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Staging Light to Kick Off Stone Jug Bracket Series in June

Make plans to attend Event #1 of the Staging Light Stone Jug Championship Bracket Series presented by GOTUS Trucking at Keystone Raceway Park on June 21-23, 2024.

Featured photo by Bill Truby

NEW ALEXANDRIA, PA- Get ready for the start of the Staging Light Stone Jug Championship Bracket Series, presented by GOTUS Trucking, igniting their season with Event #1 from June 21-23, 2024, at Keystone Raceway Park. This event will feature three-days of bracket racing action, featuring the Fuel Factory $10K on Friday, the Abruzzi Transmission & Converters $20K on Saturday, and the McCarty Auto Parts $10K on Sunday.

But wait, there’s more! There will also be a $3K Friday night Gamblers Race and a $5K Saturday night Gamblers Race.

No-Box racers are also invited in on the fun and will run separate each day in the main events until one remains.

If you won’t be able to attend Event #1 in person, you can tune into MotorMania TV to watch the racing action live. The livestream is powered by Weldon High Performance, Hot Shot’s Secret, and Vickers Performance.

Mark your calendars for Event #2 on July 26-28, 2024, and Event #3 on September 6-8, 2024, both at Keystone Raceway.

Get more event details below!

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Main Events

Friday & Sunday $10Ks

On Friday and Sunday, there will be a $10,000-to-win race each day, with $2,500 awarded to the runner-ups and semi-finalists taking home $1,000. Round money of $100 will commence with 3rd round winners. The single-day entry fee is $150, or racers can choose a full weekend entry for $400, which includes the Friday $10K, Saturday $20K, and Sunday $10K. Additionally, a first-round re-entry option will be available for $100 in case you aren’t able to turn that first round win light on. Fuel Factory is the sponsor for Friday, while McCarty Auto Parts is sponsoring Sunday’s event.

Saturday $20K

Abruzzi Transmissions & Converters Saturday will feature a $20,000-to-win main event with $5,000 going to runner-up and semi-finalists will take home $1,500. $200 round money will begin with 3rd round winner. The single day entry is $230 or racers can chose to purchase the $10K/ $20K/ $10K weekend entry for $400. There will be a re-entry round available for $150 if needed.

Best Losing Package

The Best Losing Package from round 1 on each day will earn a free re-entry courtesy of Hootenanny Races.

One Sky Media No-Box

One Sky Media No-Box competitors will run in a separate category with their own bye run until only one car remains. The last remaining No-Box car will be awarded a bonus: $650 on Friday and Sunday, along with a $100 Summit gift card, and $1,200 on Saturday, also with a $100 Summit gift card. Additionally, the winner will advance to the next round alongside the remaining entries in the Main Event. If there are 32 or more cars in the No-Box category, the bonus prize will double! No-Box entries will be limited to single entries only. Any second entries must compete alongside Box door cars.

Stone Jug Event #1
Photo by Bill Truby

Gamblers Races

Friday Night

Friday will feature a $3,000-to-win All Run Gamblers Race! The runner-up will earn $1,00 with semi-finalists taking home $500. $50 round money will start with 3rd round winners and the entry fee will be $100. It is all run and doubles are not allowed. If there are more than 110 entries, there will be a $50 buyback available.

Saturday Night

On Saturday night, racers can try their luck in the $5,000-to-win Gamblers Race. Runner-up will take home $1,200 and semi-finalists will secure $500. $60 round money begins with 3rd round winners. Like the Friday night Gamblers race, it is all run and no doubles are allowed. There will be a $60 buyback available only if there more than 110 entries.

Stone Jug Event #1
Photo by Bill Truby

Stone Jug Championship Bracket Series Points

The three-event points series is FREE to sign up! You will need to register one car number to be eligible for points. Drivers must run their points car number on their 1st entry (unless on the bye). If doubled, it is the driver’s responsibility to run the correct car number. Points will stay with the driver, not the specific car and points are awarded for main event races only. There will be bonus points for winner and runner-ups for the main event final rounds only. No-Box winner and runner-up will receive standard round points.

  • 10 points per round 1 loss
  • 10 points per round win
  • 5 points per re-entry round win
  • 5 points per round win as a re-entry
  • Bonus Points: Win: 2 points, Runner-up: 1 point



  • Gates Open 3-11PM
  • Test & Tune ($40) 6:30-10:30PM


  • Gates Open All Night with Security
  • Registration Opens 7AM
  • Time Trial (1) 9AM
  • Fuel Factory Round 1 to Follow
  • $3K Friday Gamblers Race!


  • Gates Open All Night with Security
  • Registration Opens 7AM
  • New Entry Time Trial 9AM
  • Abruzzi Round 1 to Follow
  • $5K Saturday Gamblers


  • Registration Opens 8:30AM
  • New Entry Time Trial 9AM
  • McCarty Round 1 9:15AM


  • Adults $15/Day or $35 for the Weekend
  • Kids 12 & Under FREE!

If you have any questions about the Stone Jug Championship Bracket Series Event #1, contact Michael Beard at 440-415-3541 or at staginglight@gmail.com. You can also visit the Staging Light Facebook page for more information.

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