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Racers Win Big at 4th Annual King of the Creek

Eight drivers cashed in at the 4th Annual No Limit Promotions King of the Creek June 2-5, 2022 at Maryland International Raceway.

Write-up provided by TJ Jordan/ No Limit Promotions

Photos by Chris Simmons Photography

MECHANICSVILLE, MD- Over the weekend in Budd’s Creek Maryland, the No Limit team brought their brand of big money bracket racing to Maryland International Raceway where hundreds of racers piled into the staging lanes, and raced their way for an opportunity to be crowned King of the Creek.

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Thursday $10K Warm-up

We began on Thursday with a 10K to win, all run Warm Up Race.  While the day started off sunny and promising, at the conclusion of the re-entry round a monsoon ended the day’s competition, and the plan was put in place to finish the Thursday 10K on Friday before going into Friday’s Paul Campanella’s Auto Tire Center Top ET 25K main event, which also included 2K to win Ultra Trailer Sales Modified.  

Friday early afternoon, we had our final four for our 10K Warm Up Race. First pair was Cory Guliti in his American Chassis Dragster vs John Madison in his 74 Chevy Nova. John Madison lets go to .014 on the tree and has the advantage up front, however he takes .024 stripe to break it out by .012. Madison needed to cut it down to .012 stripe to drop it dead 0 to punch his ticket to the final, but Gulitti skates on by with a .024 dead 2, 26 total.  The other half of our semi final belongs to Bailey Ferraro and Danny Mattera. 

Another dragster vs. doorcar matchup, with Bailey in his American Chassis dragster and Mattera in his Chevy Vega. This one looks like it is over from the start, Mattera is .002 on the tree to Ferraro’s .048, but the same thing happens in the first pair, and the doorcar takes too much stripe to break it out by .015.  Mattera had to take .040 or less to punch his ticket to the final.

Our first final round of the weekend belonged to Cory Gulitti and Bailey Ferraro, and with them being close friends who travel together frequently, they elected to do a split and quit situation, and share the crown for our Thursday 10K Warm Up.

Cory Gulitti and Bailey Ferraro
Cory Gulitti and Bailey Ferraro, Thursday $10K Split & Quit

Friday Results

As we rolled into our Friday program, 25K was on the line for our Paul Campanella’s Top ET competitors, and 2K for our Ultra Trailer Sales Modified. 

Top ET

Down to three cars in Top ET, a familiar face shows up.  Cory Gulitti and John Dustin are set to do battle.  Cory in his dragster once again is looking over at Dustin in his dragster.  Dustin dials in 5.11 to Cory’s 4.45, Cory previously had a 4.46 on the car and elected to go down one this round.  This time, Cory is better on the tree.  Guilitti is .007 to Dustin’s .017 and rips the throttle behind to stay behind .003 at the stripe, giving the win to Dustin. John Dustin cruises to dead on 2, for the 19 pack, over Cory’s .007 and .015 above, .022 pack.  The bye run belonged to Vaughn Dunn in his beautiful soft top Camaro. The 19 year old fresh out of the Jr ranks, was in the final for the biggest payday of his career thus far. 

Over in Top ET, John Dustin and Vaughn Dunn have themselves a solid race as well. Dustin is .014 to Dunn’s .022 and John Dustin carries his advantage to the winner circle as well.  He runs 5.118 on the 5.11 dial in, giving him 22 total. Dunn’s only chance was to drop it dead 0 in hopes of getting there, and he run’s above his own dial in by .016. John Dustin is our first Top ET King of the weekend, and will have the points lead going into Saturday.

John Dustin
John Dustin, Friday $25K Top ET Winner
Vaughn Dunn
Vaughn Dunn, Friday $25K Top ET Runner-up

Mod ET

In Mod, our first half of the semi belongs to Dave Keyton and Tim Fosky Jr.  Fosky, who had troubles with the water pump two rounds prior, managed to get it turned around and is trying to turn on another winlight to get to the first Mod final of the weekend.  He manages to do so, he swaps the feet to .017 on the tree and drives the stripe down to .016 to be above .036 on this dial for the winlight. As Keyton was .050 on the tree and will have to try again the next day. 

