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Hastings Footbrakes to Summit $50K Victory Wednesday at 28th Annual Million Dollar Drag Race

Nick Hastings captured the Summit Wednesday $50K win over Marco Abruzzi at the 28th Annual Million Dollar Drag Race.

MADISON, IL- Approximately five hours after Wes May claimed the first big check of the 28th Annual Mickey Thompson Million Dollar Drag Race, the rumble of racecars returned to World Wide Technology Raceway for Wednesday’s Summit Racing Equipment $50K.

Drivers who rolled in the gates later than the rest of the competition were given a new entry time trial to get dialed in for a daunting day of drag racing. Another increase in car count resulted in the second day without forgiveness from a buyback round to crown a winner at a reasonable time.

A mix of no box, door cars, and dragsters totaled an impressive 680 entries launching off the starting line in round one of Summit $50K Wednesday. In the fifth round, the last two bottom bulb racers staged up to see who would claim the $1,000 No Box bonus. John Ratulowski leaves first with his 6.26 dial, but Nick Hastings has the reaction time advantage and chases him down taking a .006 margin of victory.

Marco Abruzzi, Wednesday $50K Runner-up
Marco Abruzzi, Wednesday $50K Runner-up


Round number eight consisted of six drivers: Wayne Gibson, Marco Abruzzi, Charlie Hamma, Brian Folk, Nick Hastings, and Brent Vincent. Up first in a brutal quarterfinal round is Folk who puts together an .013 package, but Abruzzi lets go .000 and runs one above to take the win by 2 thousandths. The second perfect light in just as many pairs comes from Hastings as he leaves Gibson mathematically ineligible. Vincent launches with a .001 light and runs dead on to lay down a .003 package to shut down Hamma’s .011 bulb.

Brent Vincent, Wednesday Summit $50K Semi-finalist


In case you overlooked the arithmetic, out of three remaining drivers there were two triple zero lights which left a .001 bulb at the bottom of the ladder. In a battle to see which door car would line up next to Abruzzi, Hastings is .009 and runs dead on to take the win over Vincent who breaks out 7 thousandths.

Marco Abruzzi, Wednesday $50K Runner-up


On Wednesday, the Summit $50K final came down to a clash of two titans with a footbraking Hastings taking on Abruzzi in the dragster. Abruzzi has the starting line advantage with his .005 light but breaks out 1 thou while Hastings is .015 on the tree and one above for the win.

Nick Hastings, Wednesday $50K Winner
Nick Hastings, Wednesday $50K Winner

During the winner’s circle interviews, Abruzzi expresses that his opponent is probably the greatest of all time while a humble Hastings had just mentioned that lately he is a little rusty around the edges.

Hastings speaks about his victory, “After the kind of year I’ve been having it really feels good. I’ve been taking a little bit of time off to spend with my new son, Jett, but we are finding our way back.”

In addition to thanking his sponsors, Hastings then elaborates on the significance of competing during the Million Dollar Drag Race. “Especially the OG Million, that’s a big deal. I watched this race as a kid and a lot of my heroes compete in it – now I’m racing against them.”

Our Thursday Summit Racing Equipment $50K begins with only new entries receiving a time trial at 8:30 AM. Once the test passes are complete, the first round of eliminations will kick off with no box, followed by door cars and then dragsters.

You don’t have to miss any of the action thanks to Lucas Oil and Vintage Trailers Ltd. who are sponsoring the Motormaniatv live stream.

For more information on The Million Dollar Drag Race, visit our website at www.themilliononline.com.

Winner’s circle photos provided by Chris Simmons Photography.

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