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IHRA Plans Coming Into Place for 2023

The International Hot Rod Association has its 2023 plans coming into place featuring the continuation of some of the IHRA’s most popular programs.

The following is as written on the IHRA website.

HOUSE SPRINGS, MO- The IHRA Summit SuperSeries program remains the most prestigious championship in all of the bracket racing with drivers and tracks throughout North America participating. Champions in the Top (Box) and Mod (No Box) classes win a prize package which includes an Ironman trophy, championship ring, gold card, and a $20,000 check. The runner-up in those classes receives a $7,000 prize with prize packages throughout.

The Junior Dragster champion receives $10,000 to win and $4,000 goes to the runner-up. The Sportsman champion is awarded $7,000 to win and $4,000 for the runner-up. There are prizes for each round. Click here for a list of the 2022 prize packages.

In addition, all those who qualify for the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals receive $300 in tow money and pay NO ENTRY FEE. 

IHRA members who have qualified in 2022 will be competing at the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals, October 12-15 at Holly Springs Motorsports.

Other popular programs like the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular presented by Hagerty and Moser Engineering, IHRA Ironman Classic and Teen Championship Racing will also continue.

The IHRA Sportsman Spectacular presented by Hagerty and Moser Engineering features events tailored to the host track’s racing programs. With affordable entry fees, IHRA members racing in the Box, No Box, and Junior Dragster classes have the opportunity to compete for the prestigious IHRA Ironman and the coveted oversized checks at each event.

They’re also in the running for limited-edition Sportsman Spectacular commemorative medals and round prizes from IHRA partners in addition to the winnings. Click here for more information about the IHRA Sportsman Spectacular.

IHRA continues to offer the IHRA Ironman Classic to all member tracks to help create extra excitement in their bracket program and offer more Sportsman competitors a chance to win a prestigious IHRA Ironman. Click here for more information about the IHRA Ironman Classic.

The Teen Championship Racing program allows drivers 13-17 years old a chance to compete against each other in street-legal cars and trucks.

It’s an inexpensive way to get into drag racing and a chance for parents to cultivate a close working relationship with their children. Click here for more information about the Teen Championship Racing program.

“Why mess with success? These IHRA programs work well for our racers and IHRA member tracks although we are working on ways to make them even better. As stated before, our goal is to continue to be the leader in grassroots, Sportsman racing. We continue to work hard to take care of those who are the backbone of the sport of drag racing,” IHRA President and CEO Larry Jeffers said. 

Stayed tuned as other IHRA plans will be announced in the coming months to make it even more appealing and more exciting for grassroots, Sportsman racers.

As always, IHRA President Larry Jeffers welcomes your input. For any questions, suggestions or concerns, feel free to e-mail LJeffers@IHRA.com.

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