The other half of the semi belonged to Peter Kivett and Kevin Mendenhall.  A battle of Chevrolets, Peter in his first gen Camaro and Kevin in the Chevy II.  Mendenhall had been on the bye for the last three rounds and didn’t use it once.  He had to earn each win to get to this point, and unfortunately for him he redlighted his final round hopes away by .010.  Giving Peter Kivett a shot at the 2K final round. 

In the Mod final, we have Tim Fosky Jr and Peter Kivett. Fosky is .009 to Kivett’s .023 on the tree, and Fosky carries the advantage to grab the W.  He runs 6.303 on the 6.29 dial in for .022 total over Kivett’s 5.786 on the 5.77, .039 total.  .017 at the stripe says Fosky goes into Saturday as not only the points leader in Mod, but our first Modified King of the weekend. 

Tim Fosky Jr
Tim Fosky Jr, Friday Mod ET Winner

Saturday Results

Junior Dragster

Late into Saturday evening, we had our first pair of semi’s roll into the water box on our Hubble Motorsports Jr Dragster Class. It was Gayge Farrell vs Kaiden Groves.  Farrell performed well at the King of the Shore event earlier this year, and he’s trying to add another No Limit check to his name.  Farrell did his job on the tree, he carried a solid advantage at the start, but Groves dropped it 7.904 on the 7.90 dial in and skated on by.  Gayge was .084 above his own dial, and that cost him going to the finals.  Jessi Tayman was the lone semi finalist, and she had the bye run, to meet Kaiden in the finals. 

In the Jr final, Jessi Tayman and Kaiden Groves are side by side. Kaiden drops it .024 red and hands the first Jr big check of the weekend over to Jessi, who was .026 on the tree, and cruises to the winner circle.

Jessi Tayman
Jessi Tayman, Friday $2,000 Junior Dragster Winner
Kaiden Groves
Kaiden Groves, Friday $2,000 Junior Dragster Runner-up

Top ET

In our Top ET 25K semi final, again Cory Gulitti and Bailey Ferraro are present, this time having no option to split and quit, they have to do battle. Cory has the advantage on the tree when he let’s go .020 up front, and sticks his American dragster dead 9 for .029 total.  Ferraro was .039 up front and was mathematically ineligible. Our lone semi finalist in Top was Mike Dilorenzo in his 2nd gen Camaro. 

And to conclude our Saturday, we have Cory Gulitti and Mike Dilorenzo.  Gulitti is behind upfront by .009.  Mike is .020 to Cory’s .029 but Gulitti puts the dragster dead on 2 to grab the 25K check.  Dilorenzo is .012 above the dial in to be behind just .001 at the stripe.  And Cory gets to have his picture taken, again.

Cory Gulitti
Cory Gulitti, Saturday $25K Top ET Winner
Mike Dilorenzo
Mike Dilorenzo, Saturday $25K Top ET Runner-up

Mod ET

The Mod semis had Tim Fosky Jr and Bobby Materra.  Fosky fresh off his win, is taking on a previous MIR track champion.  Fosky has the advantage on the tree, but breaks it out at the big end, by .006.  Materra actually follows him through, and is also under by .003.  A .003 difference on the breakout, sends Bobby Materra to the final round, where he will race our lone semifinalist Jake Milstead, who happens to be MIR’s latest modified track champion.

In Mod, Milstead and Materra have themselves a drag race.  Materra swaps the feet to .021 on the tree and is behind by .020!  Milstead is .001 on the tree and sets it dead on with a 6 for a 7 total package. Jake Milstead lays down a lap of .001 take .011 dead 7, and goes to the circle to collect his big check.

