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Grissom Leads Winners at CP West Texas Showdown

McQueen, Henry, Gadis, Grissom, Santos, and Burrell collected wins from the CP Racing Promotions GreenDirt West Texas Showdown presented by Tom Thorp Transports at Penwell Knights Raceway.

Photos by Optimal Photography/ Noah Sanders

ODESSA, TX- The CP Promotions GreenDirt West Texas Showdown, presented by Tom Thorp Transports took place April 26-28, 2024 at Penwell Knights Raceway. This exciting event spanned three days and featured a variety of bracket racing action.

Racers enjoyed two $7,500 Box competitions, two $5K No Box main events, and two $2,500-to-win Junior Dragster races. Additionally, Friday’s schedule included a $5K Box Gamblers race, $3K No Box Gamblers race, and a $1,500-to-win Junior Dragster Gamblers race.

See full event results below!

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Friday Results

$5K Box Gamblers

In the $5K Friday Gamblers Race, Penwell local Mikel McQueen claimed victory over GW Davidson.

Mikel McQueen, Friday Box Gamblers Winner

$3K No Box Gamblers

Dustin Henry defeated Sam Green in the Friday $3K No Box Gamblers final round.

Dustin Henry, Friday No Box Gamblers Race Winner
Sam Green, Friday No Box Gamblers Race Runner-up
Sam Green, Friday No Box Gamblers Race Runner-up

$1,500 Junior Dragster Gamblers

Barrett Gadis, the last remaining 6-10 year old racer, continued into the 11+ $1,500-to-win Junior class and clinched the final round victory there as well, defeating Colt Saum.

Barrett Gadis, Friday Junior Dragster Gamblers Winner

Saturday Results

Box $7,500

Saturday’s racing events were cut short due to a West Texas windstorm, which made it unsafe to finish. The Box category was split with 7 cars remaining, including Rick Huffman, James Asbill, Greg Meuth, Bryan Bennett, K. Coppedge, Gabriel Hernandez, and LJ Grissom.

No Box $5K

In No Box, Dustin Henry, Evan Santos, Sam Redding and Graeme Rufenacht split the money.

Junior Dragster $2,500

Junior Dragsters were in the semi-final round as well. Ryan Nevell, Peyton Saunders, and Ayden Gossett were the racers still in competition.

Sunday Results

Box $7,500

In Sunday’s Box $7,500-to-win class, LJ Grissom took the win over Tyler Thorp.

LJ Grissom, Sunday $7,500 Box Winner
LJ Grissom, Sunday $7,500 Box Winner
Tyler Thorp (left), Sunday $7,500 Box Runner-up

No Box $5K

Evan Santos captured the Sunday $5K No Box win over Aaron Cadena.

Evan Santos, Sunday No Box $5K Winner
Aaron Cadena, Sunday No Box $5K Runner-up
Aaron Cadena, Sunday No Box $5K Runner-up

Junior Dragsters $2,500

Clay Burrell carried the momentum from being the last remaining 6-10 Jr. racer all the way to the final, securing the main event win.

Clay Burrell, Sunday Junior Dragster Winner

Dialed In Details Best Appearing Car Award

Zach Crandall and his beautiful Nova were crowned the Dialed In Details Best Appearing Car.

Zach Crandall, Best Appearing Car Award Winner

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the  CP Promotions GreenDirt West Texas Showdown presented by Tom Thorp Transports at Penwell Knights Raceway.

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