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Bogle and Witherow Win $25K at 6th Annual Spring King of the Creek

Ryan, Bogle, Dudley, Witherow, Kivett, Groves, and Tayman captured wins at the No Limit Promotions 6th Annual Tull Plumbing Spring King of the Creek at Maryland International Raceway.

Write-up and photos provided by No Limit Promotions

MECHANICSVILLE, MD- No Limit Promotions held their 6th Annual Tull Plumbing Spring King of the Creek from May 30 to June 2, 2024, at Maryland International Raceway. The event kicked off on Thursday with a $10K Warm-up race. Friday featured a $25K Top ET race and a $2K Footbrake race. On Saturday, Top ET racers competed for $25K once again, Footbrake racers battled for $5K, and Junior Dragsters raced for $1,500. The event wrapped up on Sunday with a $10K Top ET race, a $2K Footbrake race, and another $1,500-to-win Junior Dragster race.

The next event for No Limit Promotions will be the 2nd Annual Fall King of the Creek on September 5-8, 2024 at Maryland International Raceway.

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Thursday $10K Warm-up

Kicking off with the Thursday 10K warm-up, over 200 entries made their way down the track, and when they got to the quarter finals, there were 4 drivers, with 5 entries total remaining. Tyler Ryan was doubled, Jeff Serra, Trey Dalton, and Travis Leake. There was actually only one competitive pair, as Tyler Ryan had to run himself on the ladder, Trey Dalton had the true bye, so Jeff Serra and Travis Leake were set to duel for the remaining semi final spot. That didn’t take away from ANY excitement. There was a bye to the final on the line between Serra, Leake, and Ryan. With the only pair of competition taking the tree, it was Jeff Serra who set a HIGH bar by letting go .001 and turning on his winlight by being 10 total over Travis Leake’s .016 and above .03 to secure his spot. With the potential bye to the final. There was a CHANCE that Tyler Ryan could steal it from him. All he had to do was be .000. Simple right? Well, that’s what Tyler did. He was .000 on his competition single to steal the bye to the final from Jeff Serra. Setting the stage for Dalton vs Serra at 3 cars.

When the tree dropped in the semi finals, it was once again Jeff Serra with the starting line advantage over his opponent. Jeff secured his final appearance by being .016 take .010 to be 30 total, over Trey Dalton’s .038 dead 2. Tyler Ryan let go .005 on his bye run to secure lane choice in the final.

In the final round, it was over from the beginning as Jeff Serra clipped it -.003 red and Tyler Ryan was crowned the Thursday Warmup 10K Champion.

Tyler Ryan, Thursday $10K Warm-up Winner
Jeff Serra, Thursday $10K Warm-up Runner-up

Friday Results

As they rolled into Friday, two different classes were contested for not only a big check at the end of the night, but to start gathering points that would ultimately crown a champion in September. In McCarty Auto Parts Top ET there was $25,000 on the line. In Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake, there was $2,000 up for grabs.

McCarty Auto Parts Top ET $25K

The first quarter-final in Top ET consisted of 6 drivers. The first pair was Brian Bogle in his Chevy Colorado vs Robbie Hamilton in his dragster. Bogle turned on the winlight over Hamilton by being .011 take .026 to be 23 total. Hamilton was .020 and just checked out at the finish line hoping for a winlight that never came. Bogle was down to three cars. The next pair was Alexis Truit in her Coronet vs Doug Milner in his Aster. Quite the unique Mopar final. With a bye run up for grabs, Alexis rips the tree .004 green and goes dead 4 to be 8 total. Milner unfortunately had issues and went red. Once again, you’d think .004 would be safe for bye to the final, but NOPE. In our final matchup of Dink Holmes vs Tom Dauber, Tom was .000 to secure his bye to the final, as Dink turned it .007 red.

In our only pair of the semi final, it was Brian Bogle’s turn to be .000 to Alexis Truit’s .010. Truit takes the stripe .003 to be .001 under her dial. Bogle runs .012 above to be 12 total and is finals bound to take on Tom Dauber.

As the tree dropped in the final, Dauber was .012 to Bogle’s .015. Brian Bogle sticks his truck dead 0 while Dauber was .02 above his dial, and Brian Bogle was the first $25K McCary Auto Parts Top ET champion of the weekend.

Brian Bogle, Friday Top ET $25K Winner

Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake $2K

On the Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake side of things, there was a full 8 cars in the quarter-final. No byes, just drags to get to our final. The first pair was Bobby Mattera vs Alan Jenkins. This was Alan’s first time back in a car in 13 years! Unfortunately his day would come to an end against Bobby when he turned it red. Bobby would cruise to a semi final spot. The next pair consisted of Joe Goldy vs John Mattera. Mattera had the starting line advatage of .037 to Goldy’s .054. However, he takes to much finish line, breaks out by .003, and Joe Goldy goes to the semi final. The third pair was Cobi Toliver vs Brian German. Cobi swapped the feet to .028 and used a .059 starting line advantage to cruise to a win. The final pair consisted of one of the east coast’s most winningest footbrakers of Devin Dudley vs one of MIR’s most winning locals, Jake Milstead. When Devin’s mustang left the starting line, he was .001 and carried his .049 reaction time advantage to a double breakout win over Jake Milstead.

In the semi-finals it was Cobi Toliver taking on Bobby Mattera. Cobi Toliver was .033 when he left the starting line and used his .025 advantage over Bobby Mattera to secure his final spot. It was a .000 finish line, but Mattera was .003 under his dial. The final pair of the semi finals was Joe Goldy vs Devin Dudley. Both drivers were ready as Dudley was .007 and Goldy was .005. Dudley gets to the finish line first by .009 to be 23 total. And he moves on to face Cobi Toliver in the final.