Jake Milstead 4th annual King of the Creek
Jake Milstead, Saturday $5,000 Mod ET Winner

Sunday Results

Rolling in Sunday at the final day of the King of the Creek Jessi Tayman was the points leader in Hubble Motorsports Jr Dragster, Tim Fosky Jr in Mod, and John Dustin had a slight lead over Bailey Ferraro.  But, anyone in the top 17 of Top ET that day had a chance to be crowned King of the Weekend, and there was one driver outside of the top 10 that had his eye on the crown, and by round 5 of Top ET, the path was clear, the other drivers had fallen, and he needed to win the event to dethrone John Dustin.

Junior Dragster

Rolling into Jr Semi’s, only one person can catch and beat Jessi Tayman, and that’s Zack Parlett. If he wins the event, he is the Jr King of the Creek, and that young man has the bye to the final.  Who is going to meet him?  It’s either going to be Brandon Jenkins or Brandon Materra.  Jenkins drops it red and Materra is .002 on the green side, and punches his ticket to the final, to take on Zack Parlett.

First, our Jr finals, Zack Parlett and Brandon Materra set to do battle.  Materra drops it .001 red and Zack Parlett takes the stroll down the racetrack and to victory lane, pulling the chutes along the way.

Zack Parlett 4th annual King of the Creek
Zack Parlett, Sunday Junior Dragster Winner
Brandon Materra 4th annual King of the Creek
Brandon Materra, Sunday Junior Dragster Winner

Top ET

In our Top ET semis, we have Alan Glatt and Paul Riddle, a couple of dragsters.  Alan Glatt is .006 on the tree and has the advantage.  He goes 4.506 on the 4.48 dial and that takes care of Paul Riddle’s .024 light and 4.933 on the 4.92 dial.  .005 margin of victory sends Alan Glatt to the final round, where Jason Overstreet “Loose Change” will greet him.  Change came into Sunday sitting 11th in points, and if he can turn on one more winlight over Glatt, he is your King of the Creek in Top ET.

With one more final to run, and the points championships having been decided for the other classes, it was time to see who was going to be the King of the Creek for Top ET.  The final round belonged to Jason Overstreet “Loose Change” vs Alan Glatt.  Glatt in his dragster, and Overstreet in his Vega. If Overstreet can turn on the winlight, he is your 10K winner, AND your King of the Creek in Top ET.  Jason let’s go .026, and Alan Glatt is .005 red behind him.  Giving Loose Change not only the final big check of the weekend, but the points championship as well! 

Jason Overstreet “Loose Change” 4th annual King of the Creek
Jason Overstreet “Loose Change”, Sunday $10K Top ET Winner
Alan Glatt 4th annual King of the Creek
Alan Glatt, Sunday $10K Top ET Runner-up

Mod ET

Rolling into Mod, Brian Riebert and Cody Mariner are set to drag.  Tim Fosky Jr wrapped up his championship for the points in Mod 5th round, at that point, no one could catch him, but we still had a big check to give away for our Sunday King.  Mariner drops it red and hands the gift over to Riebert to go to the final round where he will face our lone semifinalist, Mike Schultz on his drag bike.

In the Mod final, we have a Mustang vs Suzuki. Brian Riebert in his doorcar is trying to prevent the first motorcycle to show up in victory lane, and cannot do it. Mike Schultz carries a .030 starting line advantage all the way to the winner circle and grabs the final check for the Modified class of the weekend. 

Mike Schultz 4th annual King of the Creek
Mike Schultz, Sunday Mod ET Winner
Brian Riebert 4th annual King of the Creek
Brian Riebert, Sunday Mod ET Runner-up

2022 King of the Creek Champions

Just like the King of the Shore before it, championship Sunday at the King of the Creek was full of drama, good clean drag racing, and fun had by all that participated. Congratulations goes out to all of our weekend champions, Zack Parlett in Hubble Motorsports Jr Dragster, Tim Fosky Jr in Ultra Trailer Sales Modified, and Jason Overstreet in Paul Campanella’s Auto Tire Center Top ET. You drivers are the King of the Creek for 2022. 

The event would not have been possible without the Tull’s and Tull’s Plumbing, Atlantic Scale Company, Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels, Brewer’s Body Shop, Select Performance, 50 Cent Mike, and Wired Designs.  Stay tuned in the future for details for next year’s event!

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