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Duane Dyess Realtor IHRA Summit SuperSeries Gulfport Event 3 Results

Champagne, Fugler, Schaefer, Wells, Eaker, Marcomb, Allen and Varner captured wins at the Duane Dyess Realtor IHRA Summit Super Series at Gulfport Dragway Presented by Bone Shaker Motorsports Event 3.

GULFPORT, MS- This past weekend, Gulfport Dragway held Event 3 of their “two races in one day” Duane Dyess Realtor IHRA Summit Super Series Presented by Bone Shaker Motorsports. The event held on Saturday, May 14, 2022 featured multiple classes including: Electronics, Footbrake, Sportsman, and Junior Dragsters. 

The last event of this series will be August 19-20, 2022. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Scroll down to see full results provided by Gulfport Dragway. 

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Race 1 Results


Herb Champagne picked up the Electronics Race 1 win over Larry Sequin. Glenn Elliser was the semi-finalist.

Herb Champagne
Herb Champagne, Race 1 Electronics Winner


In Race 1 Footbrake class, Brandon Fugler claimed the win over Larry Seguin. Roger Marcomb was the semi-finalist.

Brandon Fugler
Brandon Fugler, Race 1 Footbrake Winner


Carl Schaefer captured the Race 1 Sportsman win over Anthony Floyd.

Carl Schaefer
Carl Schaefer, Race 1 Sportsman Winner

Jr. Dragster

In Race 1 Junior Dragster, Rylee Wells drove to victory, getting the win over Hayden Miller. Luke Tabor & John Varner were the semi-finalists.

Rylee Wells
Rylee Wells, Race 1 Jr. Dragster Winner
Hayden Miller
Hayden Miller, Race 1 Jr. Dragster Runner-up

Race 2 Results


Jordan Eaker picked up the Race 2 Electronics win over AJ Ashe. Thomas Holley was the lone semi-finalist.

Jordan Eaker Gulfport Event 3
Jordan Eaker, Race 2 Electronics Winner


Roger Marcomb claimed the Race 2 Footbrake win over Thad Smith. Matt Bowling was the semi-finalist.

Roger Marcomb Gulfport Event 3
Roger Marcomb, Race 2 Footbrake Winner


Curtis Allen was the Race 2 Sportsman winner and Anthony Floyd was the runner-up finisher.

Curtis Allen Gulfport Event 3
Curtis Allen, Race 2 Sportsman Winner

Jr. Dragster

Grace Varner parked her dragster in the winner’s circle, capturing the Race 2 Jr. Dragster win over Luke Tabor. Chase Green was the lone semi-finalist.

Grace Varner Gulfport Event 3
Grace Varner, Race 2 Jr. Dragster Winner
Luke Tabor Gulfport Event 3
Luke Tabor, Race 2 Jr. Dragster Runner-up

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the Duane Dyess Realtor IHRA Summit Super Series at Gulfport Dragway Presented by Bone Shaker Motorsports Event 3.

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