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DragChamp Pro is currently closed to new members. Our next open enrollment will be at the end of May.


In 2018, after spending my entire life racing on the local and national level, I found it appalling that local racers who dedicated massive amounts of time and money to the sport they loved were all but ignored by drag racing media sites. Those sites seemed more interested in the professional classes or Pro Mods and rarely posted anything about big dollar bracket racers, local bracket racers, or NHRA Lucas Oil series racers.

Being a weekend warrior myself, I know full well the time, dedication, and commitment necessary to compete week in and week out. So just over three years ago DragChamp was created with the intention to bring a national spotlight to local racers who live, breathe, and sleep drag racing. In that time, DragChamp has grown into the premier sportsman racing website with over 30,000 followers on social media and tens of thousands of webpage views each month. Our massive following has allowed us to make superstars out of local racers while giving racers across the country a platform to receive national attention for their hard work.


A few months ago we created the DragChamp Pro membership program that allows racers to be part of the DragChamp team. DragChamp Pro was established as a way for us to leverage our relationships with race promoters, parts manufacturers, and retailers to give back to the racers that support DragChamp. DragChamp Pro members receive exclusive benefits for as little as $10/month.

When you join the DragChamp Pro program, you’ll receive exclusive discounts, a DCP members-only t-shirt, DCP decals, and access to new episodes of the DragChamp Show podcast! Members are also automatically enrolled in to monthly giveaways for product discounts, free product giveaways, and free bracket race entry giveaways.

Access to the DragChamp Show Podcast!!!

As a DragChamp Pro member, you’ll get exclusive access to the DragChamp Show podcast!

That’s right, the DragChamp Show is back for 2022 as Ryan, Jake, and Gary Don have committed to producing 6-10 shows in 2022. And the only way to access new episodes of the podcast is by joining the DragChamp Pro membership program.

In addition to our traditional podcast episodes, we’ll mix in a variety of other episodes throughout the year.

As you can see, we have big plans for the podcast in 2022 and it’s exclusively for our DragChamp Pro members!

Discounts and Free Product Giveaways

We’ve partnered with the best brands in drag racing to provide exclusive discounts and free products to DragChamp Pro members. As a DragChamp Pro member, you’ll benefit from our relationships with companies like Pro 1 Safety, Competitive Suspension, Altronics, Hot Shots Secret, This is Bracket Racing Elite, Spears Motorsports, MRCOOL heating and air systems from EDR Motorsports, Trick-E Grafix Custom Paint, Space Coast Speed & Custom, Bracket Life Brand, RedTide Canopies, Salter Racing, AEM Electronics, Wired Designs and there’s much more to come.

Become a DragChamp PRO member and you’ll enjoy a full year of savings and be automatically entered into over 50 giveaways!

DragChamp works behind the scenes to negotiate deals with companies which are then passed along to our members.

Two lucky members will win a free custom helmet paint job from Chris Eidson at Trick-E Grafix Custom Paint. One Pro member will win a free trailer AC unit from MRCOOL and Zac Fulcher. Competitive Suspension will giveaway a free monoshock or set of Sportsman shocks in addition to a number of $100 off coupons.

We are constantly adding prizes to the program so the sooner you join, the more you benefit.

Free Bracket Race Entries

But the program is not just about free products and discounts, DragChamp Pro members are also entered into drawings for FREE race entries at bracket races all across the country.


Our members have already won free entries into races such as the Great American New Years Spectacular, Southern Big Buck Nationals, Footbrake 150, Top Bulb 150, and King of the Coast Event #1 bracket race and there’s more to come throughout the year!

The World Footbrake Challenge has joined the DCP program and one lucky member will receive a weekend entry into the WFC 16 at Bristol Dragway!

FRBR Promotions will giveaway free weekend entries to all three of their 2022 events. Members are eligible to win a free entry for the Independence Showdown at Numidia Dragway, the Door Wars footbrake race at Maryland International Raceway, and the Coastal Clash at US13 Dragway.

Final Call Promotions is providing a free weekend entry to all three of their 2022 races. This includes the Working Man $10 Grands at Kil-Kare, The Bernie Mann Memorial No Delay Nationals and the Door Car Duel at Wabash Valley Dragway.

Paige Hamlin at Hamlin Motorsports will giveaway a free weekend entry to her Six Shooter Showdown bracket race at Xtreme Raceway Park!

Jon Maugans and Luke Bogacki are giving away a free entry into their upcoming Bottom Bulb Explosion at Mid America Dragway.

And there’s more to come throughout the year!!!!

More Benefits

Want more? The program includes many more benefits including a members only DragChamp Pro t-shirt designed by Chase Huffman Designs.

All members will receive one t-shirt and DragChamp Pro decals. Here’s a sneak peak of the t-shirt.

Chase Huffman Designs

You will receive weekly email updates from DragChamp including updates on giveaways.

There’s also a members only Facebook group were you’ll be able to communicate with the group and keep up with everything that’s going on inside the program.

We also pick members for our Racer Spotlight program where we write an article about you and your racing operation. Spotlight articles get shared on DragChamp.com, our Facebook page, the Facebook Group, and our newsletter.

For as little as $10 per month, paid once annually, you are locked in to the best membership program in drag racing. Pay once and benefit for the next 12 months!

But you need to hurry as enrollment is only open for a limited time! You don’t want to miss this opportunity as once the doors close, they won’t open again for several months. Our current enrollment period runs from February 27 through 10pm CST on March 13, 2022. The next enrollment period will be in May of 2022.

Let’s Recap

It’s the best deal in motorsports and a gift that keeps on giving for a full YEAR!!!!! Hit the button below and join DragChamp Pro today!

A word from the CEO

As the founder and CEO of DragChamp, we plan to build the biggest and best membership program in drag racing. Our commitment to our members is to use our connections with manufacturers, retailers, service providers, and race promoters to give back to the racers that join our program. We know how hard it is to find product discounts, obtain sponsorships, or get free products from companies.

Companies just don’t give away as much product as in years past. We tackle those issues ourselves and give back to our members. Since we have a large following, we have more to offer companies which makes it an easy decision to work with DragChamp. As we build relationships with more and more companies, the DragChamp Pro membership program will give more to our Pro members.

We’re excited for this program and look forward to growing it with you. In addition to free stuff, we’ve heard you loud and clear, you want the podcast back, so Ryan, Jake, and myself are making that happen in 2022! We listen to our audience so we can deliver on the the things that are important to you.

Become a Pro member today and start reaping the rewards!

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