough cash up for grabs, the Loose Rocker gang put together an impromptu Shootout race Thursday night. 55 entries made the first round call where someone would leave with $5,000.

Fifth round had the four dragsters of Kevin Brannon, Cory Mong, Tarrell Sinkler, and Brent Martin stage up in the semifinals. Brannon is .011 and one above for the win over Sinkler who was .023 and one above. Mong is .010 and takes .007 at the finish line to advance over Martin’s .009 and dead-nine pass.

In the final, Brannon is dialed 4.40 and is being chased by Mong with his 4.27 dial in. Mong is .008 and runs dead on with a six to take the $5K win over Brannon who was .018 total for the runner up.

kevin brannon vs cory mong
Kevin Brannon vs Cory Mong

Summit Racing Equipment $75K Friday

264 entries rolled through the water box during Friday’s main event with $75,000 on the line. Seven rounds later only seven drivers still had a chance at the large payday. John Labbous, Nick Hastings, Wes Seigel, Shane Maddox, Ernie Humes, Tom Pistole, and Chris McGuire remained in the quarterfinal round.

Pistole earned the bye run into the semifinal while Hastings used a .005 reaction time advantage to eliminate Humes. McGuire runs dead on with a five to advance over Seigel. Labbous is .003 and takes .003 at the stripe for the win over Maddox who was .002 and two above. Although, thanks to Loose Rocker’s round-money structure, each “loser” earned at least $2,000 for their efforts – without even having to discuss a split.

Hastings is .011 and one above to package up Pistole and earn his place in another final round. Labbous turns it .001 red beside McGuire who was .007 and two thou under.

Nasty Nick Hastings stages up for his 13th Loose Rocker final round beside Chris McGuire in his first Loose Rocker final. Hastings continue to show his footbraking finesse with a .009 reaction time while McGuire’s dragster has a heartbreaking malfunction on the starting line. Hastings coasts across the finish line to win the Summit Super Pro $75K Challenge Friday main event.

nick hastings wins loose rocker super pro $75K challenge
Nasty Nick Hastings
chris mcguire
Chris McGuire

Friday $3K Gamblers Race

Three drivers remained for the $3,000 payday: John Evans, Shane Carr, and Bug McCarty. Carr earned the bye run into the final and lets go .000 on the free pass, just for good measure. Evans takes the starting line advantage with his .005 light and runs one above to eliminate McCarty who was .028 and dead on.

Carr is .009 on the tree, but mathematically ineligible as Evans lays down a .003 package to earn his first Loose Rocker event win.

john evans saturday 3k gamblers winner
John Evans
shane carr saturday gamblers runner up
Shane Carr

Abruzzi Racing Transmission & Converters Saturday $12.5K

There were 309 entries battling for Saturday’s winnings and by round seven there were only eight drivers still hopeful for the win.

Eric Thomas put together an .013 package to turn away Shaun Lingerfelt’s .025 bulb. Randall Blinsoll ran dead on his dial-in, but it wasn’t enough beside Kenny Underwood’s .005 light and one above run. Dean Miller had the reaction time advantage but breaks out while Corey Manuel runs dead on with a three for the win. Holden Dial takes .001 at the stripe but had to take trip zip for a chance as Justin “Skirt” Vickers put together an .035 package – matching Dial’s reaction time.

The first semifinal pairing saw Manuel overtake Underwood with a .006 margin of victory. Vickers tightens the stripe up to all zeroes and turns on the win light beside Thomas.

In the final, Manuel is .028 and runs dead on with a zero to come up three thou behind Vickers who was .013 and runs one above. Skirt Vickers earns his third Loose Rocker victory and remains undefeated in final round appearances.

justin skirt vickers sunday 12.5k winner
Skirt Vickers
corey manuel saturday runner up
Corey Manuel

Saturday $3K Gamblers Race

In fifth round of competition only five drivers remained in the running for the $3,000 prize. Wes Seigel wheeled his 69 Camaro into the semifinal courtesy of the bye run. Travis Varner used a 3 thou starting line advantage to take .008 at the finish line over Wesley Roberts. Caraline McCarty gets the win over Kenny Snyder to advance her wheel-standing Rambler wagon another round.

Travis Varner moves into his first Loose Rocker final round with the bye run at three cars. Siegel is .016 and runs dead-five but is two thousandths behind at the finish line beside McCarty’s .018 light and dead-one pass.

In the final, McCarty has the reaction time advantage but takes a little too much stripe to break out two thou. Travis Varner runs .014 above his dial in taking the win and $3,000 cash.

travis varner saturday gamblers winner
Travis Varner
caraline mccarty saturday gamblers runner up
Caraline McCarty

Sunday $12.5K Finale

After a weekend full of intense competition there was only one check left to claim, the last minute addition of Sunday’s $12,500 race. Seven drivers still had a chance: Clayton Roberts, Shannon Justice, Shaun Lingerfelt, Chad Six, Chris Cadle, Ken Batchelor, and John Labbous.

Roberts is .017 total to turn on the win light beside Six, while Lingerfelt lets go .003 red to advance Labbous. Batchelor puts together an .029 package to leave Justice mathematically ineligible. Cadle is .003 on his bye run and coasts into the next round.

In the semifinals, Batchelor lays down a .007 pack to take the win over Labbous who was .014 on the tree. Roberts is .015 and two above to lock out Cadle and earn his spot in the final.

Roberts lets go .008 but takes too much at the finish line to break out while Batchelor runs dead on his 4.65 dial in to earn the win. Ken Batchelor picks up his first Loose Rocker event win and $12,500 during the Summit Super Pro $75K Challenge.

ken batchelor sunday 12.5k winner
Ken Batchelor
clayton roberts sunday runner up
Clayton Roberts

Mark Your Calendars

You can catch the next Loose Rocker event July 27-31 at GALOT Motorsports Park for the weather-delayed Summit St. Patrick’s 300. This race gives Top ET drivers plenty of opportunities for incredible cash combined with the efficiency of Loose Rocker events. Clear your schedule and start planning your trip now because this will be an event you don’t want to miss out on!

More information can be found on the Loose Rocker Promotions website or Facebook page.

dog and trophy loose rocker super pro $75k challenge

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Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

You can contact her at Jessica@dragchamp.com or on her Facebook page.

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