Revised Fling Event Schedule for 2020

With the K&N Spring Fling Galot presented by Optima in the rear-view mirror, co-promoters, Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel, have been diligently trying to piece together their remaining 2020 event schedule.

“We have been working closely with our partner tracks to come up with a game plan for our Fall events,” explained Biondo. “After discussing our options and realizing the commitment we have to our racers and sponsors, we decided it was time to put a plan in place. This is exciting stuff and I think racers will be pumped up to hear what we have planned.”

Perhaps the biggest news starts with the move of the previously scheduled K&N Spring Fling Million event, which was set to happen in April at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This event will now take place at Bristol Dragway on September 28 through October 3, taking the place of the previously scheduled Fall Fling at Bristol. The event name, sponsors, structure, and guaranteed purses will all remain the same.

“We needed to set a date so racers can plan for what is our biggest Fling event of the year,” said Seipel. “Jeff Foster and the LVMS team could not give us a specific date until they got a clearer picture of their Fall schedule at LVMS. We are excited! Unlike our other Fling events this event has a progressive purse and allows gate entries. It could very well end up being our biggest Spring Fling Million ever.”

The event will again feature three $30k-to-win races surrounding the Spring Fling Million main event. Spring Fling Million Friday is guaranteed to pay one winner $250,000, and can pay as much as $1,000,000 if it tops 475 entries. The event format will be an “All Run” field, with the East Coast Fling rule of “A Vehicle Can Only Go Down The Track Once Per Round” remaining in effect.

Biondo and Seipel’s revised schedule is also likely to sit well with West Coast racers who have been patiently waiting for an announcement throughout this pandemic. “Jeff Foster and the LVMS team are telling us they will have a clearer picture of their October schedule by the middle of August,” said Biondo.  At that point we should be able to announce all the details of our Vegas event,” said Biondo. “We realize our West Coast racers expect an event from us in 2020, and we want them to know that LVMS is working with us to accomplish this. We are going to do everything in our power to deliver.”

Although Biondo and Seipel aren’t able to announce an exact date for this event, they did deliver some exciting details. “If everything lines up like we expect, the Vegas event date will be in the October 13 to October 31 timeframe,” added Seipel. “Our West Coast racers have been patient with us, and you can’t find better weather than October in Vegas. The event will pay $10,000-to-win Friday and Sunday, with Saturday’s winner walking away with a $50,000 top prize. To add to the excitement, the event will also feature a 64-car $100,000-to-win shootout.”

With the shuffling of the Fling events, Biondo and Seipel also announced one more exciting change to their 2020 event schedule. The Fall Fling event, originally scheduled to be at Bristol Dragway, will now be held at GALOT Motorsports Park on September 22-26. The original Fall Fling format will remain in place featuring $25,000 to win on both Thursday and Saturday, with Friday paying $100,000 to win. This event will again be capped at 400 entries with pre-entries opening up on August 11 as gate entries will not be accepted in GALOT.

“Kyle and I can’t thank our partner racetracks enough for helping us piece this all together,” added Biondo. “We were going in circles for a while, but are excited where we landed. It’s going to make for some much-needed back-to-back weeks of racing on the East Coast.”

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