Alaska Junior Dragster Racer, Braiden Owen

The first DragChamp Jr. Racer Spotlight of 2022 is all about Alaska Junior Dragster racer, Braiden Owen.

PALMER, ALASKA- Braiden Owen has been racing Junior Dragsters for the past 8 years after he was introduced to the sport by his Dad. Although the Owen family is in Alaska, they do like to travel to the lower 48 states to go racing and their most recent trip was to Texas for the Southwest Jr Dragster Series.

Braiden likes to compete in any class he can whether that be Age Groups, Bracket, Bracket 330, Index, and Quick 16 just to name a few. His home track is Alaska Raceway Park in Palmer, Alaska.

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Current Car

Braiden currently has two cars in the stable, his Bracket car and Quick 16 car. His Bracket car is 2018 Halfscale Jr which has a Blossom Racing Super Rhino 2.1 engine with a Shockwave clutch. It runs 7.90s at around 81 MPH. The Quick 16 car is a 2021 Halfscale Jr, running a Caheely prepped Whaley Rhino with a Polar clutch.

Outside of Racing

When Braiden isn’t behind the wheel of his race cars, he can be found playing video games, wresting and eating his favorite food, Lasagna. His daily driver is a 2002 Chevy Silverado and his favorite movie is Jurassic Park.

Braiden’s Accomplishments

  • 2x Alaskan State Champion
  • Qualifying to race at the IHRA World Finals in Memphis
  • Race wins in The Southwest Jr. Series and Las Vegas
  • Successful Jr Drag Racing Career

Braiden’s Q&A

What’s on your bucket list, future goals, what do you hope to achieve? 

A few bucket list things would be to compete at the WCF, ECF and more Southwest Jr Series races.  It is always fun to go to new tracks since we only have one in Alaska. My dad and I go out,  try to have some fun and turn on some win lights in the process.  I was able to get my license passes completed in a friends rear engine dragster this fall. I went 8.41 at 155mph in the ¼ mile during the licensing. I look forward to getting some seat time in a dragster that my Dad and I are putting together for this next summer. It is the same car that he drove when he was younger.

What is your favorite race car, and why? 

A fast one

Who has made the biggest impact on your racing success? 

My Dad has the most impact on my racing career. He gives me the biggest chance for success, teaching me and making it all happen.  He puts in a lot of time on the cars and spends a lot of time driving us around to race around the country.

Who do you look up to in the sport?  

I look up to Monte Soper and John Aure, two of the best racers in Alaska. I look up to their consistency and knowledge of drag racing.

Tell us what you do for a living? 

I’m a student

Braiden Owen

How do you support your racing, side hustle, sponsor, partner, etc.? 

I have to thank my Mom and Dad,  my sister,  my girlfriend, FTI FarmTeam, Robert Yundt Homes, Mat-Su Line-X, Ak Hydrographics, Ron Webb Paving. They have all helped me a lot!!! 

Who do you hate to see in the other lane, and why? 

It doesn’t matter who I pull up next to in the lanes except Shelby Roy because she cuts crazy lights.

What’s the hardest part of drag racing? 


What’s your most embarrassing moment in a race car?

I thought the other guy red lit and I thought I got an easy win, but let’s just say I went home early that night

What are you saying to yourself just before you stage the car? 

I’m either telling myself to calm down, praying or thinking, do the same thing you did last round.

Braiden Owen

What do you enjoy the most at the racetrack? 

I enjoy the comradery the most

Are you superstitious?  If so, what are they? 

Somewhat, I don’t like it when people tell me “your gonna win” or when someone says your opponent is a “duck or they are an easy win”.  I like to go out there and have fun and do my best.

Do you love to win or hate to lose?

I’m happy to be able to race, its more about having fun in my opinion.  But If I had to pick, I would say I hate to lose.

Which are you better at the starting line or the finish line?

I feel I am better at making calls at the stripe.

What motivates you to continue racing? 

Spending time with others that I wouldn’t see or spend  as much time with if I wasn’t at the track racing

Braiden Owen

If money were no object, what would your racing operation look like?  Car, trailer, class, race schedule, etc. 

Probably a big ol’ stacker, RV, and two cars…a 7.90 bracket car and an Outlaw 330 car

How often do you use a practice tree? 

Not as often as I should, but try to fit it in when I can

What is your favorite sport?  Favorite team? 

Wrestling, Penn State

What are you really good at? 

I am really good at relaxing.

Would you rather hang out with a crowd or have a quiet evening at home? 

Quiet evening at home

Who would you like to thank, who helps you the most? 

I’d like to thank my Dad who does so much for me, my mom for her support, my sister,  my family and friends who help me run the cars.  My sponsors are FTI Performance and there awesome support with the FTI FARM TEAM, Robert Yundt Homes, Mat-Su Line-X, Alaska Hydrographics   

What is a piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring racer? 

Work on being consistent over all things. The car can be changed to fit you.  All the best racers are able to hit the tree and have their lights be good and consistent

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