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Tate Hildebrandt: DragChamp Jr Racer Spotlight       

Tate Hildebrandt is in this week’s DragChamp Jr Racer Spotlight. Learn all about this DragChamp Pro Member in his spotlight below!

PEARLAND, TX- Tate Hildebrandt has been drag racing for four years, ever since his grandpa, Kevin Theobald and dad, Jason Hildebrandt introduced him to the sport. Racing runs in the family, as both his grandpa and dad are also racers themselves. Tate started out racing in the 8.90 class and has since moved up into 7.90. He primarily competes in the Southwest Jr. Dragster Series and considers Houston Raceway Park, Xtreme Raceway Park, and Pine Valley Raceway his home tracks. This past year, Tate raced at 13 different tracks over 25 weekends, including prestigious events like the NHRA Western Conference Finals at Bandimere and the NHRA Eastern Conference Finals in Bristol.

Get to know more about Tate below!

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His Race Car

Tate’s current Junior Dragster is a 2004 Hardens, designed to resemble a WW1 Bomber. He has owned this car for 4 years. The car is powered by a 3 ½ inch Jim Rogers motor, capable of running 7.90s. In addition to his role as a driver, Tate is actively involved in maintaining his car. He has also learned the skills to swap engines and perform tasks such as removing and cleaning the clutch.

Outside of Racing

When Tate isn’t speeding down the track in his Junior Dragster, he finds joy in a variety of activities. From gaming sessions to tinkering with his race car, he keeps himself busy. His entertainment tastes range from his favorite movie, Cars to the rap music of Chief Keef. A fan of baseball, he proudly supports the Minnesota Twins. When hunger strikes, brisket is his go-to food with his favorite restaurant being Whataburger. Online, Tate channels his passion for racing into Roblox Drag Racing.


  • 2023 IHRA Division 4 Jr Dragster Champion
  • 2023 IHRA World Finals Qualifier
  • 2023 JDRL Challenge Wally at Julesburg Raceway 13-17 Age Group Winner
  • SWJD All Run Big Money at I-30 Raceway Winner
  • 2022 IHRA D4 Jr Finals at Little River Raceway 10-12 Age Group Winner
  • 2022 IHRA D4 Team Finals shootout at Xtreme Raceway Park Winner
  • 2022 Space City Showdown at Houston Raceway Park Winner
  • 2022 Houston Raceway Park Points Race #2 6-12 Age Group Winner
  • 2022 Pueblo Motorsports Park Points race 2 10-13 Age Group Winner
  • 2022 Pueblo Motorsports Park Points race 3 10-13 Age Group Winner
  • 2023 Pine Valley Raceway Turkey Race 1K Runner-up
  • 2023 Xtreme Raceway Park Points Race Runner-up
  • Edinberg Motorsports Park Points Race Runner-up
  • Xtreme Raceway Park Points Runner-up
  • 2022 Houston Raceway Park Points race #1 6-12 year Age Group Runner-up
  • 2022 Houston Raceway Park Points race #4 6-12 Age Group Runner-up
  • 2022 WCF Main Event 12 Year Old Semi-finalist
  • 2022 WCF Shootout 8.90 Class Semi-finalist
  • 2023 ECF 13 Year Old Main Event Semi-finalist

Tate’s Q&A

Which win are you most proud of? 

The win I’m most proud of is the IHRA D4 Finals at Xtreme Raceway Park.

What’s on your bucket list, future goals, what do you hope to achieve? 

I want to win WCF, ECF, and the Christmas on the coast 20k. My goals are to become one of the best and grow each race.

Who has made the biggest impact on your racing success? 

My Dad.

Who do you look up to in the sport?

I look up to my dad, Grandpa, and Nasty Nick Hastings.

Who do you hate to see in the other lane, and why? 

Nobody because I focus on my own race, no matter who it is.

What’s the hardest part of drag racing? 

Hitting the tree and being able to do It consistently.

What do you enjoy most about racing? 

The friends and whomping.

Do you love to win or hate to lose?

I HATE to lose.

Which are you better at the starting line or the finish line? 

Depends on the day, sometimes I’m best at the start, some days I’m best at the top, or I’m a NDMF.

Who would you like to thank, who helps you the most? 

I would like to thank my dad for always running me and being a good crew chief and my mom for allowing me to race.

What advice would you give to young aspiring racers?

Don’t give up focus on the finish line and you will succeed. Also line up the top end cage to cage.

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