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Five Racers Win at 7th Annual FRBR Door Wars

Thimm, Youndt, Harvey, Flegal and Krupp captured wins at the FRBR Promotions 7th Annual Blittersdorf’s Automotive Door Wars: A Footbrake Experience at Maple Grove Raceway.

Write-up and photos provided by FRBR Promotions.

MOHNTON, PA- The FRBR Promotions 7th Annual Blittersdorf’s Automotive Door Wars: A Footbrake Experience took place, October 6-8, 2023 at Maple Grove Raceway. Despite having to fight the weather all weekend long, the FRBR team and Maple Grove Raceway staff were able to run the event to competition, crowning a champion each day. The event featured three $10Ks, $2K Gamblers Race, Reaction Time Challenge, and the $1,644-to-win Dave Anderson Memorial Shootout.

Next up for the FRBR Promotions team is the Inaugural Footbrake Feast on November 17-19, 2023 at Maryland International Raceway.

See results below!

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Friday Results

C2 Competition Converters & Machining $10K

The FRBR team and Maple Grove Raceway fought through showers on C2 Competition Converters & Machining Friday of Bryan Blittersdorf’s Automotive Door Wars. The quarterfinals matched up drivers from four states, all looking for an early weekend payday.

Dylan Moore was .036 total leaving Lee Zane a scant .004 to get inside of. Lee took .008, breaking out and sending Moore to the round of 4. Kyle Kohr turned away Kyle Murray (aka Hugh J.) with an .018 starting line advantage. Both ran one over. Maple Grove regular Terry Sacks narrowly drove past New Jersey’s Chris Gonier by just .004. The round ended up with Paul Thimm Jr, or “Shorty” as everyone knows him using a .004 light to seal the fate of Jed Knarr.

Kohr used a .010 initiated 3 above run to end Moore’s day in the semis. Shorty also used a decisive reaction time advantage, .011 to .036 to earn the hole shot win over Sacks.

The final round was all Shorty, who laid own .030 total on the strength of a .009 reaction time. Kohr was .029 at the hit, and his dead 6 pass left him .005 short of the winner’s circle. The win was particularly sweet for Thimm, who finally got the flag trophy and check in his 4th FRBR final round.

Paul Thimm Jr, Friday $10K Champion
Paul Thimm Jr, Friday $10K Champion

Gambler’s Race

The Greiner Brothers Heating & Cooling LLC Friday night Gambler’s race was a six round affair. The semis featured 2022 NHRA Northeast Division Sportsman Champion Paul Northop, North Carolina transplant John Londino, New York’s Ryan Ouilette, and two time Northeast Division Champion Austin Youndt.

In the semis Northrop came up trips to drive past Londino while Ouilette couldn’t capitalize on a huge reaction time advantage, taking .053 to break it out just seven thousandths.

Sometimes you just park right, and Youndt once again lived a charmed life, surviving a .052 launch after Northrop clicked it .008 red. It was Youndt’s second FRBR Door Wars Gamblers race win and came with a $2000 payday.

Austin Youndt, Friday Gambler’s Race Winner

Saturday Results

Ken’s Kustom Chassis $10K

Ken’s Kustom Chassis Inc. Saturday was an incredible display of resiliency and heart by all the racers and staff at Maple Grove Raceway. A seemingly endless rain ended abruptly at 3pm, ushering in peeks of sunshine and a steady breeze. Both greatly aided the drying process, and new combination time runs began at 4pm.

Roughly six hours later, just five drivers remained. Big money kingpin Dave Harvey Jr, 2023 FRBR winner Joe Dedrick, Craw’s Racing young gun Wade Kubicke, former Maple Grove track champion Robert Smith, and former Northeast Division Pro Champion Marty Flegal.

Harvey moved on after Smith turned it -.018. Kubicke also found himself on the right side of a Dedrick -.004. Flegal took the bye after his .000 in the previous round.

Harvey’s reputation preceded him in the round of three. Flegal pushed it -.008. He was right to challenge though as Harvey was .023 total. Kubicke took the bye.

Harvey backed up his semi-final lap with a .007 start that ended .025, locking out the .034 light of Kubicke. It was yet another FRBR trophy for Harvey, who seemed to finally have figured out what to do with his hands in his spirited winner’s circle interview.

Dave Harvey Jr, Saturday $10K Champion
Dave Harvey Jr, Saturday $10K Champion

BNM Performance and Machining Reaction Time Challenge

The BNM Performance And Machining reaction time challenge was also completed. 20 drivers put on a burnout and dry hop clinic, but only three were able to pick FRBR’s pocket with .00x reaction times. No one claimed the $1000 cash payout for a perfect hit. Congratuations to Kyle Kohr, CJ Ketterer, and Dave Dissinger for their $100 launches.

Kyle Kohr, CJ Ketterer, and Dave Dissinger, Reaction Time Challenge Winners
Kyle Kohr, CJ Ketterer, and Dave Dissinger, Reaction Time Challenge Winners

Sunday Results

Road Runner Race Fuels $10K

Road Runner Race Fuels Sunday at Bryan Blittersdorf’s Automotive Door Wars was finally blessed with sunshine and cool temperatures. A huge influx of cars brought the highest weekend entry count of 228.

The final five were 2023 Numidia Pro Champion Mike Bryson, local standout Kurt Holland, Top Bulb legend Jeff Serra, and Marty Flegal continued his strong weekend, remaining doubled at 5.

Flegal took .016 to be .022 total against the .038 light of Bryson. Serra and Holland left with identical .031 reaction times. Serra should probably have a missing person’s report filed after his disappearance at the finish line, feeding Holland all of the .018 he took to go just .003 too fast. Flegal then took the bye after his .001 total in the previous round.

Flegal’s other entry received the semi-final bye run, leaving just Serra standing between him and the ultra rare Winner/Runner-up. Flegal left the 5.65 dial that had been painted on the window all day and challenged Serra to beat him. Serra did his job up front, taking a .017 starting line advantage, but did catch enough of Flegal’s late drop, breaking out .011 more than Marty. Flegal, who has overcome a very challenging personal year was openly emotional taking in accomplishing the rare feat.

Marty Flegal, Sunday $10K Champion
Marty Flegal, Sunday $10K Champion

Dave Anderson Memorial Shootout

The final event of the weekend was the Dave Anderson Memorial Shootout. 32 drivers honored the memory of the three time Maple Grove champion.

The semi-finals saw Bret Schlichtig battle with OG Million $30K race winner Jason Lawrence and former Northeast Division Super Champion Marques McClure tangle with 2023 No Box 660 Shootout winner Rory Krupp. Lawrence was heavy on the brake pedal, but a touch too late, taking taking .022 to break out .005 more than Schlichtig. Krupp and McClure was also a double breakout affair. Separated by just .003 at the hit, McClure made the decision to take the stripe, breaking out by .007 more in the process.

Krupp was not to be denied in the final, leaving an almost perfect .003 on his way to .016 total. Schlichtig ran dead 3, but missed the tree, settling for a runner up. Krupp paid homage to the race’s namesake, writing 1644 on the window and cracking the custom label Jim Beam trophy and sharing a shot with Andy.

Rory Krupp, Dave Anderson Memorial Shootout Winner
Rory Krupp, Dave Anderson Memorial Shootout Winner

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the FRBR Promotions 7th Annual Blittersdorf’s Automotive Door Wars: A Footbrake Experience.

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