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Winners Crowned at BMP Dueling Ironman Dash

Eight winners were crowned at Brainerd Motorsports Park’s Dueling Ironman Dash IHRA Summit Super Series event.

RINGGOLD, GA- Brainerd Motorsports Park held their Dueling Ironman Dash IHRA Summit Super Series race June 11, 2022. The event featured 2 points races in 1 day and offered racers four separate classes to compete in: Super Pro, No Box Footbrake, Sportsman, and Junior Dragster. In addition to the payouts, winners also received Ironman trophies.

See results below!

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Race 1 Results

$3K-to-win Super Pro

In Race 1’s $3K Super Pro, it was a Split and Quit final which featured Keith Thomas and Kaden Harrill.

Keith Thomas and Kaden Harrill, Race 1 Super Pro Split & Quit

No Box Footbrake

Micah Stewart from Piedmont, AL picked up the win over Jake Clayton from Chattanooga, TN in Race 1’s No Box Footbrake class.

Micah Stewart
Micah Stewart, Race 1 No Box Footbrake Winner


In Race 1 Sportsman, Dan Macal from Cummings, GA drove to victory over Marty Goldsmith from Ringgold, GA.

Dan Macal
Dan Macal, Race 1 Sportsman Winner

Junior Dragster

Braxton McEntyre from Calhoun, GA captured the Race 1 Junior Dragster win over Avery Bolding from Rock Island, TN.

Braxton McEntyre
Braxton McEntyre, Race 1 Junior Dragster Winner
Avery Bolding
Avery Bolding, Race 1 Junior Dragster Winner

Race 2 Results

$3K-to-win Super Pro

Moving on to Race 2 Super Pro, Brandon Jones from Rainsville, AL claimed the final round win over Sandra Yates from Ringgold, GA.

Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones, Race 2 Super Pro Winner
Sandra Yates
Sandra Yates, Race 2 Super Pro Runner-up

No Box Footbrake

In Race 2 No Box Footbrake, Malone Wilson from Tallapoosa, GA earned the win over Kyle Rumley from Huntingdon, TN.

Malone Wilson Dueling Ironman Dash
Malone Wilson, Race 2 No Box Footbrake Winner


Ray Zumstein from Harrison, TN picked up the Sportsman win over Joey Crawford from Graysville, GA in Race 2.

Ray Zumstein Dueling Ironman Dash
Ray Zumstein, Race 2 Sportsman Winner
Joey Crawford Dueling Ironman Dash
Joey Crawford, Race 2 Sportsman Runner-up

Junior Dragster

Maddie Calhoun from Ringgold, GA was the Race 2 Junior Dragster winner. Logan Grayson from Murfreesboro, TN was the runner-up finisher.

Maddie Calhoun Dueling Ironman Dash
Maddie Calhoun, Race 2 Junior Dragster Winner
Logan Grayson Dueling Ironman Dash
Logan Grayson, Race 2 Junior Dragster Runner-up

Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists from Brainerd Motorsports Park’s Dueling Ironman Dash IHRA Summit Super Series.

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