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SWJDS Winter Nationals is in the Books

The Southwest Jr. Dragster Series crowned their first winners of 2022 at their Winter Nationals February 19-20, 2022 at Evadale Raceway.

SILSBEE, TX- The Southwest Jr Dragsters Series held their first event of the 2022 season, the Winter Nationals at Evadale Raceway. The event was brought to by Rhinefort Cooling and Heating and The Andy Rhinefort family, O’Reillys and Vision Industrial services. The Winner’s Circle was sponsored by S&S Motorsports.

See full results below!

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Saturday Results

Trophy Class

Sponsored by Pavlock AC & Heat The Pavlock Family

In Saturday’s Trophy class, Gavin Fojt picks up the win over Dawson Rogers.

Dawson Rogers, Saturday Trophy Runner-up

11.90 Index

Sponsored by Lade Ford The Lade Family & Trussell Welding The Trussell Family

Ryker Flowers claimed the 11.90 Index win over Ellison Picha. The semi-finalists were Merida Hughes and Evan Bryning.

Ryker Flowers, 11.90 Index Winner
Ellison Picha, 11.90 Index Runner-up

8.90 Index

Sponsored by Lade Ford The Lade Family

In the 8.90 Index class, Ty Janousek got the win over Regan Picha. The semi-finalists were Holden Pavlock and Slate Hrabina.

Ty Janousek, 8.90 Index Winner
Regan Picha, 8.90 Index Runner-up

7.90 Index

Sponsored by Trumble Racing The Trumble Family & S&S Motorsports The Saum Family

Timothy Rivette was the 7.90 Index winner over Rylie Trumble. Emmaly Miller was the semi-finalist.

Timothy Rivette, 7.90 Index Winner

Bracket 330

Sponsored by CMC Racing The Farley Family & C&R Autowerx The Rogers Family

Harley Snoddy picked up the Bracket 330 win over Cole Foster. The semi-finalist was Ty Janousek and the quarter-finalists were Rylie Trumble and Evan Bryning.

Harley Snoddy, Bracket 330 Winner
Cole Foster, Bracket 330 Runner-up

Quick 16

Sponsored by Kelly’s Truck Parts The Kelly Family

In Quick 16, Kade Guidry claimed the win over Kane Kern. Kane was also the #1 Qualifier and this was his career 100th final round!

Kane Kern, Quick 16 Runner-up
Kane Kern, #1 Qualifier Quick 16

Sunday Results

Trophy Class

Sponsored by Pavlock A/C & Heat The Pavlock Family

In Sunday’s Trophy class, Evan Bryning grabbed the win over Dawson Rogers.

Southwest Winter Nationals
Evan Bryning, Sunday Trophy Winner
Southwest Winter Nationals
Dawson Rogers, Sunday Trophy Runner-up

7-9 Age Group

Sponsored by Straight Line Racing The Picha Family Custom built Tools The Trussell Family

In the 7-9 year old age group, Evan Bryning picked up the win over Gavin Fojt. Dawson Rogers and Ryker Flowers were the semi-finalists.

Southwest Winter Nationals
Evan Bryning, 7-9 Age Group Winner

10-12 Age Group

Sponsored by CMC The Farley Family & Richey Racing The Richey Family

Parker Freeman was the 10-12 year old age group winner. Ty Janousek was the runner-up and Cayson Walker & Colton Farley were semi-finalists.

Southwest Winter Nationals
Parker Freeman, 10-12 Age Group Winner

12-17 Age Group

Sponsored by S&S Motorsport The Saum Family & C&R Autowerx

In the 12-17 year old age group, Graeme Rufenacht picked up the win over Timothy Rivette. Aiden Alvarez and Hannah Anderson were the semi-finalists.

Southwest Winter Nationals
Graeme Rufenacht, 12-17 Year Old Age Group Winner

All Run Big Money

Sponsored by East Texas Truck Center & Casey Boys Racing The Casey Family

Camron Nelson was the All Run Big Money winner and picked up the win over Dawson Rogers. The semi-finalist was Emma Heidkamp and the quarter-finalists included, Ty Janousek, Harley Snoddy, and Kane Kern.

Southwest Winter Nationals
Camron Nelson, All Run Big Money Winner (left)

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