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DragChamp 2022 Top Bulb Racer of the Year

Cory Gulitti is your 2022 DragChamp Top Bulb Racer of the Year presented by Laris Motorsports Insurance

01/25/23 – Welcome to the 2022 DragChamp Top Bulb Racer of the Year Top 10 List presented by Laris Motorsports Insurance. We ranked the best Top Bulb racers of the year to complete the Top 10 List. Read below to see which racers made the biggest impact over the 2022 season.

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DragChamp Top 10 List

Since the Top Bulb racers were too shy to post their 2022 results on our nominations post, we took a different approach to the list this year. We researched the DragChamp archives for big dollar bracket racing results in 2022 and ranked racers primarily based on the quantity of their major wins. While some won larger paying events than others, we looked for racers that won on a consistent basis at the largest events of the year.

1 –Cory Gulitti

Cory gulitti

Cory Gulitti put on a clinic at the biggest races in 2022. The young Texan traveled the country racking up big checks at the SFG, the Fling, Loose Rocker, VMP, Michigan, and more. According to Caroline McCarty, Cory was a perfect 13 for 13 in final rounds during his 2022 campaign. We counted nine major victories including a dragster shootout victory at the Fall Fling, two $50K SFG victories, a $25K victory, and numerous $10K’s. Gulitti also posted a semifinal finishs at an SFG $100K race and a Fling $30K. To cap off his impressive season, Cory earned his first victory in a doorcar when he doubled up at a Loose Rocker event.

2 – Kyle Cultrera


Kyle Cultrera earned the #2 spot after winning six major events on the season. Cultrera was upstoppable during a two-week stretch in September when he won back-to-back hundred granders at the Summer Fling and Superbowl of Drag Racing. The Maine-based big money bracket racer also won two $20K’s, a $10K, and a $6K during the season in a variety of race cars. Kyle closed the season with a $75K runner-up in Florida.

3 – Kevin Brannon

KB lands in the three spot on the Top 10 List after winning five major races. Brannon kicked off the season winning the Spring Fling Million in Vegas last April. He followed with a $30K runner-up at the Spring Fling Galot just a few weeks later. Throughout the season Brannon racked up wins including two $20K’s and a $5K before closing the year with a $75K SFG victory in Florida.

4 – Matt Dadas

matt dadas

Matt Dadas finds himself on another Top Bulb Racer of the Year Top 10 List after winning at least five major races in 2022. The perennial Top 10 performer ran himself in a $10K final, won a $5K and a $50K at the TB Promotions 50K, won and semi’d a $75K SFG race, and won $30K at the Fall Fling.

5 – Will Holloman

will holloman

Willywood secured a top 5 spot on the list after posting five major victories. Holloman won a $5K, $10K, $20K, $40K, and a $50K during the season. He added a runner-up finish in an SFG $75K race, made the split in the OG Million and the SFG Half Million.

6 – Donovan Williams

Donovan Williams enjoyed a career defining season when he won two hundred granders in 2022. The Doughboy collected $100K paydays at the Capital City Classic and the SFG Superbowl of Bracket Racing. He then added a $50K SFG victory, a $25K victory, and a $20K runner-up at the New Years Nationals. He came close to another big win when he made it to the semifinals at the TB $50K.

7 – Rayce Kidd

Rayce Kidd carried the flag for West Coast bracket racers after winning seven major events. His largest victory of the season came at the SFG Superbowl when he cashed for $50K. He added five $10K victories out west including a double-up at Las Vegas. Kidd also won a $6K race and runnered-up a $10K.

8 – Aaron Disinger

Aaron disinger

Aaron Disinger went on an unbelievable run through throughout the summer and early fall. After winning two $10K’s and a $5K earlier in the season, Disinger grabbed a runner-up at the SFG Half Million. He added a $20K victory at the Mike Smith Memorial race, made the split in the OG Million, and finished the weekend with a runner-up in the OG Million $100K.

9 – Peter Biondo

Biondo doorslammer feature

The Terminator lands in the #9 spot after winning four major races in 2022. What’s more impressive than the four big victories was the fact that he probably only raced 4-5 times last season. Peter won a $10K and semi’d a $50K in Tucson early last season. He also won a $20K at Numidia and doubled up for $40K at Loose Rocker American Doorslammers race.

10 – Peeps Pennington

The Peep Show snuck into the Top 10 after winning $100,000 on the final day of the OG Million. Peeps added a $30K Spring Fling victory and a $20K CP Racing Promotions to his many local bracket racing victories in 2022.

10 – Ray Miller III

ray miller III

NHRA Super class ace Ray Miller III closes out the Top 10 List after winning two huge races on the season. Ray Ray won $100,000 at the Fall Fling and $75,000 at the Loose Rocker Super Pro $75K. At the Loose Rocker event, Miller just missed doubling up after posting a runner-up in the $12,500 final on Sunday.

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