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Thrift & White Overcome the PDRA Summer Shootout at VMP

Bruce Thrift & Michael White visited the winners circle at the PDRA Summer Shootout at Virginia Motorsports Park on Sunday evening.

Cover photo courtesy of Tara Bowker.

NORTH DINWIDDIE, VA – Bruce Thrift (Elite TS) and Michael White (Elite TD) both visited the winners circle late Sunday evening after Mother Nature reeked havoc on Virginia Motorsports Park throughout the weekend.

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The PDRA battled four rainstorms over the four days of racing, having to rebuild the racetrack after each one. They overcome the problems and winners were crowned!

Joining Thrift & White were Nick Meloni (TS), Randy Midgett (TD), Chris Suppers (Pro JD), Carter Jackson (Top JD), and Vince Fourcade Jr (BB).

Read the race recap below for more!

PDRA Summer Shootout

Elite Top Sportsman

bruce thrift
Photo by Gary Rowe

Bruce Thrift defeated Tim Molnar in the final round to take home the trophy. Thrift was .014 on the tree and ran a 3.946 at 185 mph on his 3.92 dial-in. Molnar broke out by .003.

Thomas Brown & Randy Perkinson were the semi-finalists.

Elite Top Dragster

Photo by Gary Rowe

Michael White defeated David Petrofske in the final round to take home the trophy. White was .024 and ran a 3.853 at 180 mph on his 3.85 dial-in to go dead on 3. Petrofske was dead 0 on the dial-in, but lost the race up front.

Steve Furr and Kathy Fisher were the semi-finalists.

Top Sportsman

Photo by Gary Rowe

Nick Meloni defeated Johnny Brooks in the final round to pick up the trophy. Meloni was .037 and ran a 4.319 at 163 mph on his 4.29 dial-in. Brooks ran 2 over his dial-in also, but lost it on the starting line.

Glenn Teets II and Al Davidowski were the semi-finalists.

Top Dragster

Photo by Gary Rowe

Randy Midgett defeated Tom Reese to pick up the trophy. Midgett had a huge starting line advantage and carried that into a win, running a 4.657 at 137 mph on his 4.59 dial-in.

Kevin Roof and Frank Falter III were the semi-finalists.

Pro Jr. Dragster

Photo by Gary Rowe

Chris Suppers defeated Justin Kerby in the final round to take home the trophy. Kerby had the starting line advantage, .038 to .050, but Suppers ran closer to the 7.90 index going a 7.892 at 83 mph.

Trinity Raasch and Nyck Shirkey were the semi-finalists.

Top Jr. Dragster

Photo by Gary Rowe

Carter Jackson defeated Wyatt Stanley in the final round to take home the trophy. Jackson had the starting line advantage and turned it into a final win-light, running a 8.891 at 70 mph on his 8.90 dial-in.

Ayden Christian and Gavin Wood were the semi-finalists.

Bracket Bash

Photo by Gary Rowe

Vince Fourcade Jr. defeated Ben Jones in the final round to pick up the trophy in one of the closest rounds of the weekend. Fourcade Jr. was .019 total, while Jones was .022 total. Fourcade ran a 5.286 on his 5.28 dial-in at 123 mph.

Herb Bailey and Donald Webb were the semi-finalists.

Megan Strassweg

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