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Jr Racers Take the Stage at GABR Back to School Jr. Dragster Spectacular

Make plans now to attend the Great American Bracket Races Back to School Jr. Dragster Spectacular on August 25-27, 2023 at Gulfport Dragway.

GULFPORT, MS- Listen up, Junior Dragster racers! Here is a race, you don’t want to miss. The Great American Bracket Races Back to School Jr. Dragster Spectacular comes to Gulfport Dragway on August 25-27, 2023 for a full weekend of Junior Dragster competition. This event will feature twin $4K’s on Saturday and Sunday and a Christmas on the Coast Gamblers race on Friday.

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Friday Test N’ Tune & Gambler Race

Friday will feature a $25 Test n’ Tune session from 6pm- 9pm and a Gambler race where you can win entries into the 2nd Annual Jr. Dragster Christmas on the Coast event. The entry fee for the Gambler race will be $100 with no buybacks. The winner will claim a Christmas on the Coast twin $5Ks and $20K entry plus buybacks. The runner-up will win a Christmas on the Coast Twin $5Ks and $20K entry.

Registration for the Gamblers race opens Monday, August 14th at 6pm central time. Register to reserve a spot and pay at the gate on race weekend. Two separate 16 Car fields are possible.

Twin $4K’s!

The main events, the two twin $4K’s will be capped at 135 entries and only single entries are allowed. Racers will compete each day for $4,000 and the runner-up will take home $1,000. There will be a1st round buyback available for $60 if needed. Winner and Runner-up purses are based on sellout. 1st or 2nd round buybacks and/or double entries can be implemented in case of short fields.

The entry fee for both $4K’s is just $160 and registration will open on August 1st at 6pm central time at www.greatamericanbracketraces.com. $30 will be due at pre-registration and the remaining $130 will be due at the gate.

Age Group Separation/ Merging

  • 7-12 class will be called separately to the lanes with their own bye runs, with the last racers remaining merging into the 12-17 class. 12 year olds in 7-12 class can dial no faster than 8.90.
  • Within the 7-12 class, 7-9 will be called to the lanes separately.
  • If there are an odd number of 7-9 and 10-12 there will be one bye run in each group.
  • $200 bonus for last racer standing in 7-9 and 10-12.
  • The last racer standing in 7-9 will merge into the 10-12.
  • If a 12 year old wins the 7-12 class, when merging into 12-17 class he/she may dial no faster than 8.90 for the duration of the race.
  • If a 7-12 racer elects to race up in 12-17 they can at no point race in the 7-12 class.
  • Minor format adjustments may be made based on number of entries in the 7-9 and 10-12 age groups to keep integrity of the race in place and will be published on August 22, 2023.

Minimum Dial-Ins

  • 7-9 Class: 11.90
  • 10-12 Class: 8.90
  • 12-17 Class 7.90
  • Racers with WDRA AA/JD Elite License may dial 7.50

Wild Cards

Wild Cards will be available on Saturday and Sunday. Racers can buy up to 3 wild cards at $10 for 1, $20 for 2 or $25 for 3. The winner will advance to round 3 and round 4 if 1st or 2nd round buybacks. The wild card winners can never be the wait-n-see bye at any time during the race, even if the remaining entries have already had a bye run. 



  • 12pm… Gates Open
  • 6PM-9PM… Open Test n’ Tune ($25)
  • 8PM… Christmas on the Coast Gamblers


  • 8AM… Gates Open
  • 9AM… Time Trial (1)
  • Round 1 to Follow


  • 8AM… Gates Open
  • 9AM… Round 1

Crew/Spectator Admission

  • Friday Attendance $10
  • 1 Race Attendance $15
  • Complete Event Pass $40

Contact (228) 863-4408 or visit their website at www. greatamericanbracketraces.com for more information.

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