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Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing Keeps Growing

Tommy Robinson and Adelle Robinson each earn championships during the 2022 Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing season.

Write-up/ Photos provided by Central Ohio Power Wheels

MOUNT VERNON, OH- The Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing series gives racers ages 3-9 years old an electrified introduction into the sport of drag racing. Kids drive their Power Wheels to the 60 foot mark in either bracket racing or heads up classes and compete for the opportunity at a class championship.

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This year, the Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing started their season in Terre Haute, Indiana at the Power Wheels Nationals. Tommy Robinson took the win in the Outlaw class as his teammate, Adelle Robinson took the runner-up spot and she took runner-up in the Stock class. Team Hot Shot’s Secret Team Ohio Grudge Racing started off the season on fire with Adelle Robinson taking home wins and runner-up spots in the next three races in every class at each of the three events. I guess you could say that little girl was on fire. 

Tommy had issues with burning up motors in the 24 volt modified class, Adelle had issues with burning up motors and breaking gears. The last race of the season they both had their cars figured out. Tommy’s best ET was a 2.69 and Adelle went a 2.89. 

Central Ohio Power Wheels raced at Terre Haute Indiana, National Trails Raceway, and Pacemakers Outlaw Motorsports Park which they call their home track.

The Team Hot Shot’s Secret Team Ohio Grudge Racing Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing team consisted of four team members: Tommy Robinson, Gideon Wells , Adelle Robinson, and new member, Zoey Hicks. Gideon & Zoey had their first wins and runner-ups this year and they are both great racers.

24 Volt Modified

The 24 volt Modified class had three kids beating each other up all year: Tommy Robinson, Adelle Robinson and Evie Bauer. Evie has the fastest 24 volt Porsche in the country as Tommy Robinson has the fastest 24 volt car in the country. 

24 Volt Modified Final Points Standings

  1. Tommy Robinson
  2. Adelle Robinson 
  3. Evie Bauer  
  4. Gideon Wells
  5. Paityn Elliott

12 Volt Modified

The 12 volt Modified class was the most competitive class this year, with most races being won by inches. Adelle started it off with a win and runner-up then Tommy had his first win in the 12 volt modified class of the year and he had a few wins after that. The Caffey brothers, Levi and Luke had some final round appearances as well. In the last race of the season, Evie Bauer’s little sister, Kathryn Bauer ran her 12 volt modified mustang to her first win. Kathryn is going to be a tough competitor for 2023.

12 Volt Modified Final Points Standings

  1. Tommy Robinson Newark
  2. Adelle Robinson
  3. Luke Caffey Newark 
  4. Levi Caffey Newark 
  5. Gideon Wells

12 Volt Stock

In 12 volt Stock, we had Adelle Robinson continue her roll from last year. She lost one race this year in the stock class. Her car was not always the fastest car in the class but she was chopping the tree down at most of the races in all the classes. Mason Knox and Zoey Hicks battled it out for 2nd and 3rd both having some final round appearances. 

12 Volt Stock Final Points Standings

  1. Adelle Robinson 
  2. Mason Knox
  3. Zoey Hicks 
  4. Erin Cook 
  5. Max Storm

Power Wheels Racing is growing as they had races in Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Texas this past season. Now, the kids in Michigan run the same rules as Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing. They race with each other when they can. The kids in Michigan have their home track of Lapeer International Dragway and they raced at Milan and US 131 as well this year.

Giving Thanks

Mel Robinson who started Central Ohio Power Wheels Racing said, “it’s overwhelming sometimes with the turnouts we have. I never thought it would ever get as big as it has. We couldn’t do what we do with out awesome sponsors and people. Kyle Fischer, Jeff and Erica Green Pacemakers Outlaw Motorsports Park, the Late David Baker who passed away this year. And everyone who has helped up get where we are today. Thank you.”


  • Hot Shot’s Secret
  • Ohio Grudge Racing
  • CIA Performance
  • Vic’s Body shop
  • Rocket Track Glue
  • DragChamp
  • Hot Shot’s Secret
  • LoneStar Ev Performance Batteries
  • K’s Kustoms
  • Andy Mark Motors
  • Eat Sleep Race / Fast Kids Club.

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