Junior Dragster Racers Battle it Out at NHRA D4 Jr Finals

Camden Teel, Cayden Keyes, Bode Bennett, Jenna Dempsey claim Division Championships at the NHRA Summit Division 4 Jr ET Finals.

ARDMORE, OK- The NHRA Division 4 Jr Finals and Fun Races took place September 10-11, 2021 at Ardmore Dragway. The event featured four separate championship age group classes, multiple Fun Races, and Gamblers Races for the Junior Dragster competitors. Also run on Saturday was the Race of Champions where the top points earner from each track battle it out.

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6-9 Age Group

In the 6-9 age group, claiming his third championship title of the 2021 season, Camden Teel took his car to the winners circle def. Dawson Rogers in the finals.

The semi-finalists were, Lucas Lopez & Liam Lopez

Camden Teel, 6-9 Age Group Champion
Dawson Rogers, 6-9 Age Group Runner-up

10-12 Age Group

In the 10-12 age group, Cayden Keyes claimed his division championship def Parker Richey in the finals.

The semi-finalist was Reid Clocker.

Cayden Keyes, 10-12 Age Group Champion
Parker Richey, 10-12 Age Group Runner-up

13-14 Age Group

In the 13-14 age group, Bode Bennett with a double up championship win claims the age group title def. Emmaly Miller in the finals

Calvin Minnick & Rylee Clocker were the semi-finalists.

NHRA D4 Jr Finals
Bode Bennett, 13-14 Age Group Winner
NHRA D4 Jr Finals
Emily Miller, 13-14 Age Group Runner-up

15 & Up Age Group

In the 15 up age group, Jenna Dempsey claims her final JDRL division championship win, def. Justine Atkins in the finals.

Trent Augustine was the lone semi-finalist.

NHRA D4 Jr Finals
Jenna Dempsey, 15 & Up Age Group Winner
NHRA D4 Jr Finals
Justine Atkins, 15 & Up Age Group Runner-up

Race of Champions

Race of Champions a battle between the top points earner from their respective track, and Bode Bennett claims a second division championship title, def Jonathan McClain in the finals.

NHRA D4 Jr Finals
Bode Bennett, Race of Champions Winner
NHRA D4 Jr Finals
Jonathan McClain, Race of Champions Runner-up

Final Team Standings:

  1. Tulsa Raceway Park #2 – 19 points
  2. Houston Raceway Park #1 – 15 points
  3. Ardmore #3 – 11 points
  4. Big Country #1 – 9 points
  5. Ardmore #2 – 8 points
  6. Tulsa Raceway Park #1 – 5 points
  7. Ardmore #1 – 2 points
  8. Ardmore #4 -2 points
  9. Thunder Valley -1 point
  10. Houston Raceway Park #2- 1 point

Fun Run Classes Results

Friday 6-9 Year Olds

Lucas Lopez picked up the 6-9 year old win on Friday. The runner-up was Jase Sterling.

Lucas Lopez, Friday 6-9 Year Old Winner
Jase Sterling, Friday 6-9 Year Old Runner-up

Friday 10+ Year Olds

In the Friday 10+ year old class, Alexis Kesterson claimed the win over Colby Wattenbarger.

Alexis Kesterson, Friday 10+ Runner-up
Colby Wattenbarger, Friday 10+ Runner-up

Friday Consolation

Kenzie Wells was the Friday Consolation winner over Shelby Pulis.

Kenzie Wells, Friday Consolation Winner
Shelby Pulis, Friday Consolation Runner-up

Fun Race 10-12 Year Olds

In Saturday’s 10-12 year old Fun Race, Saylar Garrett picked up the win over Parker Richey.

NHRA D4 Jr Finals
Saylar Garrett, 10-12 Year Old Fun Race Winner
NHRA D4 Jr Finals
Parker Richey, 10-12 Year Old Fun Race Runner-up

Fun Race 13 & Up

Camron Nelson was victorious in Saturday’s 13 & Up Fun Race. The runner-up was Jenna Dempsey.

NHRA D4 Jr Finals
Camron Nelson, Saturday 13 & Up Winner
Jenna Dempsey, Saturday 13 & Up Runner-up

Big Money Gamblers Race

Colt Saum was the Big Money Gamblers Race winner. Kade Guidry was the runner-up.

Colt Saum(left), Big Money Gamblers Race Winner
Kade Guidry(right), Big Money Gamblers Race Runner-up

6-9 Gamblers Race

In the 6-9 Gamblers Race, Revin Mosley picked up the win over Jovee Brundidge.

Revin Mosley, 6-9 Gamblers Race Winner
Jovee Brundidge, 6-9 Gamblers Race Runner-up

Saturday Consolation

Parker Richey was the Saturday Consolation winner over Cayden Keyes.

Parker Richey, Saturday Consolation Winner
NHRA D4 Jr Finals
Cayden Keyes, Saturday Consolation Runner-up

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the Division 4 NHRA Jr Finals at Ardmore Dragway.

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