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O’Moore Wins $50K at K&N Southwest Showdown

Tim O’Moore cashes in for $50,000 at the West Coast Bracket Races’ K$N Southwest Showdown at Tucson Dragway! See full event results below.

Tucson, AZ- The West Coast Bracket Races’ K&N Southwest Showdown was contested March 10-13, 2022 at Tucson Dragway. The event featured a $50K Kidd Performance WCBR Shootout, $10K Racer Appreciation Race, two $10K Super Pro races, a $15K Super Pro Race, and three $5K Pro races. In addition, Junior Dragsters were invited in on the fun with the Junior Invitational presented by Lucas Oil Products. The invitational consisted of three separate age groups and were 16-car fields.

Recaps/ photos provided by West Coast Bracket Races.

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Thursday Results

Racer Appreciation Race $10K + Free Entry into $50K Shootout

Peter Biondo stormed through the field of 237 starting Thursday afternoon and finished it off last night collecting the $10,000 Silver State Refrigeration FREE ENTRY event to kick off the K&N Southwest Showdown.

Biondo squared up with Jr Leerkamp in the dragster side of the semi finals while Pro Racer Eric Daniels locked down his spot in the final taking down Ken Sweo in his Super Pro Door Car.

With lane choice in the final being decided by closest to the dial after both both Daniels and Biondo being .004 in semis, Biondo lit the boards up dead on 4.53 in the Perivolaris dragster.

Biondo also won an entry into the Kidd Performance $50,000 Bonus Race Saturday Night.

Friday Results

Lucas Oil Friday started with 297 entries making a time run and ended with Scott Taylor and Ryan Herem closing out the night in Winners Circle with the $5,000 and $10,000 Big Checks respectively.

$10K Super Pro

With a Super Pro field of over 215 entries deep to start the day, Ryan Herem kept the electricity lit in his lane while having some of the best our sport has to offer in the other lane head back to the trailer. At 3 cars Herem lit the scoreboards against Luke Bogaki, while Daniel McClelland had the solo. McClelland, from Rancho Cucamonga CA, a former WCBR $20,000 Shootout Winner and also wheeling the team tuna tank wagon, had the roadster on a string of 5.31’s. In the Final, McClelland had the advantage but left the door open for Herem to sneak in going dead on his 4.63 dial.

$5K Pro

Scott Taylor, from Montana, marched his way with two entries into the ladder round where he found himself having to race himself at 15 cars as the ladder fell. In the final he outlasted Tucson local, Tim O’Moore who is no stranger too late rounds, let alone in Tucson.

Saturday Results

With 314 entries staging first round of Hughes Performance Saturday, the stage left nothing on the table with two great racers, with two great careers, and with two great stories claiming the $15,000 and $5,000 Paydays.

$15K Super Pro

Tom Bayer, a previous WCBR Main Event and Shootout Winner in Fontana, locked up his first Showdown Trophy with an all time performance Saturday Evening. After his car he started the day with broke on track during the 1/4 Finals, Tom was allowed to get into another car that had not seen competition. That car being one strapped in his own trailer and set up for one of his student drivers in super comp trim. Tom made it up for his semi final matchup with the help of quite a few racers, including his semi opponent Duston Wurtz, a WCBR winner in 2019. Bayer laid down 5 total to stun Wurtz and earn his shot at the final round where Marko Perivolaris, Showdown Winner in 2019, was waiting after a semi final single. Bayer jumped to an advantage early being .000 at the tree and held on in the car that only made two runs to that point and claimed the Hughes Performance $15,000 Check and Trophy.

$5K Pro

CW Hoeffer out of Calimesa, CA, and one of the most talented and respected Bottom Bulb Racers this side of the country took his Silver Platter “Sportsman” Car through the Hughes Performance Saturday Field and parked it in Winners Circle. In the Final, Hoeffer took a .007 head start over Victor Sandoval and got .02 above to protect him from Sandoval’s breakout. Hoeffer took the Hughes Performance $5,000 Check and Showdown Trophy.

Junior Invitational

Group 1

Garrett Agnew over Ariana Vizuet

#1 Qualifier – Cash Pennington

Group 2

Parker Schroeder over Parker Williams

#1 Qualifier – Parker Williams

Group 3

Ty Gaynor over Dylan Hegwood

#1 Qualifier- Beaudy Peralta

WCBR $50K Shootout

Tim O’Moore wheeled his fairly new to him dragster to yet another Big Dollar Win in the last 5 months, and the biggest of his career when he turned the Win Light on in the Final of the Kidd Performance $50,000 Shootout.

O’Moore started the delayed event Sunday morning in the 4th round against Micheal Pennington and grabbed an early advantage to hold on against the Texas Hitter who doesnt miss a Big Dollar Bracket Race anywhere in the country.

In the following round, Kris Whitfield-2019 Kidd Performance Shootout Winner, gave O’Moore just enough room to sneak in by .004 and also earned him the next round single in the dragster field.

In the Dragster Final, O’Moore found Peter Biondo who had already won the $10,000 Silver State Refrigeration Racer Appreciation Race Thursday Night, gave up only .001 on the tree but laid down a dead on lap 4.958 (4.95)with Peter being above and .007 behind.

And if that wasnt enough…….Luke Bogaki in his World Championship Corvette Roadster was waiting in the Money round. Bogaki, who had been pushing the field into late rounds all weekend, took out last Pro standing racer Eric Daniels in the door car side before earning his bye at 3 total left.

In the final, O’Moore with a 4.96 dial was .019 Green and dead on 9 while Bogaki with an advantage at the start being .007 on the tree, slipped .004 behind at the stripe to be 2 above.O’Moore collected the BIGGEST Check at the K&N Southwest Showdown and the Theobald Motorsports Showdown Trophy!!

Sunday Results

After a long weekend, and a delayed start to Moser Engineering Sunday, Dustin Hentges of Washington and Local Tucson Hitter Chuck Hawk outlasted the field and cashed in for the Moser Engineering Championship.

$10K Super Pro

Hentges, who has been a finalist here at the Showdown, went into the semi finals with a match up against one of Colorado’s finest in Kris Whitfield, and this race did not disappoint. Whitfield took the early advantage with a .004 Rt to Hentges .007 but rolled through .004 under the dial with Dustin lighting it up dead on 2.

Kody Robinson out of Cottonwood, AZ, and sole remaining doorcar, threw .035 total and .006 at the stripe in opposite semi to lockout Troub Keys .041 effort.

In the final, it was all Hentges who all but slammed the door early with .004 Rt and lifted to a .025 above after Robinson missed the tree.

$5K Pro

In The Pro Semis, Chuck Hawk lit the board up Dead On 1 with a opposing lane red light by Monty Beagle in his Ford Coupe. Moving him into the money round with Justin Lamb, multi WCBR event winner, after Justin took a .011 advantage over John Schurr and set it down dead one on the big end.

In the final, Hawk grabbed him a big starting line advantage and never let go being 2 above while Lamb tried to chase him down and went .011 under.

Hawk joins his son Matt as Moser Engineering Main Event Winners at the K&N Southwest Showdown.

Junior Invitational- $1,000-to-win

Group 1

Ryker Rojel over Westyn Forsyth

#1 Qualifier Westyn Forsyth

Group 2

Allison Bolle over Parker Williams

#1 Qualifier Parker Williams

Group 3

Travis Hodges over Jacob Collins

#1 Qualifier Devin Everson

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the K&N Southwest Showdown at Tucson Dragway.

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