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I-30 Dragway transforms into Poseidon Raceway Park under new ownership

Jacob McNeal purchases I-30 Dragway with ideas for improvement alongside a new name: Poseidon Raceway Park. 

CADDO MILLS, TX – After a lifetime of experience at the racetrack, Jacob McNeal’s ambition comes to fruition with the purchase of I-30 Dragway. McNeal pairs a passion for drag racing with his experience as a business owner in hopes of creating a unique racer-driven experience at his facility. To accentuate the new beginning, I-30 Dragway is being renamed Poseidon Raceway Park under McNeal’s ownership. 

McNeal plans to put racers first

As a racer himself, McNeal understands the importance of putting the racers first as a track owner and operator. He explains, “I’ve been to many different racetracks across the country and have learned first-hand what works and doesn’t work. I knew that if given the opportunity to own a track, I could create an environment that racers would be proud to call their home-track every weekend.” 

In order to create the utopian atmosphere in McNeal’s mind, physical improvements to the facility would be a top priority. Next week the areas of rutted racing surface will be perfected to provide a smooth ride for all participants. Other improvements on deck include the installation of French drains to prevent water seepage, an off-season extension of the shutdown length to allow drivers to safely execute 3-second passes, and increased pavement to create additional parking alongside the track and return road. 

Racer satisfaction is the focus for McNeal considering his long history in the sport. “I was 2 days old the first time I ever went to the racetrack. I began racing junior dragsters at 12 years old and have competed in big cars since I was 16. Being one myself, I care more about the racers being happy over making a profit off them.”

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End of season schedule

A diversified schedule of events which includes various types of racing is already underway with McNeal at the helm. Two big events for heads up and index racers are on the calendar first. The Baddest Small Tire in America event is October 14-15, 2022, followed by The Gamblers Ball No Prep on November 11-12. Bracket racers will have their chance to cash in for three $10,000 payouts during Thanksgiving at I-30 Dragway on November 25-27, 2022. 

A new year brings about feelings of rejuvenation which goes right along with the official re-branding of I-30 Dragway into Poseidon Raceway Park. It’s clear that McNeal is filled with Olympic-size aspirations that will prove worthy of the facility’s divine namesake in 2023.

For the complete schedule and track information, visit the I-30 Dragway Facebook page or contact Jacob McNeal via email at jacob2033@gmail.com

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