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Six Winners Emerge from King of the Coast Event 2

Stewart, Paul, Dwyer, Ortego, Wright, and Alexander captured wins at the King of the Coast Series Event 2 at Gulfport Dragway.

GULFPORT, MS- The BTE King of the Coast Bracket Racing Series presented by David McMurtry Racing held their Event #2 April 30, 2022 at Gulfport Dragway. Unfortunately mother nature was not on their side over the weekend and they were only able to run Saturday with Sunday being cancelled due to rain. The event had numerous classes including: Electronics, Footbrake, Sportsman, and Junior Dragster categories.

See full results below!

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Saturday Results

Rick’s Powdercoating Electronics- $5K

Trampus Stewart captured the Rick’s powder coating Electronics final round win over Slate Cummings.

Kholten Fuller was the semi-finalist.

Trampus Stewart
Trampus Stewart, Saturday Electronics Winner

Alliance Racewear Footbrake- $2K

In the Alliance Racewear Footbrake class, Danny Paul picked up the win over Opie Pearce.

The lone semi-finalist was Matt Nowling.

Danny Paul
Danny Paul, Saturday Footbrake Winner

Velocity Racing Carbs Sportsman

Ricky Dwyer claimed the Velocity Racing Carbs Sportsman win over Mike Simoneaux.

Josh Shows was the semi-finalist.

Ricky Dwyer
Ricky Dwyer, Saturday Sportsman Winner

S&W Powersports Junior Dragster

Berry Performance 7-9

In Berry Performance 7-9 year old Junior Dragster class, Kylie Ortego drove to victory over Jillian Sandrock.

The semi-finalist was B. McGough.

Kylie Ortego
Kylie Ortego, Saturday Berry Performance 7-9 Winner
Jillian Sandrock
Jillian Sandrock, Saturday Berry Performance 7-9 Runner-up

Bone Shaker Motorsports 10-12

Bentley Wright captured the Bone Shaker Motorsports 10-12 year old Junior Dragster win over Rori Wells.

Gavin Sharp & Stumpman Es were the semi-finalists.

Bentley Wright
Bentley Wright, Saturday Bone Shaker Motorsports 10-12 Winner
Rori Wells
Rori Wells, Saturday Bone Shaker Motorsports 10-12 Runner-up

Pearce Automotive 13-17

In the Pearce Automotive 13-17 year old Junior Dragster class, Ryan Alexander defeated Ayden Hyatt in the final round.

Reagan Wells & Maddie Chesne were the two semi-finalists.

Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander, Saturday Pearce Automotive 13-17 Winner
Ayden Hyatt
Ayden Hyatt, Saturday Pearce Automotive 13-17 Runner-up

Looking Ahead

The King of the Coast Series Event #3 will be June 10-12, 2022 at Gulfport Dragway.

For more event information and the complete race schedule, visit www.rolisonmotorsportspromotion.com or their Facebook page, BTE King of the Coast Bracket Racing Series.

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