The DragChamp Show with Edmond Richardson

The King, Edmond Richardson is our guest this week on very special one year anniversary edition of the DragChamp Show podcast!

For our one year anniversary episode, we bring you one of the greatest sportsman racers to every compete, Edmond Richardson.  Also known as the King, Edmond is listed in the NHRA’s Top 50 Drivers of all time.  He’s a 46 time NHRA national event champion, a 5 time World Champion, and has doubled at a national event on 5 different occasions.

“I hate buybacks, that’s my theory on that.” – Edmond Richardson

In this episode, Edmond discusses his desire to reach 50 national event wins, his return to Super Gas racing and why he chose a ’68 Camaro roadster as his SG weapon.  We get into the differences between big dollar bracket racing and NHRA Lucas Oil racing.  He gives pointers on correctly selecting your parking spot at races, how he hates buybacks, tells a story about how to measure a trailer’s length, and his brother winning the Million.

“Financially it doesn’t make sense anymore.” – Edmond discussing how the economics of competing full time on the NHRA tour have changed

We discussed the greatest stars in the sport including Peter Biondo, Dan Fletcher, David Rampy, and Justin Lamb among others.  There was also a debate as to whether or not someone could eclipse Fletcher’s NHRA win total.

It was a fun conversation and was interesting hearing him talk about how things have changed in the almost 50 years he’s been competing.  

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