Titles Earned at Houston Raceway Park Texas Bracket Series

Bart Nelson, Drew Porcher, Camron Nelson, and Mallory Mosley claim titles at Houston Raceway Park’s Texas Bracket Series; final race

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Next Gen Racers Cash in at SWJDS No Problem Nationals

Ten Junior Dragster racers pick up wins at the Southwest Jr. Dragster Series No Problem Nationals at No Problem Raceway.

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Houston Raceway Park Hosts Texas Bracket Series

Clint White, Drew Porcher, Cole Foster, Colton Farley, Karmin Nelson, and Timothy Rivette claim wins at the Saturday night Texas

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Winners Emerge from Big Country Raceway Race 7 & 8

Racers win big at the Big Country Raceway Race 7 & 8 Summit ET race weekend July 17-18, 2021. The

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Cummings Cashes Out at Summer Heat Nationals

Slate Cummings ran himself in the Sunday $30K final round to end the weekend at the Summer Heat Nationals at

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Junior DragChamp Spotlight with Cole Foster

This week’s DragChamp Jr. Racer Spotlight is all about the 10-12 year old SouthWest Junior Dragster Series Champion, Cole Foster.

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