Tracey, Taylor, and Ferrell win big at Mississippi Madness

Team Flatbill Promotions overtook Holly Springs over the weekend for their Mississippi Madness event.

HOLLY SPRINGS, MS – Chad Axford and Team Flatbill Promotions brought their Mississippi Madness event to Holly Springs over the weekend, giving racers a chance to win some big money.

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Super Pro racers had three chances at $7,500 to win Friday-Sunday, and no box racers had three chances at $3,000 to win. There was juniors on Saturday and Sunday also.

Read the race recap below to see the winners!


Tj Tracey

TJ Tracey defeated Allen Wickell in the Friday $7500 main event.

Kyle Rumley

Kyle Rumley defeated Timmy Elliott in the no box final.


Rick Taylor

Rick Taylor defeated Mark Shiers in the Saturday $7500 event.

Timmy Elliott

Timmy Elliott defeated Zach Craig in the no-box final round.

For the gamblers race, Rusty Ashmore defeated Cody Graham.

Leah Smith

Leah Smith defeated Claire Russell in the junior final.


Buddy Ferrell

Buddy Ferrell defeated Rusty Ashmore in the final round to claim the final big check of the weekend.

Tim Pace

Tim Pace ran himself in the no box final to capture the win and runner-up.

Leah Smith defeated Claire Russell in the junior final, for the second day in a row.

Megan Strassweg

Megan Strassweg is a 23 year old Super Comp racer from Louisville, Kentucky. She races a 2015 American Dragster sponsored by Coolshirt Systems. Growing up at the racetrack, drag racing is all she has known and never plans to give up on it. Megan works with TB Promotions in promoting their races and keeping entries straight, as well as keeping their social media pages updated.

You can reach Megan on Facebook or email at megan@dragchamp.com

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