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Single Shot Showdown Coming to Xtreme Raceway Park

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown on April 18-20, 2024 at Xtreme Raceway Park.

FERRIS, TX- Get ready for the highly anticipated Inaugural Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown, scheduled for April 18-20, 2024, at Xtreme Raceway Park. This action-packed event promises a lineup of exciting races, including a $5K Thursday Warm-up, $10K Super Pro races, and $2,500-to-win No-Box, with the option to go all in with the ‘Risky Business’ choice.

But that’s not all—the excitement continues with additional events such as the Friday Jr. Dragster Gamblers Race, the Friday $2K Duck Race, and the highly anticipated Saturday night Old School $10K. Junior Dragster racers will also have their moment to shine with a $500-to-win race on Saturday.

The Pennington Bros. are heading back to the basics with 100% guaranteed purses, no minimum car count, no doubles, and drivers will not be allowed to compete in multiple classes.

Get full event details below!

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Thursday All Run $5K Warm-up / Test n’ Tune

Thursday will kick-off the electrifying weekend with a $5,000-to-win All Run Warm-up race. The winner will claim a $5,000 prize, while the runner-up secures $750, and semi-finalists earn $250. Entry into the warm-up race is set at $100 which also includes test n’ tune. There will be a first-round buyback option of needed, propelling participants straight into the second round. No Box competitors will be called separately until one remains.

If you aren’t entered in the $5K warm-up, and would like to test on Thursday night, test n’ tune will cost $40.

Super Pro $10K Main Events

Friday and Saturday promise an exhilarating showdown with a remarkable $10,000 prize each day for the Super Pro main events, while the runner-up secures $2,000, and semi-finalists walk away with $1,000. Round money will begin with 4th round losers. Opt for a single-day entry at $200, or the full three-race weekend experience for $475 which includes Friday and Saturday main events along with the Old School Saturday $10K. There will also be a re-entry opportunity available, which will be run separate and priced at $100 if your first-round win light doesn’t shine. And remember, there is a no doubles policy in effect.

No-Box Main Events

No-Box enthusiasts will have a choice between two enticing options: racing for a $2,500 prize or diving into the high-stakes excitement of the ‘Risky Business’ entry for a shot at the full $10,000 Super Pro purse.

Opting for the $2,500 purse means the runner-up secures $750, while semi-finalists take home $250, and quarter-finalists earn $75. A single-day entry comes at a $100, whereas a two-day pass for both Friday and Saturday $2.5K events is available at $150. For those looking to enter all three events (Friday $2.5K, Saturday $2.5K, and Old School $10K), the full weekend entry fee is priced at $275.

A re-entry option is available at $50 which will be run separate.

No-Box Risky Business

For the those opting for the No-Box ‘Risky Business’ route, you’ll pay the full $475 Super Pro weekend entry which gets you into the Friday $10K, Saturday $10K, and Old School $10K.

Once you win No Box, you’ll continue into Super Pro to run for $10,000. Round money of $100 in the Friday and Saturday Main Events will kick in starting from the 4th round loser.

The re-entry round into the Risky Business Friday or Saturday Main Event stands at $100.

Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown

Friday Duck Race $2K

Introducing the Friday Duck Race, an exciting opportunity for competitors who have been eliminated in the 3rd round or earlier of the Friday Main Event. This thrilling event will run alongside the Friday Main Event, starting after the 4th round.

The winner of the Friday Duck Race will earn a $2,000 prize, while the runner-up will claim $500, and semi-finalists will take home $200. Entry into this race is set at $60, with no buybacks, no time trials, and featuring an all-run field.

No-box competitors will be kept separate until one remains.

Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown

Friday Night Jr. Dragster Gamblers

On Friday Night, there will be $250-to-win Jr. Dragster Gamblers Race. The entry fee is $40 with a $25 buyback available if needed. It will be an all run field and there will be one time trial at 6PM.

Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown

Saturday Old School $10K

Saturday night will shine with the highly anticipated Old School $10K event which will bring bracket racing back to the basics will no doubles, no buybacks, and no minimum car count.

The winner will take home $10,000, while the runner-up will claim $2,000. Semi-finalists will walk away with $500, and quarter-finalists will cash in for $250.

Entry into this event is available at a single fee of $200, or racers can opt for the three-race weekend entry at $475.

No-Box will be kept separate until one remains.

Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown

Saturday Jr. Dragster

Jr. Dragster racers will battle it out for $500 on Saturday with $250 going to the runner-up and $100 to semi-finalists. They will be split up by age groups: 6-9, 10-12, and 13 & Up. Age groups will run separate until one remains in each category then combined. There will be a $100 bonus to the last standing 6-9 year old. The entry fee is $50 and there will be a 1st round buyback available for $30 which will take you straight into 2nd round.

Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown



  • Gates/ Registration/ Parking Opens 12 NOON
  • Open Test n’ Tune 4PM
  • 1st Round Warmup Race 6PM


  • Registration Opens 8AM
  • Time Trial 9AM
  • 1st Round to Follow
  • Run Order: No Box, Super Pro
  • Duck Race Starts after 4th Round
  • Jr. Dragster Gamblers Time Trial 6PM


  • Registration Opens 8AM
  • New Entry Time Trial ONLY 9AM
  • Jr. Dragster Time Trial to Follow
  • 1st Round No Box/ Super Pro
  • Jr. Dragster Time Trial 2 (Time Permitting)
  • Main Event Run to Completion
  • Followed by “Old School 10K” (Time Trial Time Permitting)
Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown

If you have any questions about the Inaugural Pennington Bros. Single Shot Showdown, contact Preston ‘Peeps’ Pennington at 361-449-0779 or at racepeeps@gmail.com. You can also contact Michael Pennington at 361-318-3493 or Phillip Pennington at 361-319-9799.

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