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Successful So Cal .5 Pro Lite Season Opener

The Clark Family and Valdez Family dominated the So Cal .5 Pro Lite Season Opener March 26-17, 2022 at Famoso Dragstrip.

BAKERSFIELD, CA- The So Cal .5 Pro Lite Series came to life March 26-27, 2022 with their 2022 season opener at the Famoso Dragstrip. See full results below!

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Saturday Results

Saturday’s event had some tight racing, starting with the quarter-finals, Brian Clark took the round win against his son Brandon Clark, then Jack Swanson defeated Bob Zahner, then Linda Valdez defeated Steve Cox.

In the semi-finals, Brian drew the bye, and Linda Valdez put Jack Swanson on the trailer.

The final paired Brian Clark against Linda Wilkins Valdez with Brian turning on the win light running a 6.673 on his 6.65 dial and Linda breaking out.

Brian Clark So Cal .5 Pro
Brian Clark, Saturday Winner
Linda Valdez
Linda Valdez, Saturday Runner-up

Sunday Results

Sundays race was another competitive day at the races.Quarters started with Danny Valdez winning a tight race against Brian Clark, then Brian Fortune defeated Steve Cox, and Brandon Clark got the bye.

The Semis started with Danny Valdez getting the single and Brandon Clark putting Brian Fortune on the trailer.

The final was another Clark Family vs Valdez Family. Danny had the head start, 6.79 dial to Brandon’s 5.90.The tree comes down and Danny red lights with our 2021 Champion, Brandon taking the win.

Brandon Clark So Cal .5 Pro
Brandon Clark, Sunday Winner

A Word from Steve Cox

A BIG THANK YOU to Famoso Dragstrip’s Mark Dawson, John, Blake and ALL their crew for another AWESOME weekend at Famoso!

Thanks to ALL our racers and sponsors!Looking forward to seeing everyone again May14 & 15.

About the So Cal .5 Pro Lite Series

So Cal .5 Pro Lite Series got a bunch of great companies on board as series sponsors and partners, set up a Facebook page, wrote the rules and got ready to race at the series debut on April 5, 2018. “One feature that we really like about the So Cal .5 Pro Lite series is that the rules are designed to take bracket racing back to where it all started,” Steve Cox stated. “With door car drivers who have to rely on their reactions, skill and wits instead of on electronics and techno-wizardry.”Every car in the series must have operating doors. No dragsters, altereds, roadsters, or motorcycles are allowed. Trans brakes and 2-3 step rev-limiters are allowed, but no delay boxes, electronic throttle stops, crossover boxes or any other reaction time aids are allowed.We race 1/8 mile and use the .5 Pro Lite.

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