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NHRA Crew Chief Dave Connolly and Race Promoter Jennifer Folk Purchase Competitive Suspension

Dave Connolly and Jennifer Folk announce their purchase of Competitive Suspension alongside plans for a bright future. 

BRADENTON, FL – The dynamic drag racing duo of Dave Connolly and Jennifer Folk embark on their latest business venture with the acquisition of Competitive Suspension. Current and prospective customers will notice a seamless transition considering that all company assets have been relocated from Pennsylvania to their property in Bradenton, Florida, alongside Connolly’s own shock dyno. 

competitive suspension connolly

Competitive Suspension was founded in 2017 by Shane Sweigart and quickly grew to prominence within racing ranks as the premier provider of shock absorber services.

After years of success, Sweigart was in the market for a reputable buyer which would then allow him to focus on his other obligations, including a new managerial role at Maple Grove Raceway.

According to him, Connolly was the first person to come to mind when considering the sale of Competitive Suspension.  

Dave Connolly, self proclaimed “Data Geek”

Connolly exhibits his laser sharp precision most notably within his career as a NHRA Pro Stock crew chief, but his skills expand to various suspension setups, including door cars and dragsters for bracket racing. After purchasing his own shock dyno in 2018, Connolly has provided shock and suspension services on a word-of-mouth basis. It is this vast knowledge that will continue the high-caliber quality that Competitive Suspension has become known for. 

Connolly explains his passion for suspension by saying, “I’m a data geek and I’ve studied a lot of this because I believe it’s the key to drag racing. With the competitiveness of the sport, everyone is looking for any area to make their program better. That is where we come in and can customize a shock specifically for their operation.”

competitive suspension Dave connolly
Competitive Suspension’s new headquarters in Bradenton, Florida
An Assortment of Shocks

Competitive Suspension will continue their tradition of selling and servicing numerous shock brands including Afco and JRi, as well as providing in-house dyno services. Although under the ownership of Connolly and Folk, customers will now be able to purchase Penske shocks as well. Additionally, they plan to offer on-track consultation services, typically at Bradenton Motorsports Park, where drivers can get their suspension dialed in while making test passes. 

Connolly continues, “I’ve been very blessed to be exposed to a lot of interesting and new technology. As far as suspension goes, Pro Stock cars are the top of the tier and if I can bring a little of that knowledge to the sportsman racer, it will benefit their program.” 

Jennifer folk Dave connolly
Jennifer Folk and Dave Connolly
Continuing the Competitive Suspension Legacy

While Connolly is in the garage getting his hands dirty, Folk will focus on behind the scenes operations including invoicing, shipping, banking, company website, and social media management. With her experience promoting The Million Dollar Drag Race and helping run the Folk family business, customer service is her expertise. Together, Connolly and Folk are well-equipped to handle the future of Competitive Suspension. 

“Shane has done a tremendous job of building the Competitive Suspension name and the last thing we want to do is interrupt what he’s already started,” Connolly said. “We plan to build on the customer base that he’s already established and continue to grow.”

For more information about Competitive Suspension, visit their website at www.competitivesuspension.com. To inquire about their services, email competitivesuspension@gmail.com or call 941-773-3562. 


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