Sugar Shane ShitShow Express- 2020 Edition

Welcome aboard the Sugar Shane ShitShow Express, buckle up because things may get a bit bumpy. Read below as Shane Carr takes us through their whirlwind of a year.

2020…..shew. What a year. Who would’ve ever guessed any of what has happened would ever have gone down. As far as racing during all of that craziness, well, let’s just say that was “interesting.”

We started out thinking that the first big event would be the Vegas Fling. Obviously, I’m partial to that track & event after how 2019 went down. We had our airline tickets booked, hotel, rental car, the whole deal. Hearing that the event had to be put on hold was a huge blow. As many know, traveling is a part of our lives & we were NOT fans of having to give that up & the unknown of when we’d get to race or travel again.

Sugar Shane

The WindMill Nationals

By mid April, we were ALL getting pretty anxious. Shane Thompson, who I’ve raced for from Vegas made the decision to attend The Windmill Nationals in Ardmore, Oklahoma. We booked tickets, headed to the airport that seemed like something out of the Twilight Zone & flew into Texas. We clearly weren’t the only ones feeling the need to race, that event had over 500 entries! I definitely was rusty because I didn’t drive stellar at all!

Kari & Dylan took the day & went to the zoo where the Tiger King was filmed & then to Elite Performance. There also may have been a hilarious fish story at the track involving Shane Thompson’s sister, brother in law, Greg Hicks & Dylan. But we will have to save that for another day!

Sugar Shane

Mother’s Day Weekend- Darlington Dragway

Mother’s Day weekend we snuck off to Darlington Dragway where I got to drive one of my favorite door cars, Richard Duke’s chevy 2! I almost got it done there but fell a little short.

In the midst of attempting to race during the strangest time ever, I was trying to get a handle on Dylan’s junior dragster. That became nothing short of a debacle, some which was self inflicted. A lot of cuss words were involved (as most saw on FB!)

Sugar Shane

June- Galot Fling

Fast forward to June & the rescheduled Galot Fling was FINALLY going off! We left the sunshine state to head to a hotter NC where I had the big bad blower car from Vegas & Richard’s Chevy 2 waiting to be wheeled. Despite laying down some good laps, I couldn’t manage to pull in the lanes right to save my life.

Sugar Shane

July- SFG $1.1 Million

July finally brought the first BIG money race, the SFG $1.1 million. I made the decision to only go for the main event. The marathon races from 2019 had left a bad taste in my mouth & if I was going to race for that kind of money, I needed to have a positive mental attitude & not be completely worn down from the previous races.

That trip started out as a total sh*t show! Lol. There was a horrible mother on the plane that was abusive to her infant, sitting in the row in front of us. Anyone who knows my wife, knows she doesn’t hold back & isn’t scared of anything, so that escalated quickly during our flight when she tried to stand up for the little girl.

After finally landing in Detroit, getting to the hotel around midnight, we ended up kicked out of our hotel because of the people above us that were nothing short of a herd of elephants. I believe we finally settled in another hotel about 3 am. So much for not being worn out to race for over a million dollars!

Somehow, that trip & race became almost the perfect storm. I was fortunate enough to drive the Kick Booty dragster & Duke’s car again. The Kick Booty dragster is one of the best I’ve ever driven with the Ulmer’s & Pruett’s being some of the best people on the planet.

With two entries still rolling 6th round, I felt really good! I liked having a door car & dragster on each side. Somehow I didn’t hit the tree low double 0 like I had been & went down in the door car that round. I kept rolling in the Kick Booty dragster & was killing the tree.

With 6 cars left, I ran into the world famous Hunny Wayne. Pretty sure I let go .023 & he was teen something. Obviously, still an incredible day/payday but damn I was sick. To be that close to that kind of coin & fall short….

July & August

The rest of July and August consisted of a few local races for Dylan, traveling to watch one of my closest buddies, Danny Northrop get married and Kari and I both working a ton.

As the schedules started coming out, we quickly realized that all the races that didn’t get to go off in the previous months were going to run together. It was going to be 6 week or so of some serious money on the line. By this point, we’d already made the decision to homeschool Dylan for good so we made the decision to line up a motorhome to use & ALL of us hit the road. We went to Galot in North Carolina, stopped in Pigeon Forge before heading to Bristol for the Fall Fling (million,) to Memphis, Vegas, Montgomery & back home…for a few days.

I’m not sure there is enough time to go over the highs & lows of that 6 weeks! From motorhome issues, missing flights, fb debacles, weather issues, race car issues, the Has Been vs Young Guns race. There was so much. I drove really well overall but never managed to end up in the winner’s circle. I was beyond frustrated by the end of that whole trip & was actually glad to be back in Florida. Especially with our state being “open.”

We ran a few more races & bought our own motorhome before calling it a year. I also somehow managed to get a handle on Dylan’s junior dragster! He is now kicking some ass & I’m actually having fun & might cut down on the cuss word count.

Colton has gotten to join in on the racing fun so that’s been a cool deal to have the whole family involved. We got a fun little project that I’ll elaborate more on later & we’ve gotten to spend some time with Kari’s dad (Pops) racing locally. At this point, who knows what this year will have in store but I’m hoping it’s a “comeback” tour & maybe I’ll move up from #26! I know we don’t plan on slowing down.

The “Old Guys” and 2021 Plans

I’ve had a hard time with some of these tracks & promoters trying to reinvent the wheel of sorts. Bug McCarty & I have had some good talks. Guess we are the “old guys” in the sport now. So I’ll definitely be choosy with where I’m racing.

I plan on our first big outing to be the SFG kickoff in Bradenton. Kind of cool having some big money just a few miles from the house. Hoping that Vegas happens for sure in March! I’m excited to watch Dylan race more, he already has a runner up under his belt this year. Immokalee is a cool track & we plan on running there some more for sure!

Giving Thanks

I HAVE to make sure to thank the people that give me the opportunities to drive their cars. Shane Thompson has been a class act from day 1, Bennie & Teresa Ulmer are not only awesome but hilarious & we’ve become very close with them. Kevin & Tonya Pruett & their boys are SO much fun. Richard Dukes is probably one of my favorite people. He’s as genuine as they come. I have a blast driving for him. I also got the chance in Orlando a couple weeks back to drive for Howard Westbury. His nova is a fun wheelie machine & he is a damn trip.

Guess that wraps it up from the Sugar Shane ShitShow Express for now! Stay tuned……

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