In that final round, it was Cobi Toliver with the starting line advantage. .017 to a .039. But Devin Dudley pulls the rabbit out of the hat, and STOPS at 102mph to send Cobi through .029 for him to break out by .006. Devin Dudley goes dead on 3, and was crowned as the first Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake Champion of the weekend!

Devin Dudley, Friday $2K Footbrake Winner

Saturday Results

Continuing onto Saturday, there was another $25,000 up for grabs in McCarty Auto Parts Top ET, this time Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake was racing for $5,000, and they added another class, Hubble Motorsports Jr. Dragster which raced for $1,500.

McCarty Auto Parts Top ET $25K

When we got down to our semi-final of Top ET, it was Alan Witherow fresh out of big money racing retirement taking on Ryan Barnes. Witherow in the borrowed Hustwayte ride is .005 on the tree to Barnes’ .016. Barnes takes a .010 stripe to be under .004. Witherow is 11 total, and he goes to the final round. The 2nd half of our semi-final consisted of Brice Cornish Jr vs Greg Thompson. It was over on the starting line as Thompson clips it red, and Brice Cornish Jr is finals bound to take on Alan Witherow.

In that final round, Brice lets go .004 to Alan’s .014, but the win light turns on for Alan Witherow who is dead on 8, and Brice can’t run his number. Alan is crowned as the final McCarty Auto Parts Top ET $25K Champion of the weekend.

Alan Witherow, Saturday $25K Top ET Winner
Brice Cornish Jr, Saturday $25K Top ET Runner-up

Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake $2K

In Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake, the semi-final consisted of three drivers. Peter Kivett was on the bye to the final, and Jason Parker was set to square up with Richard Alford Jr. Jason Parker secured his spot to the final when he swapped feet to .030 and dead on with a 6 to lock out Alford’s .042 tree.

In the finals it was Peter Kivett with the starting line advantage of .009 to Parker’s .026. Peter Kivett goes .10 above to be 19 total. Parker’s .026 take .002 breaks him out, and Kivett is the $5K Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake champion!

Peter Kivett, Saturday $5K Footbrake Winner
Spring King of the Creek
Jason Parker, Saturday $5K Footbrake Runner-up

Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster $1,500

In the first semi-final of the weekend for Hubble Motorsports Jr Dragster, it was Kaiden Groves vs Jessi Tayman. Jessi actually had the starting line advantage by .008 over Groves. But Groves gets the winlight as Jessi breaks out by .006. The other half of the semi final was a young man of Nazair Wallace vs seasoned vet Chris Suppers. Nazair has a .032 starting line advantage over Suppers, and carries it to a win, securing his spot in the final.

In that final round, Kaiden Groves had the starting line advantage over Nazair Wallace, and used that to turn on the final win light becoming the first Hubble Motorsports Jr Dragster Champion of the weekend.

Spring King of the Creek
Kaiden Groves, Saturday Junior Dragster Winner
Spring King of the Creek
Nazair Wallace, Saturday Junior Dragster Runner-up

Sunday Results

On the final day, there was still $10,000 up for grabs in McCarty Auto Parts Top ET, $2,000 in Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake, and another $1,500 in Hubble Motorsports Jr Dragster.

McCarty Auto Parts Top ET $10K

In the Sunday Top ET semi-final there was one competition pair of Jimmy Tayman vs Bob Kolibsky with David Tyler having the bye to the final. When the tree fired, it was Tayman with the starting line advantage being .018 to Kolibsky’s .031. Jimmy Tayman goes dead on with a 1, and punches his ticket to the final round to take on David Tyler.

When the cars left the stating line in the final round, it was David Tyler with the starting line advantage of Jimmy Tayman. .018 to a .031. At the finish line it was Tayman who got there first to be dead on with a 2. Tyler was .03 over his dial, and Jimmy Tayman was crowned as the McCarty Auto Parts $10K Sunday champion.

Spring King of the Creek
Jimmy Tayman, Sunday $10K Top ET Winner

Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake $2K

In the Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake semi-final, it was Bart Spicer taking on Chad Burch. Spicer uses his .018 reaction time and .034 advantage over Burch to turn on his win light. He was .018 take .031 to secure the final round for Spicer. The other half of the semi-final consisted of a familiar face of Devin Dudley taking on Molly Reynolds. Dudley, trying to secure his 2nd final round appearance of the weekend, does so by being .020 and going 6.414 on his 6.38 dial.

In the final round it was Dudley with a .010 advantage over Spicer on the tree. Devin Dudley is .037 take .003 to turn on his win light, securing another $2K Champion check in Ultra Trailer Sales Footbrake.

Spring King of the Creek
Devin Dudley, Sunday $2K Footbrake Winner

Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster $1,500

In the Sunday Hubble Motorsports Jr. Dragster semi-final, it was Parker Fields taking on Alex Nelson. Fields is .007 on the tree and uses his big reaction time advantage to turn on his win light over Nelson. The other half, again a familiar face of Kaiden Groves taking on Abigail Norment. Same as the first pair, it was all in the reaction time as Kaiden Groves is .049 and cruises to a win, to secure his spot in the final.

When the final round tree dropped, it was a great drag race up front. Fields is .011 to Groves .020. What it came down to, was who could run the number, and the win light turned on for Kaiden Groves who ran 7.921 on his 7.90 dial, compared to Parker Field’s 8.030 on his 7.98. Kaiden Groves secures his 2nd big check, and SWEEPS the weekend in Hubble Motorsports Jr. Dragster.

Spring King of the Creek
Kaiden Groves, Sunday Junior Dragster Winner

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the No Limit Promotions 6th Annual Tull Plumbing Spring King of the Creek at Maryland International Raceway.

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