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DragChamp Jr. Racer Top 10 List- 5/3/23

Isabella Pires doubled-up at Tucson Dragway to lead the DragChamp Jr. Racer Top 10 List presented by Laris Motorsports Insurance.

5/3/23 – Welcome to the DragChamp Jr. Racer Top 10 List presented by Laris Motorsports Insurance. Each week we rank the best Jr. racers across the country based on their weekly performances. Nominations are accepted every Monday evening on our Facebook page.

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DragChamp Jr. Racer Top 10 List

1 – Isabella Pires

Isabella Pires won both days of the 13-14 year old age group at the Tucson Dragway NHRA Pacific Division Junior Championship Series to earn the #1 spot.

2 – Grace Varner

Grace Varner won three weekends in a row with her most recent win coming from the King of the Coast Event #2 at Gulfport Dragway to snag the second spot.

3 – Jesse Varner

Jesse Varner continues his winning ways by claiming the Sunday 10-12 year old win at the King of the Coast Event #2. Last weekend, he doubled-up at Carolina Dragway.

4 – Rylee Wells

Rylee Wells picked up a win and a runner-up in the 13-17 year old age group at the King of the Coast Event #2.

5 – Jace Renoll

Jace Renoll rounds out the top 5 after picking up the 10-12 year old win in the Friday Renoll Shootout, which also moved him into the 10-17 year old class where he runnered-up to win 1,500. In addition, Jace went on to also runner-up in his age group on Saturday in the NHRA D7 Junior Championship Series race.

6 – Summer Field

Summer Field made three final round appearances last Saturday and was able to seal the deal and win in her Jr. Dragster.

7 – Camron Nelson

This past weekend, Camron Nelson found himself in the Winner’s Circle again with another runner-up. This makes 9 weekends at the race track for Camron and 7 final round appearances, 5 wins and 2 runner up for the year so far.

8 – Bailey Benda

In the month of April, Bailey Benda had been to 3 finals and won 2 of them. He earned a spot in the IHRA World Finals and recently won the $1K Junior Dragster race at Ethridge Motorsport Park.

9 (Tie)– Hope Capley

Hope Capley takes the #9 spot after making 3 finals in 3 weeks (2 wins, 1 runner-up). Her most recent accomplishment was a runner-up at Music City Raceway this past weekend.

9 (Tie)– Hannah Lindsey

Hannah Lindsey also takes the #9 spot after making 3 finals in 3 weeks. So far this season, she has earned 1 win, and 2 runner-ups.

10 – Kirsten Goddard

Kirsten Goddard has made 3 finals in a row in the last two weekends to round out this week’s top 10 list. So far, she has earned 2 runner-ups and a split & quit because of rain.

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