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Capital City FTI Bracket Series + Verge Quick Outlaw Race 1 Results

Winners were crowned at the first race of the 2022 Capital City FTI Bracket Series and the Verge Motorsports Quick Outlaw Series Race 1.

Photos by Hobbie Lee Pro Photography

MONTGOMERY, AL- Over 350 cars flocked to Capital City Motorsports Park this past weekend, March 26-17, 2022 for the first FTI Bracket Series + Verge Quick Outlaw Series race of the year. The event featured two days of $7,500-to-win Super Pro, $1,500-to-win Footbrake, and Junior Dragsters. The Verge Motorsports Quick Outlaw Series included a 4.70 door car class, 4.50 dragster class, and a Quick Outlaws $1,000 Junior Dragster class.

The next scheduled bracket race for CCMP will be April 30- May 1, 2022.

See full results below!

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Friday FREE Footbrake Race

Toby Barnes was victorious in Friday’s FREE Footbrake race. The runner-up was Craig Ruff.

Friday Shootout

In the Friday shootout, Gary Dunn captured the win over Jeremy Hancock. Dunn got free entry to the Million, and Hancock got free entry into the Capital City Classic.

Saturday Results

$7,500-to-win Super Pro

The Saturday $7,500-to-win Super Pro class winner was Nick Ross. The runner-up was Slate Cummings.

Nick Ross, Saturday Super Pro Winner

$1,500-to-win Footbrake

Ricky Pennington picked up the Saturday $1,500-to-win Footbrake win over Woody Adcock.

Ricky Pennington
Ricky Pennington, Saturday Footbrake Winner

6-9 Year Old Juniors

Racin Jason Jones took the win in Saturday’s 6-9 Junior class over Jake Price. This was Jake’s very first race.

Jason Jones
Racin’ Jason Jones, Saturday 6-9 Winner

10-12 Year Old Juniors

Josiah Varner got the Saturday 10-12 Junior Dragster win over Brody Cummings.

Josiah Varner
Josiah Varner, Saturday 10-12 Winner

13 & Up Juniors

In Saturday’s 13 & Up class, Velicity Morris took the win over Brylie Sexton.

Velicity Morris
Velicity Morris, Saturday 13 & Up Winner

Verge Quick Outlaw Series Results

$10,000- to-win 4.70 Quick Outlaws Door Cars

Evan Hall picked up the 4.70 Quick Outlaws Door Car win over Jason Hutchenson.

Evan Hall
Evan Hall, 4.70 Quick Outlaws Winner
Jason Hutchenson
Jason Hutchenson, 4.70 Quick Outlaws Runner-up

$10,000-to-win 4.50 Quick Outlaws Dragster

Chris Vanover won the 4.50 Quick Outlaws Dragster class over Sherman Adcock Jr.

Chris Vanover
Chris Vanover, 4.50 Quick Outlaws Winner
Sherman Adcock Jr
Sherman Adcock Jr, 4.50 Quick Outlaws Runner-up

$1,000-to-win Quick Outlaw Jr. Dragster

Velicity Morris captures the $1,000 Quick Outlaw Jr. Dragster win over Sebastian Hickey. The entry was based off Saturday’s FTI Bracket Race results: finalists from 6-9, 10-12, and final four from 13 & Up.

Velicity Morris FTI Bracket Series
Velicity Morris, Quick Outlaw Jr. Dragster Winner

Sunday Results

$7,500-to-win Super Pro

The $7,500-to-win Sunday Super Pro winner was Sherman Adcock, Jr. who picked up the win over Allen Wickell.

Sherman Adcock Jr FTI Bracket Series
Sherman Adcock Jr, Sunday Super Pro Winner
Allen Wickell FTI Bracket Series
Allen Wickell, Sunday Super Pro Runner-up

$1,500-to-win Footbrake

Lee Staggs drives to victory in the Sunday $1,500-to-win Footbrake class over Ricky Pennington.

Lee Staggs FTI Bracket Series
Lee Staggs, Sunday Footbrake Winner

6-9 Year Old Juniors

Zak Case got the Sunday 6-9 Junior Dragster win over Hunter Brown.

Zak Case FTI Bracket Series
Zak Case, Sunday 6-9 Winner
Hunter Brown FTI Bracket Series
Hunter Brown, Sunday 6-9 Runner-up

10-12 Year Old Juniors

Josiah Varner captured the Sunday 10-12 Junior Dragster win by defeating Reese Noah and clean sweeps the 10-12 year old Junior Dragster weekend category.

Josiah Varner FTI Bracket Series
Josiah Varner, Sunday 10-12 Winner
Reese Noah FTI Bracket Series
Reese Noah, Sunday 10-12 Runner-up

13 & Up Juniors

In Sunday’s 13 & Up Junior Dragster class, Carson Emmett picked up the win over Curtis Peek. Emmett also collected a $100 bounty by taking out Velicity Morris.

Carson Emmett FTI Bracket Series
Carson Emmett, Sunday 13 & Up Winner
Curtis Peek FTI Bracket Series
Curtis Peek, Sunday 13 & Up Runner-up

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the first Capital City Motorsports Park FTI Bracket Series race and the Verge Motorsports Quick Outlaw Series Race 1.

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