660 Top Bulb Nationals Returns to Keystone Raceway

The Cars Protection Plus 660 Top Bulb Nationals presented by Gotus Trucking crowned two champions over the weekend. Serra and Tedesco used .00 reaction times to race into the winner’s circle.

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NEW ALEXANDRIA, PA – The Cars Protection Plus 660 Top Bulb Nationals returned to Keystone Raceway Park July 24-26. The event was originally scheduled as three $15,000 to win races and a gamblers race on Saturday. Due to unexpected and tragic circumstances, Friday’s purse was added to Saturday and Sunday creating two $22,500 to win races.

Every drag racer understands the risk of our sport, but that doesn’t alleviate the shock and pain when one of our own is taken too soon. Unfortunately, every competitor experienced those feelings Friday as fellow racer Jim Baker lost his life during a racing accident. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Jim Baker. We would also like to acknowledge that $1,433 was collected for Mr. Baker’s family during a benefit concert at the event on Saturday night.

jim baker
Jim Baker
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The following recap is courtesy of Chuck Turocy

Saturday Results

On Saturday, 233 cars staged first round on a sunny, warm day. After the time trial came the dial for dollars round, with multiple drivers going dead on the dial. Kyle Beno picked up $700 for going right on the dial down to the ten thousandths.

After seven rounds were completed, there were two dragsters and one door car left to battle for the first $22,500 payday. Jeff Serra was wheeling Rob Berschneider’s dragster and used his .0088 reaction time in the quarterfinals to earn the bye run into the finals.

Squaring off to see who would face him in the final was Keystone Raceway Park’s own Mark Romeo in his 70 Nova and Hunter Patton in his dragster. Romeo gets away with an .03 light when Patton is too quick off the line with a .004 red light.

Mark Romeo vs Jeff Serra final round 660 top bulb nationals
Mark Romeo vs Jeff Serra
Photo credit: Glenn Barbis, Jr.

In the final, to use Skeet Peaco’s line, Romeo’s finger is stuck to the button but Serra’s wasn’t as he was .0021 to chase down the Nova. Jeff goes dead on his 4.88 dial to put together a .009 package to pick up the first big check!

jeff serra saturday winner 660 top bulb nationals
Jeff Serra winner’s circle celebration
Photo credit: BME Photography
Sunday Results

Sunday added a few tech cards as 227 entries answered the first round call on a hot, sunny day. The race came down to another three car semifinal with Tyler Rudolph, Mia Tedesco and Justin Vickers.

Miss Mia used a .0002 reaction time at five cars to earn herself a bye run where she was .0072 on the hit. In the door car versus dragster match up, Vickers is solid with an .0113 reaction time and takes the stripe by .021 for the win. Rudolph was dead on his 4.88 dial, but ultimately mathematically ineligible against Justin’s .0363 package.

Mia Tedesco and Justin Vickers final round 660 top bulb nationals
Mia Tedesco vs. Justin Vickers
Photo credit: Glenn Barbis, Jr.

Sunday’s final looked familiar as another dragster and silver Nova began to stage up for $22,500. Vickers is solid on the leave with a .0146, but Tedesco keeps swinging the lumberjack’s axe as she’s .0020 to rocket after the Nova.

Justin dips under .002, but was just wasting fuel as Tedesco goes 4.7316 on her 4.73 dial for a .0036 package. Miss Mia takes home the big check from the same track where she began her racing career in junior dragsters.

Mia Tedesco Sunday winner 660 top bulb nationals
Mia Tedesco winner’s circle celebration
Photo credit: BME Photography

After a weekend of regular points racing, big money bracket racing returns to Keystone Raceway Park Aug. 8-9 with the Sniper Series. You can find more information about the two day $5,000 to win races by visiting Keystone’s website here.

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