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Stephen McCrory Wins Big at GABR USA 500K

Stephen “Champ” McCrory parked his slow door car in the winners circle at the GABR USA 500K race, cashing in for $500,000.

MONTGOMERY, AL – The GABR team put on a great weekend at Montgomery International Dragway where racers competed for their shot at big money. Stephen McCrory came out on top, defeating Will Holloman in the final round for $500,000.

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The GABR USA 500K was five huge days of racing for big money. Tuesday was the dragster shootout, where the winner had a choice of either a Folk Race Cars or American Race Cars Stage 1 dragster. Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday were reserved for the Moser Engineering $40k’s, while Friday was the SDPC Raceshop $500K.

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Kyle Cultrera was victorious in the dragster shootout on Tuesday evening, defeating Dylan Coggins in the final round. Cultrera chose the Folk Race Cars Stage 1 Dragster, while Coggins went home with the American Race Cars Stage 1 dragster.


Nick Brener defeated Curt Harvey in the final round on Moser Engineering Wednesday to pick up the $40,000 check.

Noah Lewis and Dylan Coggins were the semi-finalists.


Curt Harvey decided one final round appearance wasn’t enough and found himself there once again, but this time coming out on top. Harvey defeated Troy Williams Jr. to pick up the big check and trophy.

Slate Cummings and AJ Ashe were the semi-finalists.



Stephen McCrory is a frequent flyer in the winners circle at all GABR events, and he added another win the his resume after defeating Will Holloman in the final round on the SDPC Raceshop 500K.

Richard Alford Jr and Slate Cummings were the semi-finalists.


The final day of the GABR 500K came to a close as local racer Casey Prince parked it in the winners circle after defeating Timmy Smith in the final round.

Jesse Bobo and AJ Ashe were the semi-finalists.

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