Winners Emerge at Galot $5K Summit ET Weekend

Johnston, Roberts, Silance, Alford, Lawler, and Harrell claim wins at Galot Motorsports Park’s Summit ET weekend.

BENSON, NC- Galot Motorsports Park‘s Race #3 and #4 Summit ET weekend took place June 12-13, 2021. Racers battled it out over two-days of racing and eventually winners were crowned in each class: $5K Super Pro, Footbrake, and Junior Dragster. After fighting a bit of rain Saturday morning, the event ran smooth the rest of the weekend.

Results write-up provided by Galot Motorsports Park.

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Saturday Race #3 Results

Saturday $5K Top ET

The first semi-final brought Noah Johnson to the water box next to T.G. Paschal. Noah dialed his pickup in at 6.70, and T.G. dialed 4.50 in his dragster. Johnson took a .011 second reaction time advantage and ran 6.715, while Paschal ran 4.516. Noah had the smaller package and the ticket to the final round against Harold Walton, who received the bye run into the final round.

In the final pass of the night, Johnson dialed 6.71 and Harold Walton dialed 6.35. Walton found himself .039 behind at the hit. Johnson ran 6.744 and Harold made the trip in 6.371 seconds. Noah Johnson had the better package, and takes the win in Top Et on Saturday.

Noah Johnson, Saturday Super Pro Winner

Saturday Footbrake

In Footbrake semi-final action, Will Roberts lined up next to Mark Bridgers. Roberts dialed 5.86 and Bridgers dialed 6.31. Bridgers jumped on the accelerator a little bit too early, and turns the red light on by .015 seconds, sending Will Roberts to the final round. In the second semi-final, Travis Morton put 6.85 on his dial-in board against Dan Fletcher’s 7.17. Morton takes a .013 reaction time advantage and runs 6.864, while Fletcher runs 7.176. Travis Morton had the smaller overall package, and heads to the final.

In the final round, Travis Morton keeps his 6.85 dial, and Will Roberts changes his to 5.87. Roberts takes the tree .039 seconds faster than Morton, and runs 5.912. Morton breaks out by running .012 seconds under his dial. Will Roberts takes the Saturday Footbrake Win.

William Roberts, Saturday Footbrake Winner

Saturday Junior Dragster

In the first Junior Dragster semi-final, Brooks McMath squares off against Justin Kirby. Brooks dialed 7.90 and Justin dialed 8.00. Just .013 separated them at the hit, in favor of McMath. At the top end, both drivers broke out, but Brooks was closer to his dial, and takes the semi-final round win. Jayden Lawler received the bye run in the semi-final, sending him to the final against Brooks.

In the final, both Jayden Lawler and Brooks McMath dialed 8.10. Only .004 separated them at the starting line, so it was all about driving the stripe. Again, both drivers were under their dial in, but Jayden was closer to his. The last one standing and the Junior Dragster winner on Saturday was Jayden Lawler.

Jayden Lawler, Saturday Junior Dragster Winner

Sunday Race #4 Results

Sunday $5K Super Pro

In Top ET, Chaz Silance came to the water box against Cody Strickland in the first semi-final. Silance dialed 4.58 and Strickland a 4.44. Chaz took a .026 second advantage at the hit, and ran dead on with a 7, while Cody ran 4.460, sending Chaz Silance into the final round. In the other semi-final, Tanner Gray dialed 5.22 against Holden Dial and his 5.92 dial. This was another one that was over before it got started when Holden turned on the red light by .009 seconds.

Saturday was an all door car final, and Sunday was an all dragster final. Both drivers kept their dials the same as they had them in the semis, Tanner Gray with a 5.22 and Chaz Silance with a 4.58. Silance took the tree with a reaction time of .015 and ran 4.593, and Gray had a .007 light and ran dead on with a 5, giving him the better package and sending him to Winner’s Circle for Top ET on Sunday.

Chaz Silance, Sunday Super Pro Winner

Sunday Footbrake

In Footbrake action, Lauren Edwards and Corey Hawks lined up together for the first semi-final. Lauren dialed 6.36 to Corey’s 6.22. This one was over at the start, as the red light lit up on Corey’s side of the tree when he left .010 seconds early. The second semi-final featured Richard Alford, Jr and Chris Privette. Alford dialed up 6.24 and Privette dialed 6.41. Richard had a reaction time of .015 and caught Chris slipping a little when Chris left at .058. Alford ran 6.280 while Privette ran 6.424. Richard Alford, Jr heads to the final round thanks to the smaller package.

So the final round brought us Richard Alford in his ’71 Chevelle and Lauren Edwards in her ’65 Chevy II. Richard dialed 6.24 and Lauren dialed 6.37. Alford caught Edwards napping at the tree and took a .058 second advantage, and ran 6.295, while Lauren ran 6.424. The Sunday Footbrake winner was Richard Alford Jr.

Richard Alford Jr, Sunday Footbrake Winner

Sunday Junior Dragster

In the semi-finals of Junior Dragster, Ashton Sheppard faced off with Bryson McArthur. Sheppard dialed 8.98 and McArthur dials 9.34. Ashton took the lead at the tree and ran 9.019 against Bryson’s 9.404. Ashton has the overall smaller package, and heads to the final round. In the second semi-final, Hayle Harrell lined up next to Bryce Pittman (in a car he borrowed from Thomas Davis). Hayle dialed 7.90 and Bryce dialed 7.92. Only .008 separated them at the hit. Hayle ran 7.946, while Bryce ran 7.964. Smaller package and round win goes to Hayle Harrell.

In the final round, Ashton Sheppard dialed 8.99 and Hayle Harrell dialed 7.90. Hayle took a .043 advantage at the starting line and ran 7.931. Ashton broke out trying to make up for lost time, running 8.955. Hayle Harrell was the Sunday Junior Dragster winner.

Hayle Harrell, Sunday Junior Dragster Winner

Congratulations to all winners and runner-ups from the $5K Summit ET weekend at Galot Motorsports Park. The next Summer ET weekend will be August 14-15, 2021.

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